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We’ve received your request to experience our HOME 15 DAY FREE TRIAL.

We regret to say that the FLFE Home Trial is not available in your country at this time. However, our LIVE service available. If you would like to subscribe, just click HERE.

We have a wonderful alternative we would like to suggest- our FLFE Mobile Phone trial experience!

You will be able to carry the high consciousness FLFE field with you in a 300 foot radius around your cellular phone device and receive all the benefits of being in a high-consciousness field 24×7. And, you will be able to turn the FLFE wave on and off at will using an online control panel specifically created for you.

Just click HERE to enter your mobile phone number, and get started on a 15-day free trial within minutes!

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Please look for an email from us within the next ten minutes. The email will contain your login to your Customer Control Panel, where you can turn your FLFE service off and on at will.

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