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Ep. 12: A Different Perspective on EMFs

Welcome to Fields of Consciousness!

If you’re a human on this planet, you’re interacting with EMFs daily, and it’s likely they’re effecting you in one way or another. But luckily, there are ways to mitigate harmful EMFs and protect yourself and work coherently with the energy emitting from everything around.

Join us on an episode on:

  • What EMFs are thought to be & other ways to think about and understand them
  • How the amount and intensity of EMFs have increased with the technological age
  • “Negative” or “Consciousness-lowering” EMFs
  • Common symptoms of being around consciousness-lowering EMFs
  • “Positive” or “Consciousness-raising” EMFs
  • How to shift “negative” EMFs to “positive” ones to benefit yourself and your life
  • How Focused-Life Energy can mitigate EMFs to shift them from one state to another

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