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We know this is outside of the traditional science understanding; and research in quantum mechanics has shown that entanglement and action at a distance are real and known. We wouldn’t believe this either without our measurements, and more importantly – our experience and the experience of our customers .

The only way for you to know that this is real is to experience it yourself in your own home or business.

Enjoy a Free FLFE experience and check it out for 15 days.

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And…this puts you in control:

During the Free FLFE Experience you have a control panel where you can turn the FLFE wave ON and OFF.

  • You can experiment and see if you feel the energy change.
  • You can invite another person and see if they can tell the difference.
  • It is really interesting and fun to experience the FLFE wave with a group.
  • You’ll receive the full benefits of a subscription, including a fresh start every day, improved mood, more energy, enhanced concentration, deeper connections with others, clearer meditations and perhaps even better sleep. See more explanation of benefits HERE

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Free FLFE Experience

You’ve tried FLFE and now you want a longer experience.

Many of the benefits of the high consciousness, unusually energetic FLFE environment unfold over time.

  • People in the FLFE environment rise in consciousness by an average of 8 points on the Hawkins Map of consciousness in 90 days. Each point upwards on this scale increases your power and ability to manifest by 10 times. This means you have increased power to create the life you want.
  • Health and well-being, including focus and concentration. As the body learns it can depend upon and draw from the FLFE energy, more energy is available to you for your life and for healing.
  • Relationships improve in a long-term high consciousness environment. The environment supports loving interactions and clarifying communication.

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FLFE Subscription for your home, business or mobile phone

Some comments from our customers:

Huge reserves of energy!! I used to get really tired in the afternoon and again in the evenings. Now I am able to be productive until the late evening. Although in the past I could never get myself to stop eating gluten (I am allergic) I am now almost 30 days gluten free. In the past I really struggled with this but for some reason I can do it effortlessly now. There is almost no temptation even when my wife makes 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies.


I kept the service a secret and observed the various changes going on.  My daughters seem to be getting along much better.  My youngest has suddenly become quite the artist in her grade 9 art class and up until then she had no artistic abilities whatsoever.  I also have FLFE on my eldest daughter’s address and she is now a straight A student – previously she’d skip classes often and eventually quit going to school.  She’s also said that she just feels more calm at home.  When I personally missed FLFE the most was when I’d been away for a week.


My home life went from being that of constant arguing, bickering, and energy vampires to one in which people get along most of the time, and when stuff happens that people were not expecting, it is dealt with in an understanding and non judgmental way.


Start your subscription right now

You’ll be on FLFE within minutes.

FLFE Subscription for your home, business, or mobile phone