FLFE Research, Studies & Scientific Evidence

Explore various aspects of the effects of the FLFE high-consciousness field on biological life and on subtle energy fields in the environment.

Evidence, Discernment & Personal Experience

Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE) is a subtle energy phenomenon.  The energy is the same that is recognized by Chinese Medicine that runs through the meridians of our bodies.  Through Western science, we now have instruments to measure these subtle energies.

FLFE has participated in several independent 3rd-party scientific studies and experiments to show the effects of the energies of FLFE on the environment and the body. Read More

On this page we have summarized the results of these experiments for your consideration. These include:

  • Studies with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) show FLFE improving brain function, changes in brain states, and change of executive functioning.
  • A Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) camera study shows more coherence of energy in the FLFE field.
  • Experiments with IONS prove that FLFE affects the time and space relationship in an enclosed space and controlled environment.
  • Experiments to determine the impact of the FLFE field on plants growth.
  • Surveys from real people like you, who use FLFE and see the differences in their daily experiences and overall well-being.

The faculty of discernment is developed over a lifetime. First-hand experience develops acuteness of judgement and allows us to distinguish truth from falsehood. We continue to explore the relationship between consciousness and ways to measure it, as well as exploring other ways to. In our society, we use linguistic distinctions such as “scientific”, “evidence”, “proof” and “reality” looking for the validation of truth.

For thousands of years, many people have personally experienced the benefits of traditional Chinese Medicine.  It has only been in our lifetime that forms of Chinese Medicine, such as acupressure and acupuncture have been approved for use as treatment.

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Study of FLFE EMF Mitigation Using Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV)

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) energy can be felt subjectively and difficult to study scientifically.  Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) offers a way to measure the effects of EMF on the environment and human energy systems. Advanced practitioner K. Melissa Waterman, Dr. Joe Dispenza’s former GDV analyst, conducted a GDV study in a FLFE environment. In the study, FLFE was found to increase coherence of the energy present. View the full study, here.

FLFE Customer Survey on FLFE EMF Mitigation

FLFE subscribers share their experiences before and after the addition of FLFE’s EMF Mitigation to the standard FLFE service. The results of the survey indicated that people experienced better sleep, had more personal energy (less fatigue) and a decreased feeling of stress, as well as other benefits. (click for full study):

IONS Study Of the Effect of the FLFE Environment On Random Number Generators

A natural question arises when investigating FLFE: “Is this real, and how does it work?” FLFE asked the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) to use their sophisticated Quantum Random Number Generators (QNG) to measure the effect of the presence of the FLFE field in comparison to a control without it.  In the words of IONS, “the deviations observed during the experiment were beyond chance expectation. Given these results, further tests are warranted.” View the full study on our IONS page.

5G Home Router EMF Mitigation Test

FLFE researchers studied the effects on the environment of a 5G home router with and without FLFE/EMF Mitigation. This experiment used two modalities of evidence, Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) and Consciousness Kinesiology.  The results suggest that the FLFE field added life force energy to the environment.  There was also an increase in the coherence of the energy present. View the full study.

Effect of FLFE on Spinach Growth

Two identical hydroponic growth systems were set up to measure the effects of the FLFE field on plant growth.  The system with the FLFE field experienced a 50% greater germination rate and 29% increase in leaf length vs. the control system. View the full study here.

Energized Food 3.0 Upgrade: Before & After Customer Survey

In this study FLFE subscribers received an upgrade, Energized Food 3.0 and were asked to observe digestion, energy levels, satiety, and overall mood after experiencing the upgraded service for 1 week.  The participants experienced improvements in energy, mood, and digestive function.  They also benefited from improved mental capacities.  See the full survey here.

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