When you enter your information here, we will activate the FLFE field around the device associated with the phone number you specify.

No matter what you choose beyond these 15-days, we are honored and grateful to share this free trial with you.

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FLFE will activate a field around your mobile phone.

Your phone does not need to be turned ON in order for the FLFE service to be active.

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During your free trial, you will receive access to one of our specialists to support you in your experience of FLFE. We will reach out to you via telephone in a few days. If we don’t connect with you then, please let us know a more convenient time to call.

FLFE Mobile Phone was created because we felt so profoundly better with FLFE energy and our homes and businesses, we wanted to experience that 24/7. The mobile subscription allows you to be in a high consciousness field everywhere you go — commuting, traveling, or otherwise away from your FLFE Home service.

FLFE Mobile Phone activates a 300-foot radius “FLFE bubble” of high-conscious energy around your mobile phone. Certain benefits, such as the advanced health programs, require that you be within four feet of your phone. FLFE Mobile Phone is right for you if:

  • You leave home a lot for work, socializing, family function or any other reason.
  • You are required to spend a lot of time in other than fully uplifting environments, including offices, schools, commuting, night venues and more.
  • You often encounter people who are other than inspiring or positive and want to counterbalance those experiences, helping both them and you remain in a higher consciousness field
  • You want accelerated healing and growth that comes from always being in the high-consciousness field, 24 hours a day