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Liver-Kidney-Gall Bladder Optimization

Liver-Kidney-Gall Bladder Optimization The Liver-Kidney-Gall Bladder program supports the body to use the energy-rich FLFE environment and the available program instructions to optimize these important filtering organs. The organs are supported to use the available energy and the innate intelligence of the body to increase the filtering capacity of the organs. We make no health […]

How can I support FLFE?

Thoughts have power, so please send us your positive thoughts. Please tell your friends about FLFE. You can become a customer and you could gift a subscription to your friends  (please ask your friends to sign up with their own email address and name so that they can learn about the service, including the importance of […]

Why are you not providing this service free of charge?

Clayten and Jeffrey, the founders of FLFE, originally developed the technology to raise consciousness in critical areas of the planet and service projects continue to be important to FLFE. Your FLFE subscription supports us to continue this work. The application of Life-Force Energy is beneficial to the individual, to the property, to the earth and […]