Clarifying our New Level of Consciousness Guarantee at FLFE 


Jeffrey – Hello everyone welcome to this step FLFE webinar on our new Level of Consciousness Guarantee which is 560 on the Hawkins map on the property or higher 98% of the time or  more or it is free.  I’m Jeffrey Stegman. 

Clayten –  And I’m Clayten Stedmann  

Jeffrey – So, tonight, we’ll be talking about variations in the level of consciousness on FLFE properties, what kind of things are occurring and about the testing process we now use and the new guarantee about the level of consciousness and then we’ll have time for your questions as well. 

So, you might be wondering why level of conscious the 560 why is the FLFE level of conscious that we target at 560 on the Hawkins map? And why do we say 98% or more?  

Clatyen – So there are many different factors that can affect the level of consciousness on a property, our expertise is not in measuring these factors directly, necessarily, we measure the consciousness lowering or cumulative effect on the property. So, our expertise is in one particular area. 

Jeffrey – So Clayten what is it about the 560 level, you know, that makes it special? Or why is it that we have chosen that level? 

Clayten – Well, 560 is kind of a sweet spot. So, we have to consider that we have a technology that can only provide a certain amount of power at a certain time. So, there’s a real kind of physical limitation, just like in our cars, we can only go so fast or drive so long before we need to refuel them. But even if that’s with electricity, all the electric cars coming up, there’s a certain experience that happens on the land at 560 that is connected to healing conditions on the land that have existed for perhaps thousands of years, or could just have happened a moment ago, and there’s also the functionality factor we’ll it. So, our mission is to create the optimal conditions for human evolution in an economy society. So, when people start to get into environments that are very high consciousness, beyond 560, which is quite rare, there are some cathedrals on the planet in Europe and, and other sacred places that you hear about that are oftentimes classical pilgrimage sites, that once you get into these very high field of consciousness, it can be more difficult to function in the world. And so, our service is really focused on those people who work for a living, they have bills to pay, they have commitments to keep or other family or business or other responsibilities, community responsibilities. So that’s our focus is to support them to have a higher level of consciousness. And it’s not a limitation in any way. In fact, if you have an FLFE subscription on your property, your propert is in the top one 10th of 1% of all the properties on the planet and so you’re being supported to live in a higher field just with that. 

Jeffrey -Yeah it would be interesting someday out in the future to have retreats where the level of conscious much higher you know, for more rapid healing, but as of today we set it at 560 and day in and day out 24 seven on a property it’s like 560 does seem to be the sweet spot. What about the 98% Clayten? Why aren’t we guaranteeing 100%?  

Clayten – Yes, we’ve talked about this a lot between the two of us and 98% are very high bar. And if we were to try to promise 100%, I don’t know if we could do it. It’s partially just Jeff and I were talking earlier, people are so powerful that when somebody is in will call it an altered state or maybe a bad mood that they will affect the property if there’s an event on the property that’s shocking, maybe you’ve got some bad news someone may give you a phone call and something’s happened you know, to have a property at a high level of consciousness 100% of the time it’s just not realistic so we had to come up with what number can we commit to and keep that also supports the land and the people to have an extraordinary or enhanced experience of living and 98% was really the best we could do. 

Jeffrey – so as Clayten mentioned we measure consciousness that’s you know, that’s our expertise so when we’re looking at a property and we’re now doing testing multiple times a week on properties, incoming properties and then once a week on all the existing properties on the service we’ll talk more about that later, we’re looking for consciousness lowering cumulative effects so it could be geopathic stress, chaotic energy could be man-made factors. But the level of consciousness is a great tool to look at the overall health of the environment. And if we see something, that’s not what we expect, it’s not staying at 560 98% of the time or higher, then we develop specific programs. And these programs are designed for very specific situations. And then they’re put on all the properties. So, that any time that same situation comes up in the future that is compensated for.  We’ll talk more about that as we go along here. So, what are some of those categories Clayten what are some factors that are affecting consciousness on a property? 

Clayten – Sure, so I’ll cover some of the man-made ones, and then you can maybe pick up some of the more natural ones. So interesting enough radar, large radar arrays close to a home can affect the consciousness or close to any property. In fact, when the radar is active, we found that some properties will be lower when there’s active radar conditions, particularly close to a military base. Because the power of those radars, microwave towers can be sending out different types of microwaves, we’ve got cell towers as well, depending on how close they are, how active they are. But we’ve even had situations where people live close to a mountain that has a large amount of mineral in it that reflects the cell tower signal and will increase the EMF influence on that particular property. Smart Meters. We’ve heard a lot of stuff about smart meters in the media. And at least some of its true – they do lower consciousness. And what we tried to do sometimes is, you know, test the average smart meter and the average home and a geographic area and see how much it lowers consciousness, just to give a sense of how real it is, how big the influence is, and what you know what the power requirements may be for us, but it’s definitely an influence and we have an FLFF EMF program coming in December, we’ve decided to launch it in December. So, you’ll hear more about that the next upcoming webinars we will be going to go into that into great detail. We found the traffic of vehicles, airborne and road-based vehicles can cause the lowering of consciousness in area. And we’ve also recently found  – we had a property in Shelburne, Ontario, which a very high-water table during a flood. And there were a number of windmills in an area and something was happening called harmonic resonance, where the windmills were all coming into kind of synergy together or in synchronicity, there is probably more technical term for it. But the harmonic resonance effect that the sine wave pattern where it all started to connect, and the sine wave would be higher. And so that was lowering the level of consciousness as long as the water table was up in the foundation of the of the windmills. So that was an example where we’ve had windmills and even in some homes where there’s construction sites and the metal tracks on the on the diggers of the bulldozers were on the ground and there’s a lot of gravel It was kind of made a kind of a grinding effect that would travel throughout the land especially if there were high water tables – we had some properties up here in western Alberta that had that effect in it. So, there are lots of ways that this can happen. And as Jeff said, every time we figure out one consciousness lowering influence, we add that potential to every property. So, if it happened somewhere else, it’s automatically compensated for. 

Jeffrey – Yeah, it’s been such an interesting exploration of these different factors just in the vehicular traffic, there’s so many versions of it. So, for instance, if you have a highway that takes a sharp turn, and there’s properties beyond that turn that the energy or you could say the Chi of the traffic will continue to go straight, even though the vehicles have turned.  So that that energy flowing through pools energy away from the property and it creates a lower consciousness condition, it’s really interesting.  So, there are places, you know, not to live or where it can create a lower consciousness condition. And some of the recent ones we thought we had covered but now we just more recently discovered this summer there are traffic patterns that are circular or and water movement that was circular, where there was a large start to move into some of the natural factors. But the vehicle traffic like traffic circles is a different kind of energy. And more the man may or the more than natural environmental conditions you’ve got just like traffic the vehicular traffic moving rivers and above ground moving water carries energy. And when it takes a sharp turn, that energy continues to go straight. And that can cause lower consciousness conditions.  And tidal movement you know, and above water like in a bay where water is kind of rushing into a bay and it might even take a circular or in one case we saw, the water took circular motion as the water comes in through one side of the bay and sort circulates around. So those conditions move energy in the world and it’s just it’s just interesting to find out what these common environmental conditions can do to the area surrounding it.  The groundwater level Clayten explained where a lot of rain had happened and the water level had come up and  water is just better at transmitting a vibration than the air is so things were transmitted through there, including traffic conditions where there was, you know, either potholes or rumble strips where you had boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, and that that energy was transmitted through the water to the foundation of the house. The other one that has been interesting for us is aquifers and underground streams. And we’ve talked about underground streams for a while how they can move water away from property through like a waterfall, you know, condition or even a curved or circular condition. But aquifers are much larger in scale and the movement of water can be on a larger scale and can affect a larger area. And particularly this year, this summer, we found in California that the aquafers were changing. There was much more water coming in and the aquafers were filling up in some cases where they had not been at that level for some time. So, we had water kind of damming up and then waterfalls over those obstructions, we had what aquifers that were so full that the water was slapping on the top of the aquafer and causing a vibration, lowering consciousness. And we even had some conditions whereas the water’s coming into an aquifer, you have an increase in air pressure in the air that’s trapped there. And then in the case where that aquifers being drawn down by lots of say, agriculture, irrigation, that if it’s moving down more quickly than the air can make up that space, then you get some partial vacuums happening. So, all of those were affecting level of consciousness of properties. And we wrote specific programs and you know, often bring additional energy into the situation to compensate for that so it could be charging up the water as it moves into an area so that it’s bringing more energy in than the water was taken out previously. So, then you have a net energy that’s positive in the area. And then this summer in in Hawaii, we had some lava and magma movement, lava being above the surface and magma being below the surface – molten rock and as you can imagine, there’s a lot of minerals and maybe even magnetic signatures there that could cause quite a lot of movement of energies. So, we had some materials like that, and some of the mining materials like slurries are another movement of material that can that can carry a lot of energy.  

So, we’re testing the level of consciousness of new properties coming on to FLFE. So, these are either a new subscriber a new free trial, a new property that someone’s adding or changing a property if someone’s moving. So, two minimum more often three times a week, we’re testing all the properties that are coming in, and we’ll be instituting a system that will alert people to that as they get the email stream with a new property, like we’re testing the property and get another email, we’ve tested it, and it’s coming it we tested it and it’s at the level so that’s, that’s coming in the next, number of weeks. 

And then once a week, we test all of the properties that are currently on the service. because things can change, new EMF, you know, sources can show up water levels can change other environmental conditions could happen new radar installation, so it’s important to continue to test all the existing properties on that FLFE.  Do you want to talk a little bit about the guarantee and what we’re doing with that now, Clayten

Clayten – Sure. So, if a new property is below 560, more than 98% the time over the previous 24 hours, so let’s say we test the property on Tuesday at three o’clock in the afternoon. And if it’s 540 on average, over the previous 24 hours, that means it’s not at 560 or higher then if that person is on the free trial, we don’t charge them for the service. And so, they get it for free until we fix it. So that’s one example. The other issue is if somebody comes on the service and pays right away without doing a free trial, because some people do that. Or if they come back, they’ve done the free trial and then come back a little while later and just pay right away. That’s another example. If the property for some reason isn’t 560 or higher, 98% of the time or more over the previous 24 hours and they’ve already paid then we give them a refund.  so that there’s been some of you that’s happened to, you’ve gotten your money back. And that’s, that’s the new guarantee.  

And we also, as Jeff said, test all the properties once a week, and we test them on average over the previous week. And if they’re not at 560 on average over that previous week, then we look at that as a case by case basis. It just depends on how long they’ve been below and how far they are below. Now oftentimes, we can figure out what’s going on with those properties right away and fix them. We’ve been able to do that so far, we’ve basically been adding our EMF program to those low properties and it seems so far that it’s compensated for everyone that we’ve found that have been on the property for a significant period of time so we anticipate that we have less and less of those as we go on because of the new programs that we’re adding in fact that that is what’s happening.  Are there any scenarios that I haven’t mentioned Jeff? Does that sound complete? New people on the free trial, new subscribers and current customers.  

Jeffrey – Yeah just one more point of emphasis if someone comes on to FLFE with a paid subscription and we discovered that they’re not at 560 or more 98% of time or more the service is free for as long as it takes us to fix the issue.  And that’s a real benefit because in most cases if there is an issue happening and FLFE is  not able to bring it to 560 the properties pretty low you know there’s some river flow geopathic stress of some sort, or some major EMF of some sort. And so, the property is probably pretty low on the standard FLFE, you know, it’ll come up say from 190 to 540 per example. And it continues to be free while we write the programs to correct the issues. And in some cases, that can take us a while, in fact, months at times. So, in the meantime, the service continues to be free. And we appreciate your patience for everyone that is now waiting. Because we do have some that we’re still working on. And, you know, we had one particular property, it just had so many different factors that we would correct one, the property would come up  maybe 20 points, but not to 560. So, then we would continue investigate and we find something else that went wrong. And that the Clayten mentioned one of them, there was an underground stream. There was mining happening with large tracks, causing harmonic resonance. And there were several other factors, too. So, we’re working diligently on all these and it does take some time, I wanted to make sure we said that.  

Clayten – The issue is that sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. So, we have a property right now that we’re writing a program called multiple variances in water tables or something to that effect, we know it’s a water table issue, and we just don’t know what particular water table issue it is. So, we have probably 98.5% of the properties that go on are at level within literally less than less than 10 seconds, oftentimes, five seconds. And when the EMF program comes out, we anticipate that number will go to over 99%, because of that influence, probably even 99.3% or 99.4%. So, it doesn’t happen very often. And there are things that we just have to keep studying and keep working on until we finally get an answer.

Jeffrey –  So, if you do talk to your customer, service person, or free trial person when we test the properties, we are doing an automatic tagging of the of the records, so they can see when it was tested, and you know, that it passed, the test has been 560 or 98% time or more. So, if you have any questions, your customer service person or your free trial specialists can, you know, take a look and see when your property was last tested. 

Clayten – Yes, we have an email sequence that lets you know where we’re at in that process. And some of you may have received that already. And is that email sequence in place for everybody, Jeff or are we going to roll it out in the near future? 

Jeffrey -Right at the current time, if a property is low, and we’ve tested it and it’s not meeting the criteria, there is a custom letter that you’ll get that would give you the details of what’s happening as far as we can tell.  But what will be more automated in the future to move forward is basically an email saying we’re testing in the next couple of days. And then another email that says, we’ve tested in your properties good at 560 plus. So that’s all part of the whole testing process that we’re doing. 

Clayten – Yes, we just thought we should mention that because we found it’s really important to stay in communication with you. So, we’re adding more and more emails to let you know that we’re still working on it and like we said, it can take time. So, we appreciate your patience. 

Jeffrey – Well, we’re open for questions and discussions, anything that you would like to ask us, we’re happy to do that. If you look down at the bottom of your screen, there’s a Q&A spot and if you go into Q&A you can ask a question. And we’re happy to answer what you’ve got. Looks like we got some questions. 

Clayten – And we’re open to taking phone calls as well. So, we might have some help. We have a tech person here who’s on the line that can help us with that. So, if you’d like to talk to us, you just have to find a way to click the call button on your PC screen. I’m just not sure where that is at this moment.  

Jeffrey – Let’s answer some questions here – “Thank you for your work, I have an  Orgone machine. Can I make the vibe even higher? High vibe? hugs to you both”  Thanks, Ben. So, what about that Clayten?  

Clayten – Yeah, the  Orgone machines. The research that we’ve done on it says it raises the level of consciousness of a non-FLFE property about five points on the Hawkins map. And the research that I did recently say if an FLFE property is already on the service and the Orgone machine will raise the average one will raise it about two points. So, if you have two Orgone machines, then you might be able to get more points out of it. And we have to deal with averages because each situation is so unique but that gives you an idea.  But even two points, and what we didn’t mention is we’re using the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness to measure consciousness. And so, if you can just go online and look at the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness, then you can understand some of the numbers where we’re sharing. 

Jeffrey – And each point is 10 times more energy present, so every point is great to have. And there are other ways to raise the level of conscious of your property. And, you know, in addition to FLFE, cleaning your property is great for that straightening, organizing does all raise the level of consciousness and Feng Shui – so those are all additive things that you can do on top of FLFE. So great question. 

Clayten – Julian is asking how do these updates affect the cell phone program? If you have an FLFE service on the property and you have a cell phone, then the property might go a little bit higher. But other than that, it won’t affect the cell phone program. The cell phone program is a different focus because it’s not clearing the land. Yes, it’s really a high consciousness field around you. 

Jeffrey – Right. So that that high field,  creates that zone within four feet of you. It’s different from a whole property being at a high level of consciousness. So, the geopathic stress programs are not built into the cell phone program, though in December when we release the EMF program, it will be both property and cell phone. So, we have discovered a way to harmonize or neutralize or otherwise mitigate the EMF in a moving field around a cell phone. So that’s really exciting. We’re really excited to have that release so but yet Julian, the geopathic stress is not on the phone. So, it really is a different situation.  

Clayten – We’ve got Linda here from Shelborne, “for those of us that you know, can’t hold 560 do you schedule regular testing?” We do have regular testing, we test it three times a week. And I think this particular property has an intermittent water table issue, which, I don’t know what the property tests that regularly, but we do test three times a week. So, we’re doing regular testing, I’m not sure how else to answer that. 

Jeffrey – So Linda, where your property is one of those that we’ve written a lot of different programs for that one. And we are seeing there is an additional program that’s needed. I don’t know if that’s the case right at the moment, because we just tested on Saturday, all of the properties on the service, including yours. And they were all at 560 or higher 98% of time or more. So, something could have happened since then you could have had a lot of rain so that will show up in the next testing that we do. So, you don’t need to call in every time but you’re welcome to if you feel like something’s off. You’ve been a great help to us in writing programs and understanding what can happen on a property. So, we really welcome your input all the time. 

Clayten – Another question – “How does having  FLFE on your cell phone work?” This is Diana. It creates a 300-foot bubble of positivity around the cell phone, the there are different bubbles, so the cell phone itself as at 580, and then the first four feet are 575. And then it goes out in concentric circles and at 300 feet it’s at 565 and when we upgrade it from time to time. So that’s how that works. And we found that when we put the cell phone itself at 580 that it actually harmonizes the EMFs coming out of the antenna of the cell phone and the other circuitry. So, there’s no negative life damaging energies coming out of the cell phone when it’s at 580. So that’s a kind of a brief summary of how the cell phone the program works. 

Jeffrey – Yeah, can add to that Clayten. Just so you understand, the way our system works is we’re associating the system the FLFE system with either a property or an object and we need a unique identifier for that place. In the case of a property, it’s a legal address or coordinates. And in the case of a cell phone, it’s the country of origin and cell phone number itself, because there’s only one cellular device in that country with that phone number. So that uniquely identifies that object. And there’s a resonance or an association that’s occurring there and once we identify it and then you can create the field around it with this technology. So, the unique identifier is an important part of how it works on cell phone. 

Clayten – Thanks for adding that unique identifier part is important and it could be a picture of the object, if it’s a pendant, or a ring or something. Or the case of a cell phone, there’s only one cell phone with that number on it. Or once a cellular device.  

Veronica’s saying that she lives three or four miles from the Port of Los Angeles, California, how does that affect us. This is interesting, we did  a whole bunch of programs and  reports without about a month ago which is still ongoing. Yes, it came down Veronica, to things like large ships have propellers that go through the water. And those propellers, as it’s going through the water, it sends out a signal, just like if you’ve watched any movies, on submarines, one of the ways that they find other boats is they find the noise of the propeller wash. And so that was one of the programs. There was another case where traffic was going over a bridge, and the chi of the vehicle affecting the water in the port, there were many, many factors so that was quite interesting. And, you know, we wrote a lot of programs on that, and all the properties that I’m aware of, in that area are at 560 or higher, as Jeff said, there might be others.  So again, you don’t know, what you don’t know.  

Jeffrey – Yet it  that case, there was also a military airport as well. So, all of that was with affecting the property. So, it’s really detective work, your input is really helpful to us, like Linda’s input has been for us, what do you know about the area? What do you notice? What, are the special characteristics of the area that can help us with clues. We go on Google Earth, we really look at what’s happening and we’re testing various things. So, with a big port like that you’ve got tidal movements, vehicle movements, loading and unloading shipping containers.  So, we just have to pick it apart piece by piece. And there are ways we can compensate for harmonic resonance vibration, for the movement of water by adding additional energy to the water things like that so it’s, complex, and it does take time to take care of a place like Long Beach.  

Clayten – Joseph was asking “what phenomena have you witnessed that temporarily spike a properties LOC?  Parties, people praying, meditation groups, holidays, especially Christmas time is the highest consciousness time if you’re on the planet, and  I’ve even noticed on long weekends that the consciousness of many areas goes up because everybody except maybe in retail are relaxing. There are way more people relaxing and thinking about their other issues. So those would be some examples. Jeff, can you think of anything else?

Jeffrey – I’m just trying to think of additional ones related to a temporary spike not related to a holiday or human activity. But, you know, I don’t know, there’s certainly added energy to a property through the moon, phases of the moon there are lunar cycles and also the position of the Earth and Space There’s been a lot written about that recently there are cosmic rays striking the earth at certain times and it can provide quite simply more energy. Good question. 

Jeffrey – Colleen has a question – “Great to hear you’re working on EMF program; can you discuss this a bit?  Could it be programmed to deal with dirty electricity cell towers etcetera?” Well, we did quite a bit of research to pull together all of the different types of EMF, the different factors in the world. And, you know, we’re not electrical engineers. So, our focus is consciousness, as we said earlier, we’re looking at how the cumulative effect of different factors affects the level of consciousness of a property, so we’re really measuring consciousness here. And so, we’ll look at a particular influence, a particular type of, say, a smart meter and without FLFE what’s the effect on consciousness with FLFE what’s the effect of consciousness and then with this new EMF program, how does it affect the level of consciousness on a property. So, you know, we’re seeing with standard  FLFE it’s about a 12% to 15%so different with types of EMFs it’s a little bit lower benefit but we’re looking at cell towers, smart meters.  Dirty electricity has not been on our radar, it’s interesting that you brought that up, it would be interesting to take a look at that and see what its effects are. It’s really basically spikes, you know, spikes in the electrical feed to a house or variations in the cycling, you know, that the hertz  so it would be interesting to look at that because certainly it can come through the light, you know, the pulsing of the lights in the AC current, so that does have an effect. So that’s a great one. Yeah, thank you for that question. 

Clayten – There could be poor grounding in a house.   We have an upgrade coming to the, to our EMF program, which is already extraordinary. We just have to get the languaging correct. And we see that that will affect a lot more what is classically called dirty electricity. We just have to look at our definition of what that means and how that might be compared to yours.

Kathleen asks, “how high can I raise the vibration  simply by intention meditation alone?” I don’t think there’s any limitation Kathleen. In other words, how does FLFE work differently? Well, FLFE works in that it’s the equivalent of a lot of high consciousness, people praying with a very specific intent. So, let’s say you had 100 monks that studied EMF influences because we were just talking about that. And so, because thoughts are things if you had a hundred monks and you had them divided up into groups of 10, and each one of them took a different EMF program and prayed 24/7/365 for your home, if they were a high enough level of consciousness, they would have an effect on that. Just like Dr Emoto proved in his work, where he took a picture of a polluted reservoir and then had a monk, pray on it, that changed the structure of the water. So, the benefit of having FLFE is that you don’t have to have hundreds of people praying for your property 24 seven with a very specialized knowledge of many, many different applications. We have hundreds of programs on properties and probably thousands of pages of very kind of highly written language, to identify specific conditions. So, to have that many people praying for your property in that specific way we’re not aware of anywhere that that’s happening. And at the same time, we couldn’t truthfully say, that there is any limitation on you raising the level of consciousness as much as humanly possible. It’s you know, we’re not about limiting people in any way. And we’re not aware of any person or group of people that are doing this.  Unless you’re in a pilgrimage site that can consistently have a level of consciousness on a property be at 560 or higher 98% of the time.  There are a few temples in Europe, which we consider pilgrimage sites, there are some homes that are up to 500, we haven’t found any other than maybe three or four people on the planet whose home is at that level, consistently, that means even when they’re not there, so their families are there but they are away, that’s consistently at the level we can achieve with the technology. 

Jeffrey – And I would say also Kathleen, just another way of putting it that our mission or our purpose is to create the environment there that’s at a high level which gives you a platform to rise from you know, to take it higher and there is just less energy involved in you personally raising the level of conscious of the property.  Meditation and prayer however, you do that, especially with groups but if it’s already up there and it’s in importantly it’s clear the property is cleared from negative history that there might be negative thought forms or negative just heavy energy – when all that’s cleared and in the property is held at that level at gives you a platform to rise and that’s really the reason we do all this is that so we can all be our best and that we can shine and go on a really an unlimited path of Ascension for ourselves. So, we’re really creating that optimal environment for that to happen.

Clayten – Peg is asking “does a Nubian pyramid on my property raise the FLFE? Does this raise the level of consciousness?  I don’t know. I don’t know what a Nubian pyramid is how it compares to say the classic, you know, 51.3-degree pyramid, I think it’s 51.3 I’d have to check  the Pyramid of Giza geometry, so I don’t know. 

Jeffrey – There is certainly pyramidal energy and things that.  Much has happened with pyramids there’s a lot of interesting work and research on that and in an FLFE environment there’s more energy available, so it could very well be that a pyramid would then, you know, channel that energy and have more energy to work with the pyramid but that’s speculation, we haven’t done any experimentation with pyramids in that way. 

Clayten – Shekinah’s question is “is there a way to find out what the land was to begin with before FLFE?”  Absolutely you just have to become good enough at kinesiology, we use consciousness kinesiology to measure the level of consciousness of the land before FLFE.  

Jeffrey – Yeah unfortunately we don’t have time to do that – to measure that would be great if it could be done automatically in some way but it can’t, it takes a human being and our connection to All That Is  you could say to Divinity and our ways of telling the truth with our innate intelligence that allow kinesiology to work or a pendulum as well, the dowsing as a way to do that kind of testing. If there was some automatic way to do it, we would have done it by now, but it really takes a person and there are other webinars about that, about the kinesiology process.  

Clayten – Monique was just saying, that sounds like a good addition to the service to expand the cell phone range, I’m not sure that we can expand the EMF protection of the cell phone other than just having the cell phone itself harmonized. I’m not sure what Monique means about expanding the cell phone range. Does that make sense to you, Jeff?  

Jeffrey – Well, Monique, we have some limitations in power usage, which is why we’ve landed at this four-foot bubble that’s, you know, that’s 575 consciousness, which is very high. And then the 300-foot bubble, which is the outer limits of, you know, the 555. So, for that to move, like in an airplane or in a fast-moving car or train, it takes a lot of energy to do that. And so, I don’t know, if  expanding that diameters in the cards, what is in the cards in December is adding the EMF harmonization within at least parts of that bubble, so that as you walk around the world, that energy will be harmonized, so it’s positive for life, or neutralized in some cases. So hopefully that answers your question. 

Belinda writes “ I was surprised to learn of a property that has been on FLFE for over a year that had moldmold does not seem to have a high consciousness presence for a property.”  Well you know, the conditions for mold are environmental there can often be moisture present, you know, some event, perhaps, like a flood event , or something else that brings in some mud and mold into the environment, or it could be the way the place was built. But it’s a living being, and it’s there in an environment doing its thing. So, the place can still be at a high consciousness and have higher vibrating energy and still have mold in it. We’re certainly not mold experts, we don’t make the claim that that FLFE can mitigate mold in any way that we know about.  

Clayten – Yes, the technology is, is extraordinary, and it does have limitations, we’re not mold experts. So, we haven’t really studied the effect that the positive energy has on mold. And we’ve made, an attempt to a degree to mitigate or eliminate mold, but we just haven’t studied at the effects and we just don’t, we don’t know if we’ll ever be able to, but we do have a basic request or a basic program to diminish and  eliminate mold, but it’s just one of those things I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to do.  

So, Victoria was asking “my mother in law is enough is an alternative practitioner, Chinese medicine etc. she muscle tests to find and then has methods to clear trapped emotions. However, she began finding that with that FLFE  present on the property and just bringing awareness and naming it is all it takes to clear it, no further process needed. Have you experienced or played with anything like this? This is interesting, Victoria, we get more and more testimonials all the time that talk about these type of influences. It seems that the more programs we have and the better we write them, the more topics we cover, the more energy we have available, that the high consciousness field that’s created on the property brings other capacities, like somebody was asking earlier about meditation and how high they could raise the property. This is an example of having a high property and using a technique in the past that had perhaps an effect, then, but then a higher consciousness field that has a different effect. And so, we do have experience with people having an easier time with managing their environment. Absolutely, in fact, quite a few view practitioners, health practitioners have it on their offices when they’re doing bodywork and acupuncture and things of that nature. And they’re finding that their process, the clients are more effective. So that would be a parallel type of experience, I would assume. 

Jeffrey – Our subtle energy optimization support, which we sometimes call anti-stagnation helps the body’s energy flow through the meridians to flow evenly and not get stopped or stagnant. So that could  be part of what’s happening here for things to move quickly and release from the body when they’re brought into awareness. Yeah, that’s really great. It’s good to know that people are noticing and it’s helping them with their work so that’s really important work to do that to clear those trapped emotions and help people be free that’s really what we’re here to do is to help people be free and if these tools can help others do that that’s great.    

Christopher says “I currently subscribed to the mobile phone program what would be the effect if I placed my condo building on to the pay it forward program in later put my condo unit onto an FLFE home subscription? Well, the paid forward program is a great thing do you know you could put it on your own place, you can give it to somebody else, there’s no you know, additional hydration requirements or notification needed. It does create a higher consciousness field at 500 and the standard in North America 410 to 420. If you do the free trial, or if you subscribe as property trial, a property subscription, the property will get cleared of its negative history. So, anything that could be there over, however long a time of something that happened on the property, the memory of that stays in the land and the crystals there in the building materials. And that can be an influence on people that live there, really extreme cases were in Nazi Germany, and in Poland, where there were the Nazi concentration camps so low in those areas, that is very difficult for people to live close by to there. So, we highly recommend if you do a free trial, to do a home free trial to clear things out and having a home subscription will continue to do that and having the home subscription will that will continue to clear out the geopathic stresses. And some people just do it through a cell phone and have the bubble around themselves. And it works great for them. So,  both work.  

Clayten  – Janice is saying she hasn’t felt any difference. She’s wondering if she said she should call a rep?  I live up on top of the hill and water is pumped up the hill for these townhomes. In addition, there’s a large water tower very close by and the third thing is we have been told that the builder covered their debris, cut down trees and filled with sod I have the cell phone maybe I have to get both? Well, if you do the free trial as Jeff just mentioned to Christopher for the home, you might notice the Home program more because the home clears the negative history of the land where the cell phone, because it’s moving, it would take such an extraordinary amount of energy to clear the land. We just couldn’t I don’t know if we ever will. And so, we suggest, Janice, that you try that I’m going to make a note here of your name. And just see if I can  test a couple of things on your property and see if I can figure out what’s going on. But if you’re on a cell, some people don’t notice the cell as much as the home or business or nonprofit subscription because of the fact that it clears the land. So that’s why we offer both the free trials because sometimes people will want to have one experience and then have another and then find out which one they feel they get more value from we certainly notice that our mobile object and cell phone subscriptions are growing in proportion to the home because of course, with your cell phone or your mobile object, you can take it with you wherever you go. 

Jeffrey –  So Janice feel free to call the office and talk to someone there. And they will be glad to help you. And we are liberal with doing another free trial. If you feel like you need it to really experiment more, have more time to experiment. So yeah, it’s always a good idea to call the office. One of the ways we created this businesses is to have help in the office to have a phone person that you can reach to work through these things. So, feel free to call. 

Danny is saying please; “will you create a home and cell phone all in one fee?” You guys just said that said that and it makes you rock stars Well, I’m not sure we did say that Danny, but we’d love to be the rock stars. But at this point, what we’re doing with the EMF is we’re adding the EMF to both the phone and the home so that when you go around the world with your cell phone, that things will be harmonized there. So that is sort of a combination where that the EMF program is going on both. We try to bring to bring benefits to both.  And we might mention this, in some countries, it’s more difficult to have a property subscription because the addresses are not as regulated or they’re more word of mouth and they are you know, official land title records or there’s building happening so quickly that you know, the land title records aren’t keeping up so 
in that case, we only offer cell phone, so we do want to make the cell phones really worth worthwhile for people.

Clayten – Gerald is asking “when a person is sick, does it bring down the vibration?” Well, we do have the 560 98% of time or more promise many properties are at 570-575-580 we have properties over 600 so even if it does bring down the vibration it can still stay at level.  The issue of being sick is that we don’t feel as good it’s hard to stay positive and thoughts are things, so it will tend to bring down the vibration.  

Jeffrey – So Daniel saying “I’ve made great strides with FLFE, but I feel a sense of complacency more than contentment. How do I get past the feel-good feeling and challenge myself?” What would you say there Clayten?

Clayten – Find something important enough to make you want to change, get to know yourself a little bit better and dig into your own psyche and find something that is important enough. That’s not easy to do sometimes, we had a webinar recently where we talked about willpower and spiritual will and so our own will calibrates at our level of consciousness and when we call upon spiritual will spiritual, spiritual will calibrates at 850 and spiritual will is the will have a higher power so we talked about asking your higher power to help you have the will to move forward on the projects that you’re struggling with. So, the first thing was to find something important enough that makes you want to change and then ask help from your higher power to give you the will to take the action.

Jeffrey – Yeah that’s really interesting, such a good question. And our will is at our current level of consciousness and Divine will or the will of a  higher power being at 850 and that’s a lot more power, if each point is 10 times more energy present up the scale that’s really interesting, we were on a radio podcast  over the weekend and that was one of the things we came down to is talking about that basic of asking for help. You know multiple times a day when you feel stuck when you feel complacent – ask for help and there seems to be a lot of help there for us.

Clayten – Kathleen “ How did you figure out how to build FLFE?” If you go back to the original webinars Kathleen, in the beginning we talked about the history of the company and how we discovered the technology that there were basically three inventors  who were trying to create a free energy device and after about seven years they just ran out of money and were stuck they couldn’t go any further and one inventor kept working on it and found a way to focus energy. He kind of stumbled upon that, I think his intent was so high and his persistence was so great, and he was a place to continue working because he was financially set up. He got it to a certain point and then you know we took it to another level, but we could talk about that for hours.

Jeffrey – Yeah, I would just say Kathleen to add to that, the kinesiology  testing is an incredible research tool. Without that the ability to test the truth of  a statement and to measure it on a scale, the way we’re able to do, that’s a big part of us, figuring out FLFE and getting it better and better all the time, is we’re able to, you know, through Clayten’s work to develop those protocols and that repeatability and accuracy that we have with the testing. So that’s a piece of it. And I would say the other piece is we’ve become good at creating high consciousness fields, you could say we’re experts in a way of that. So, one of the ways we do that, or one of the ways we use it is to create a field for a meeting for a session where we’re working on a particular thing, some enhancement like the EMF program. So, we’ll create a high consciousness field together. And, you know, Clayten and Evie is our third person that’s with us, and she’s a multi – generational, intuitive, and others join us as well and in creating that container, that strong container of this high consciousness field, the higher the field is, the more access to truth we seem to have. 

So, the combination of that High Field access to truth and thoughts. And you could say, other voices helping us and then the ability to measure what’s the truth of what is said or the are the truth of what occurred is a big part of what we how we able to do this, using our minds to do this, I don’t think we could. We need the help of this high consciousness field and asking for help, as we said earlier, our higher powers help in the ability to measure and all of it bypasses the mind. And that’s one of the keys of Clayten’s protocols is to tie into the body’s innate intelligence through kinesiology and through dowsing with a pendulum  to bypass the mind. Let’s say we didn’t figure it out, it sort of came to us in tiny bits at a time.

Clayten – Yeah, we’re still figuring it out. Great question. Thank you. Fred was asking, can you explain the mechanism and technique of making one’s conscious intention with the FLFE field?

Jeffrey – Well, we have the magnetizing process. So, I’d say that that’s a technique that we created for conscious manifestation in a high consciousness field. It’s a way of, you could say, linking your conscious intention. You can take a look at that it’s in the member’s login section,  try that and see if you haven’t tried that. It is very specific how we laid that out. And part of that is creating the high consciousness field we were just talking about, which we humans can do individually, and you can do it, groups, more intensely.

Clayten – Yeah, I would say, Fred, that if you’re in an FLFE field you’re already linking your conscious intention with the FLFE field, I don’t know that you have to do anything. I don’t think it’s an on-off switch. And I know when you’re sending these short little questions, it’s hard to maybe explain fully what you mean, there’s linking it which is already happening, and then there are degrees of linking or degrees of connection. So, I think that the thought that Jeff had about the magnetizing process, any higher consciousness technique, will help you with associating your conscious intention with the field. Fields are all around us and in us so it’s like, you don’t have to really work it work at them, they just kind of work us that’s the good news.

Jeffrey – Julian’s asking, “will the upcoming EMF program address upcoming 5G cellular frequencies?” And the answer is yes. So, we can get more into that in future webinars as we get closer to December and the release of the program. Yes, that’s a that’s a major consciousness lowering factor.

Clayten – It is related Julian to consciousness of other things that 5G might do that don’t affect consciousness that we don’t have the capacity to measure. So, it’s a very specific way that we’re addressing it. Absolutely Jeff is 100% right, we have a 5g router in the office. And  certainly, the program is compensating for it from the consciousness point of view. And we’ve had somebody come in who is an expert in EMFs and test it with probably 10 different types of meters, and it’s showing up in the consciousness work. And we’ve had some improvement in the plants after  putting that program on, that’s not showing up on the meters in the way that we thought it might.  

Jeffrey – Denny’s asking, “would adding wind turbines be a bad idea for high five living?” No, I wouldn’t say it that way. Well, you know, what we discovered there was a combination of effects of multiple wind turbines, in certain locations that was causing that harmonic resonance. But, you know, in general, it’s not a bad thing. It’s a good thing to have power that’s generated in a clean way, you know, that benefits the entire Earth. So, it’s that particular situation where there were these harmonic resonances, so that’s now written into our programs.

Clatyen – Shekinah was asking,  “are you able to write programs for 5g already? Is it difficult or will it be easy?” Yeah, they’re done that’s been tested and it works.  

Jeffrey – so Annette is saying” thank you for your work. I’ve been struggling with excessive nightmares since the wildfires came through my neighbourhood and burned properties and flora and fauna all around – any experience with that yet?” Well, we certainly had a lot of fires in BC this year. California and actually around the world Australia had a lot of fires and it is definitely traumatizing. You know, it’s interesting, we do a lot of service work. And it’s so interesting that people bring forward,  things that work,  they need service, they need help in this, and the effects of these wildfires is really traumatizing. Now, as we move – as we get larger and larger, we build the FLFE community, you know, currently there’s a private Facebook page we’re planning to bring it into a private place for people to coordinate things like the pay it forward where we could do pay it forward in areas like that and help, you know, with increased energy in an area plant growth is faster regeneration could happen more quickly. And there could also be ways to do service projects on a large scale like that. So, it’s a good thought. Yeah, thank you for bringing that forward. But it sounds like you’re struggling with nightmares. Yeah, I don’t know any advice for nightmares Clayten?  

Clayten – Well if Annette hasn’t tried the home service, I would suggest that she at least do the free trial – that will help the land and help the people in the on the land.  A  lot of communities up here in our area and in the northern part of the province, people are affected by it – it’s almost like a type of PTSD for some people. 

Yolanda is asking “what about properties near the fault line and the California desert?” I have FLFE on my phone and home. But curious about home. We’ve done a little bit of research on fault lines. And we have some programs for that, again, we’ve only got less than 20 properties on the service Jeff that are below 560. And those people have never been charged. I know last week when we tested every property there’s only one out of the thousands that was below 560, it was like 552 or something so we are able to compensate for many many influences we don’t know what would happen if there was an earthquake or tsunami that spike of energy might be so high that it would perhaps drop. We have done some research and written programs for influences similar to geopathic stress lines related to faults. So, I don’t know what else to say.  

Jeffrey – So Dara is asking, “ what about a 5G program? and that is the EMF program that’s coming out in December. So that will include 5G and we’re working, just let you all know, we’re working on some other ways of discovering evidence of these effects, you know this EMF programs and FLFE in general. We’ve got an experiment happening this weekend. So, we’re looking for, we were openly looking for and asking for your help for people that are growing plants indoors, like professionals that have indoor plant growth. We’re looking for people that help us do experiments where we’ve got the FLFE and the EMF program here and it’s these plants over you don’t have that influence and looking at the differences in plant growth if you do that and you have a greenhouse and you have controlled conditions, we’d love to talk to, you call the office we’re actually looking for ways to experiment with that.  

Clayten – Sarah is  asking, “what are the some of the things that are common in high level properties? What would you look for if buying a property for example?” Well you know our nervous system is an amazing, well our whole being is an amazing sensory receptor device and so I would pay attention to how you feel on a property if you’re looking at by buying it Sarah. There is classical Feng Shui Sarah signs that I’m not really sort of qualified to talk about but I’ve had a homes that I’ve lived in and I’ve had them Feng Shui’d  and have FLFE on them and I found that the Feng Shui, at least on the one property that added another level of calmness so I would have a Feng Shui practitioner because they come out to your property and look at its position on the land and those things. 

Jeffrey – Yeah, I mean some of the things that you can feel in your body and everyone’s different and maybe an activation in the crown in the pineal area  or in the heart.  Personally, I feel like if I walk into an FLFE property, I kind of feel my entire energetic system moving. So, you might notice that if you’re looking at houses, you know, where do you feel in your body and does it feel good? Our bodies are incredible instruments. 

Clayten – You could get two or three people to give you their opinion on it, does it feel like home?  We have a lot of people that have put FLFE on their properties and sold them in record times to the point where we had a realtor that did some research with us and we were looking at four or five different variables and  one home selling one was its level of consciousness in the past, price, it’s show- ability, there’s maintenance and things like that and we didn’t have enough information to make a claim because we’re really conservative. But  I mean, many people that have friends come over and they, you know, after they got the FLFE and they don’t leave as quickly, they stay, and it’s so nice they kind of kick them out and so that’s a feeling on a property. It just feels more relaxed and more like home.  

Jeffrey – The question was asked, “with the FLFE property do I also needed on my phone? So, when my phone is within the property would it be redundant?”  And you don’t need both, you know, if you’re mostly at home, people tend to get a cell phone if they’re doing a lot of traveling going to work and they feel like they would like to take that with them. And as we said, one of the benefits of the home subscription is the clearing that it happens the clearing of the negative history, so you could just do your phone you could try one and the other and see how it feels certainly, it’s up to you. There’s no you know, if you’re spending a lot of time at home there’s really no reason to have both I wouldn’t say it all depends on how many people live in the home because the cell phone is as we’ve said has this intense or this more nurturing cocoon at four feet which is where all the health programs are. So that’s all the support for the innate intelligence of the body all these positive thoughts for all of our organs as we’ve said.  Now in the home subscription that’s the whole property has that so if there are spouse children pets, they’re all been benefiting, but if you live alone and your phones with you than that four-foot bubble is all around you. So, you wouldn’t necessarily need a property subscription.

Clayten – Angela was wanting to share her cure for mold 4 Thieves so you have multiple issues you can look into 4 Thieves. I know that we use thieves’ oil at home for odors and cooking odors  and things like that. So yeah, thank you Angela. Four thieves that’s interesting. She sprays it on the area. 

Monique was asking –“ Can you tell  what it is before the service to see what improved?”  I  assume that it means a level of consciousness so because of the number of people that we have coming on the service just can’t test everybody’s home and tell you where it was before and then how much it’s gone up so you can always back test Monique, if you can find a kinesiologist  that you can trust that has some consistency then you can measure the level of consciousness of the home before it went on the service at any time in the future you can always test the past in kinesiology or the present.   

Jeffrey – So, we have a question “ have both property and cell phones subscription does this double the consciousness when I had the phone on the property? And No, it doesn’t. It doesn’t multiply that way.  As we said the property subscription is a bit different in that the effect of the geopathic stress mitigation, the environmental mitigation happens in there in the clearing of the negative history. And then the phone has got that bubble of four foot at 575 which is higher than the minimum property level. So, you know they both have some different purposes but they do not double the consciousness there.  

Clayten – It was interesting, I’m just looking down below Peg is actually “just turning on the home subscription now,” she said that’s great. I just noticed we have somebody who’s had their hand up for quite a while. Jeff,  I don’t know if we have time for that. Diana, “we just had a hailstorm. Does this affect FLFE levels?”  Well, maybe she lives in Nelson because we just had a hailstorm here.  I would say it could affect it but not to a level that is going to drop it below range for more than, we’ll have to check the next couple of days. If you’ve noticed an area has dropped below level, then we’ll have to look at that. I mean does a hailstorm effect consciousness? I mean everything affects consciousness. It just affects how much and to what degree of people in home think hail is kind of neat. And they love to see on the street like we just did here. It’s the first kind of snowiness we’ve had in Nelson for the season and it’s October 2. So, if you’re a skier, you might go oh my god, hail, that’s great. You know, this means the snow is coming. If you don’t like snow, then you might be kind of sad about it. So, I would say yes, and to what degree depends on the size of the hail the amount and the people that are in the area.

Jeffrey – Angela is wondering about the chat feature. Well, we use that when we can to answer questions live, you know, on video. It doesn’t bring things up to a higher priority on this list. As questions come up, we’re answering them in the list. You know, and pretty much staying ahead looks like we’re at your questions the last one, but it doesn’t change the priority. Oh, we have Ada on. Nice to see you. “I don’t have a question I just appreciate the work that you guys are doing and it’s just beautiful to see all the growth and the progress.

J&C – Thank you. Thank you.  

Jeffrey – Yeah, more to come. It seems to be on a real acceleration at the moment. And how long have you known about it and how did you first find out about it FLFE?

Ada – I think last year, last summer spring, it has been about a year and a half now, and I certainly have noticed some amazing things on my property. I have much more wildlife than I had before. And literally hundreds of hummingbirds in the summer. I noticed this afternoon, a big spider decided that it wants to make a web on the deck too, so this is sometimes you know, all the critters like it. So not all the critters are equally welcome. , I’ll have a talk with them. I have noticed that in my garden everything has been so prolific. I have a greenhouse and outside garden. And even when the conditions are harsh. I’m in northern Arizona. So, we have a four-season climate. And everything has just done so well.

Jeffrey – So good to hear that.

Clayten – Yeah, we have some horticulturists on the service. And one person was saying, I wonder what happened if I opened a commercial growing operation just to grow vegetables? Because the vegetables respond so well. I know cut flowers last sometimes two weeks in our home. Absolutely. Sometimes they even start sprouting.

Ada – Thank you for the work you do.

Jeffrey – Thank you for supporting us and for coming on and saying hi.  Yeah, we love to, you know, see everyone, and we’re trying now when we travel to put out the word and have coffee with people. It’s so nice to connect. And, you know, as we do that, we build the community. Alright, well, I think it’s a good time to wind things up and say a few words of parting here. We invite you two weeks now to the next webinar. And through the end of the year, we’re scheduled out and we’re so glad to have you with us  and I’ll just say we’re excited to bring the EMF program and December and there’s just so much going on in the website, we’re making changes to the website, adding content, and 
Memburium, which is our members portal or member login section is brand new. If you haven’t checked that out lately, it’s quite an improvement, it’s much easier to change properties or exchange phone numbers. And with that, we have added multiple phone numbers on each record. We had some technical limitations before. And we can only have one phone record. So, one FLFE phone on each record for each person’s file and now we can do up to five. So that’s an exciting change. So, thank you for all your support. And, you know, I’m really grateful to be on this journey with you. I’ll turn it over to you Clayten.

Clayten – Yes, I thought that I would mention that we have an exciting new staff member, he is our global business development leader. And so, we’re excited about that. The EMF is kind of creating a buzz in the office and in the in the community just because of how much of an influence EMF is in our world today, we’re so connected all the time that and you know,  there are so many things that are helping with EMFs.  So, we’re glad to be part of that. As Jeff said there’re many exciting things happening in the near future. And we have a couple of programs are going to launch next year if everything goes well. One is the Brain Optimization program and the other is the Shock and Trauma program. So, we may change the name of the second one. But there are lots more good things in the pipeline, as they say, but those are the big the big ones. We refine the programs probably two or three upgrades a month with little things like the thrust of a propeller in a bay, which slightly affects the consciousness but even one 10th of a point and just everything we can figure out we do it because it all adds up. And so, I don’t know if we’ll ever get to 100% of all properties being at level but it’s an ongoing process and we’re in it for the long run. So just appreciate your support. Good night everyone. Thank you.