A warm welcome to friends of Conscious Talk

Brenda And Rob recommend FLFE Technology to support positive life changes, enhance your health, and assist you to raise your level of consciousness 

"Finding out about FLFE in early 2019 was such a blessing. We do a lot of energy work with ourselves and clients and understood how important this program is for all of us. 


When we first turned it on in our house, we immediately noticed the difference. We felt lighter with a higher sense of well-being. Not long after, when clients and friends visited, they all commented on how “good” it felt to be in our home. 

Not only that, but our client base increased and our healing sessions were much more impactful. 

We believe one of the reasons for this is that when consciousness is raised, there is a deeper level of trust where hearts can more easily open. This makes all of us feel much more at ease, helping us to release our stress.

This program is truly the gift that “keeps on giving”. 

We are living in very challenging times right now, if you know of anyone that can benefit from this program, please share the good news. If you find that someone needs help financially getting on the program, we suggest you pay it forward. You’ll not only be helping that person or persons, but you’ll be helping yourself, and ALL OF HUMANITY!

We invite you to try the 15-day Free Trial with absolutely no obligation and no credit card required."

~ Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears on the FLFE Service

Electro-Magnetic Field Mitigation

All FLFE subscriptions include our EMF Mitigation Program, which reduces the consciousness-lowering effects of EMFs.

It works by raising the level of consciousness of a device emitting consciousness-lowering EMFs. This results in the EMFs emitted going from being consciousness-lowering to neutral or consciousness-increasing in an environment. 

The program also uses the energetic signature of the mineral shungite to harmonize, neutralize, deflect, and dissipate consciousness-lowering EMFs.

The EMF Mitigation program reduces 99% or more of all consciousness-lowering EMFs in an environment. 

"A funny story — our beloved dog Cosmo had been placing himself right in front of our computer router — even placing his head on top of it. 

We kept shooing him away, thinking that the EMFs were harmful. During our interview with Clayten and Jeff, we mentioned this was going on, that Cosmo seemed almost addicted.

They laughed and told us they weren’t surprised since they had added EMF mitigation to the service and our router was no longer harmful.

Being animal lovers to the end, this is just another reason we are thrilled to share the FLFE service with everyone."

~ Brenda and Rob

Understanding Levels of Consciousness

Dr. David Hawkins wrote about levels of consciousness in his ground-breaking work Power vs. Force. In this book, he explains that everything has a level of consciousness measurable on a scale of 0 – 1000.

Negativity in all its forms including apathy, shame, guilt, anger, fear, and pride fall below 200, while positivity such as courage, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, peace, and enlightenment start at 200 and move toward 1,000.

Whether you’ve been to a sacred site, or can recall moments of love for a partner, a newborn baby, a family member — or even the joy of a cat purring on your lap or your dog licking your face — you’ve had experiences of levels of consciousness OVER 500.

Focused Life-Force Energy (FLFE) services are designed to create a consistent high-consciousness environment to thrive in. This field can be activated and focused on a property, business, or object such as a cell phone.

Each subscription contains programs to specify the characteristics of the activated field, such as the level of consciousness. The FLFE system, a conjunction of the FLFE machines and the FLFE programs, then sends energy to the specified location or object.

FLFE’s services are guaranteed to reach a level of consciousness of 560 on the Hawkins Map at least 98% of the time. 

Try a 15-Day Free Trial. No credit card required!

Brenda and Rob receive a small commission for subscriptions purchased from this page.