What happens if I don’t have a clear understanding of my property lines?

Or, what happens if the property I own is broken up by pieces owned by others even though it just has one address?

The FLFE System requires a legal address or coordinates to associate or entangle with. The FLFE wave goes to the legal boundaries of the document defining the parcel that exist in the courthouse, up to 5 acres. For a property larger than 5 acres, the FLFE energy goes to the 5 acres surrounding the primary residence plus 300 meters stopping at the adjoining legal addresses. The FLFE Wave entangles with an area of 567 meters around coordinates, again stopping at adjoining legal addresses.

In the situation where a property has been broken up into sections informally by the owner, the entire property goes on the FLFE Wave and service. In places in the world where addresses are understood locally and not legally detailed in official documents, the local understanding is used. FLFE created a highly energetic environment that the body pulls on for healing. Increased healing requires more water and so hydration is important. The full FLFE service should not be put on a property without someone present knowing and encouraging others who may not be aware of FLFE to hydrate properly.