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Healing Emotional Trauma

Alex S., Home Subscriber, “…it feels like it clears the atmosphere from hindrances to connect to source or God’s presence and allow you to self-heal emotional trauma…”


Teenagers Doing Unexpected Chores

Alycia F., Home Subscriber, “Love the service!! The 1st night the energy was turned on I was able to meditate with ease! My 14 year old was drinking water without me bugging her to do so. She has actually been nice to her dad and me these last 2 weeks! Even doing chores without complaining! […]


House Sold In 2 Days With No Advertising

Cynthia R., Home Subscriber, “Our house SOLD in 2 Days without even being listed on the market, a sign in the yard, or any type of advertisements. Not even a for rent sign. We put the energies on the property and our neighbor came knocking at our door. In two weeks contract was signed!”


Feels like a kid, again!

Zaid B., Home Subscriber, “My experience is that of feeling like when I was a 5 year old, my mother giving me a cup of hot chocolate and allowing me to ride my bike outside with my fellow bikers.”


Pure Bliss & Gratitude

Pat C., Home Subscriber, “What I’ve noticed about my place is a Real Calm Soothing Energy and also 2 nights ago Pure Bliss and Gratitude to The All etc. So a huge Heartfelt Thank You for bringing this awesome technology to us at such an affordable price.”


Using the Boost At Work

M.T., Phone Subscriber, “I was having a really challenging day. With meetings and lectures all day, and having a terrible cold and fever coming and going. I couldn’t cancel or change the schedule because it was an very big event and I didn’t want to miss the event information. The minute I received the email […]


Tried It Again, And Noticed A Difference Right Away

J.M., Home Subscriber, “Hi, I had tried FLFE before, but I did not believe it worked. However, at that time, I was in a bad marriage and this was ~4 years ago. Since the website allowed, I signed up for the free trial again and this time I noticed a difference right away. What prompted […]


Life enriched

Fern S., FLFE Property Subscriber, “I love that I know FLFE is there for me everyday-giving me a big warm squeeze of increased capacity. Thus enriching my life and further developing my abilities to carry out my work as an enlightened leader for positive change.”


Income consistently double

Austin E., FLFE Property Subscriber, “Initially I felt some major energetic clearing affects from FLFE. I felt lighter and began to come to conclusions about visions/dreams/goals I’ve had for years, in a sense I figured out a lot in a short period of time. This did not bring sudden changes in my physical reality however […]


Whole Neighborhood Has Changed

Pam S., FLFE Property Subscriber, “For awhile I had forgotten about Fluffy until about about a month ago.  I remembered it and thought to myself, ‘Well it was a fun experiment but I don’t think I’ll renew next year.’  Then I got to thinking.  I have lived here for 14 years and tho I love […]


House Sold Fast!

Sara L., FLFE Property Subscriber, “The house was on the market for 18 months, with no offers. A few days after we applied FLFE to a listing for sale or rent, I went over there and there was a palpable difference… There was a strong feeling of settled, centered energy in the house itself – […]


Space feels great, business is increasing.

Lisa S., FLFE Business Subscriber, “…people’s reactions when they enter the space are really pretty amazing. Almost everyone comments about how good it feels to be there. First time visitors walk around looking at the space almost in a daze of awe. Word has spread around our community about our studio and our business is […]