FLFE Evidence & Experiments

FLFE Plant Growth Experiment I

Experiment A – Plant with FLFE

Experiment B – Control: Plant with no FLFE

Experimental set-up:

  • Two identical hydroponic growth systems, Experiment A and Experiment B. Continuous water supply to peat plugs that hold the seeds. 4 plugs per growth system. Each plug has a center hole for seed placement.
  • Two matching LED growth lights, 45-watt broad spectrum (white, red, blue).
  • Equal amounts of water present in each one, filled to mark inside growth system.
  • 2 teaspoons of Root Farm Base Nutrient supplement in each growth system container.
  • 2 teaspoons of Root Farm Tomato and Veggie Nutrient supplement in each growth system container.
  • Both LED Growth lights on the same timer with 16 hours of light.
  • Spinach Burpee Salad Sensation Hybrid seeds.
    • 12 seeds placed in each hydroponic growth system, 3 seeds per plug, 4 plugs.
  • Amount of time from placement of seeds to photos (see below) and measurements: 3 weeks.
  • Experiment A -One hydroponic growth system with FLFE Field Creation with EMF Mitigation.
  • Experiment B -The Control. One hydroponic growth system with no FLFE field creation and LOC at 420.


ResultsExperiment AExperiment B
FLFE Environment with EMF MitNo FLFE Environment
# of seeds germinated6 (50%)3 (25%)
# of leaves: Full/long & thin31/914/4
Average length of leaf*4.75 inches3.69 inches
Percentage increase in leaf length over control29%

*The average length of the leaf was measured from the plug to the tip of the leaf, +/- 1/8”.

Additional FLFE Experiments

Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) devices are extremely sensitive to subtle energy changes, like those used for FLFE’s EMF Harmonization. K. Melissa Waterman is an advanced practitioner of GDV and has done extensive work over several years measuring the energy in a space at Dr. Joe Dispenza’s events. The experiments below share our findings.

FLFE EMF Experiment 1

In Summary, this experiment shows how the energy in the testing space was increased in amount and in quality. The noise and/or chaos in the energy of the testing space was reduced substantially when FLFE was administered to the site. See the full study, here.

FLFE EMF Experiment 2

In summary, this experiment showed that the addition of an active 5G router into the environment without FLFE+EMF Mitigation increased the entropy or the level of chaos of the energy in the environment. It also lowered the level of consciousness of the space from 408 to 399. When FLFE+EMF Mitigation was added to the 5G environment, the entropy or the chaotic nature of the energy decreased. The level of consciousness actually went up to a level that was higher than the baseline with no 5G, from 570 to 574, for the entire property.  See the full study, here.

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