How does the FLFE machine work?

There are four machines, all connected together with other components to provide back-ups in case of a fire or other interruptions. We call this the FLFE System rather than just a machine. The machines look very similar to some of Nikola Tesla’s experimental set-ups. There are stacks of cones, plates, coils, sacred geometry and high consciousness images. In the original machine, high speed alternating current flowing through the stacks. There are input stacks that draw in the energy and one output stack that focuses the energy (which we call the FLFE Wave) in a 8-1/2” x 11” area. In that focused area, we originally placed written instructions, which we call Programs. One of the breakthroughs we discovered was that putting a legal address or longitude and Latitude coordinates in the program created an association or entanglement with the address which focused the FLFE Wave and the Programs on the location. The FLFE system has quantum characteristics, one of which is the ability to entangle the FLFE system with a location anywhere in the world.

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