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What is the difference between the Home, Business and Mobile subscriptions?

The Home/Business subscriptions are much more extensive than FLFE Mobile, because of the motion of a Mobile object. The two major Home/Business programs are designed for clearing the energy on the property and correction of geopathic stress. 1) Clearing the negative history of the property. Every home or business has a history. That history is […]

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Does FLFE work for apartments?

FLFE works quite well with apartment buildings as long as we have a good legal address with an apartment number. In fact, we are finding that many apartment buildings have apartments that are affected by geopathic stress zones in the building. When electrical lines and water lines run up and down buildings, often in elevator […]

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How is the FLFE Field activated?

FLFE is a technology that uses subtle energies. Subtle energies are currently only marginally accepted by Western science because there is not yet a scientific instrument that can see and measure these energies. Chinese medicine (and other non-western science) does recognize these energies and the treatment modality of acupuncture unblocks and balances the flow of […]


Who started FLFE?

Jeffrey Stegman’s focus has been on creating a high consciousness culture in his businesses, which parallels his own personal spiritual path. Jeffrey is the co-owner of two manufacturing businesses, including one that has been in business since 1835. FLFE is a confluence of Jeffrey’s manufacturing, engineering, business and spiritual evolution. Jeffrey lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, […]

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Can you get addicted to FLFE?

FLFE is not addicting, in any way. You can have a preference, as most people do, for a high consciousness environment. Any high consciousness environment, including the FLFE environment with the added program frequencies, feels good to be in. Personal energy, well-being, personal evolution and health are all supported to improve. We humans are very […]

How do I work with the FLFE energy?

The FLFE Wave high consciousness field provides an environment that can be used for rapid growth and healing. It is up to you to provide the intention and action towards some goal or result. It is a co-creative process. Our experience and the experience of our customers in a high consciousness FLFE field is that the […]