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Ep. 11: Work Life & Spirituality

In this Fields of Consciousness episode, Jeff and Clayten discuss work life, business, and spirituality. Discover why business and spirituality don’t actually have to be separate. You don’t have to be in business for this episode to apply to you!
Join us…


Ep. 10: Manifestation in the New Year

In this episode, your hosts enter into the New Year with you, and speak on the power of manifestation, and fresh ways to set an intention for the upcoming year. They discuss intentional and unintentional manifestation, resolutions, and provide a powerful…


Ep. 6: Hauntings & Curses

This week’s episode is our Halloween special, and it’s a good one! Jeff and Clayten dive into some spooky subjects like: 
-A brief history of Halloween and other traditions concerned with the dead and disembodied spirts 
-Discussion around a multidimensi…


Ep 5: Low & High Consciousness Fields

In this episode, Jeff and Clayten discuss the difference between low and high consciousness fields. And how environment may actually be more important than your personal willpower. Join Jeff and Clayten in a conversation about:
-Personal energy, thoughts…


Ep 4: Consciousness in Our Lives

Get to know your hosts even better in this episode as they touch on how their company, Focused Life-Force Energy, began as consciousness exploration and service work. They discuss the activation of high-consciousness fields, non-local phenomena, structur…


Ep 3: Consciousness Scales, Kinesiology, & Muscle Testing

In this episode, your hosts discuss different scales of consciousness, and a specialized application of kinesiology, commonly referred to as consciousness kinesiology. They also discuss different places that our thoughts can come from and share with list…


Ep 2: What is a Field of Consciousness?

In Episode 2, Jeff and Clayten discuss what fields of consciousness are, and how they show up in people, places, and things. Ever notice the difference in energy and the way you feel: at a sports game, in a cemetery, or in a place of worship? Those, and …


Ep 1: What is Consciousness?

What, really, is “consciousness”?  
In the debut episode, Jeff and Clayten— friends, business partners, and consciousness explores— dive into this question. The duo introduce themselves, give some background on their stories, and discuss when their inter…


Fields of Consciousness Podcast Trailer

Welcome to the Fields of Consciousness Podcast!
Humanity is shifting. More and more we’re realizing the necessity of understanding consciousness in new ways, and what that means for us individually. From deeper understanding, we are further empowered to …