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More Focus

Christopher L., FLFE Property Subscriber, “In the past I was bad at “small details” and I would put them off until later but they would never get done. Lately I’ve been very detail oriented and pro-active about things. I can spend 10 hours at the computer and not feel the need to distract myself with […]


The space feels wonderful!

Picara V., FLFE Property Subscriber, “I was in this space last week and it feels worlds better.  I brought a friend who said, “I want to be here all the time!” and the space is completely empty. He’s clearly feeling the effects of FLFE! Personally, I felt like the space had a dark cloud in […]


Waves Of Love

Brenda G., FLFE Business Subscriber & Massage Practice Owner, “…I just knew I had walked into a cocoon of love energy stronger than I ever felt before. It was like walking into a bubble that washed and filled me with the fullest feeling of love energy… To have a tsunami of love waves washing me […]


Tripled My Income

Cynthia R., FLFE Business Subscriber, “I tripled my income using FLFE energies on the business locations I choose when I come work in USA.  It’s amazing but both times I used the energies in just two days my income went skyrocketing.   Of course I also have a focus or intention and the energy just magnifies […]


Dramatic upturn in business

T.J., Business Subscriber, “Shortly after starting the program, I noticed a dramatic upturn in the business. I didn’t immediately link the two events together, but over time I have come to realize there is much more going on than just luck. There has not only been an upturn in business but also a more focused […]


Testimonial: Fitness Instructor

Chris R., FLFE Everywhere, Object Subscriber, “I wanted to do the mobile because I am an outdoor fitness instructor and I wanted to bring it to my clients during our sessions.  It has been great, and I can definitely see a noticeable difference in my clients now too.  They just seem to have a great […]


Testimonial: Letting go of old beliefs

Pamela F., FLFE Property Subscriber, “Wow! My physical and energetic body is going through some big shifts I think. My low back has been acting up these past several days I believe it to be associated with large and small intestine stuff and “letting go of the cr*p in my body and belief system” yes? […]


Testimonial: Restored Energy & Heath, Healthy Plants

Michelle D., FLFE Property Subscriber, “I loved the energy that was coming thru my place. My trees outdoors were turning greener and the leaves more open than the others that were farther away.  That visual showed me this energy was real. My indoor plants are also responding and looking very healthy. So it is definitely […]


Testimonial: Son Getting Better Grades

Teresa B., Property Subscriber, “Wanted to share what I have noticed about FLFE with my home school adventure. This is the 4th school year I have home schooled my 12 year old son. Before FLFE we had a lot of miscommunications. Frustration I guess is a better word. Last year, I didn’t think he would […]


Testimonial – 5 Minute Boost

M.T., Mobile Subscriber, “I was having a really challenging day. With meetings and lectures all day, and having a terrible cold and fever coming and going. I couldn’t cancel or change the schedule because it was an very big event and I didn’t want to miss the event information. The minute I received the email […]


Property Subscriber Testimonial, Harmonious Household

Kare W., FLFE Property Subscriber, “On a fluke I found your link and activated the free trial. Wow, immediately impacted by it! It’s amazing technology. I’ve been able to do yoga and meditation again. My household is harmonious with past karmas burning off- as you say. It lifts you up, to it’s level and removes obstacles. […]