• What the FLFE Environment is not

What the FLFE environment is not:

The FLFE environment is not a panacea. The high consciousness FLFE-supported environment will not solve your problems, remove your issues or heal your bodies of its physical ailments. Some people do experience higher states of consciousness, a degree of relief from their problems and issues and an increased capacity within their body to regenerate itself. We make no health claims.

It is not a place to avoid doing your personal work. It is an environment of accelerated consciousness raising. For those who are on a spiritual path, (we acknowledge that a spiritual path expresses in many forms, including parenting, careers, education and so forth) many of us value the opportunity to grow as much as anything else in our lives, if not more.

The FLFE environment is not a place that is free of bad moods, bad habits or personal struggles of many types, including miscommunications, addictions and the innumerable preoccupations of the mind. There will likely be times in an FLFE environment (even though it is an extraordinarily high consciousness field and is extraordinarily rare in our current world and throughout history) when you will experience a life challenge which will ask you to call upon the spiritual warrior that lays within each of us. We see this spiritual warrior energy as an energy of love for all, including self, and the requirement of life for us to be disciplined, regulated beings that live in alignment with the laws of truth. Whether these laws are expressed through the effects of optimal health, loving relationships, financial solvency and the ultimate freedom that lies within each of us as a potential that is enlightenment. Living in alignment with these laws results in these conditions just explained. It is to this end that we have dedicated the creation of the FLFE environment, the business that supports it and the community that surrounds it. Welcome to our community.


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