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Flow State

My life is changed because of FLFE and I now have energy to spare to share my knowledge to help others. The most important thing is creating a state of flow which FLFE helps me to create the foundation for. And maintaining that state of flow is what helps us to keep everything working well […]


I need you to know that your product is GREAT !!! I love the calmness it brings to my house on the hill in the woods here in Alaska ! Thank you sir, you are truly making a difference in the world! Regards, John

Profound Effect

“Thank you so much for sharing FLFE Information……it has had a profound effect in our home.” Carol, FLFE Home Subscriber

A Harmonic Existence

“We have FLFE on our home property, and today we enjoy a harmonic existence we never anticipated, one that only continues to grow & resonate.” Kristin, FLFE Property + Mobile Subscriber

Seeing changes in her 85 year old mom

I’d like to share an example of how I feel FLFE can assist in healing by allowing the body to have more life force for healing the physical body! My Mom is 85 years old. The 3rd day after turning FLFE on we went out to look at 5 townhomes, she chose the 1st one […]

For anyone deciding if they can afford the FLFE service…

For anyone deciding if they can afford the FLFE service…..the question is how can you not afford it? With the last $100 in my account I activated the service after I had it turned off a month. I immediately booked 3 jobs. I was noticing that since I turned it off things were getting pretty […]

A Customer’s EMF / 5G Experience

I wanted to update you on something that happened to me yesterday.  I was going to attend the medical freedom rally here in Oregon at the capitol building.  While walking my dog about a block from home I did notice a little nausea.  The nausea went away once back inside.  We then left and were […]

Free Trial Experiences

The FLFE service was simply WOW for 15 days. Grateful to the founders for this gift. Changes which I experienced during the 15 days gift. Difference is my state of mind , stomach and quality of sleep. I literally kept my mobile phone below my pillow which would be crazy as per me a few months […]