A warm welcome to my friends.

I recommend FLFE Technology to support positive life changes, enhance your health, and raise your level of consciousness 

I have been involved in natural healing and energy medicine nearly 50 years now, and what I want to share with you may boggle your mind …

... and may very well raise your health and consciousness to a whole new level!

I am inviting you to try a FREE 15-day trial of FLFE Focused Life Force Energy so you can experience higher levels of consciousness in your body, home, and surroundings!   

Understanding Levels of Consciousness

Dr. David Hawkins wrote about levels of consciousness in his groundbreaking work Power vs. Force. In this book, he explains that everything has a level of consciousness measurable on a scale of 0 - 1,000.

Negativity in all its forms including apathy, shame, guilt, anger, fear, and pride fall below 200, while positivity such as courage, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, peace, and enlightenment start at 200 and move toward 1,000.


The typical level of consciousness of a sacred site might range from 550 to 650. These are levels of love, joy, peace and transcendence.

FLFE Technology Creates High-Vibrational

Fields That Support You in Raising Your

Own Personal Level of Consciousness

Whether you’ve been to a sacred site, or can recall moments of love for a partner, a newborn baby, a family member — or even the joy of a cat purring on your lap or your dog licking your face — you’ve had experiences of levels of consciousness OVER 500.

The Focused Life-Force Energy (FLFE) HOME and EVERYWHERE services raises the field of consciousness to levels of 550+ in your home or work space and affects everything within that field. This includes family, pets, and plants! It can also help mitigate the harmful effects of EMFs in your home — even 5G. 

The EVERYWHERE mobile phone service has become especially popular because there is the potential bring our negative-EMF mitigation program with you everywhere you go.

Your phone can go from a negative, unsupportive energetic influence to a positive, life-supporting source of energy.

My Experience with FLFE

When I first had FLUFFY turned on in my home (that’s what I call it now), I felt a sweet hush spread over my home and gardens. I asked my husband, Charles, if he noticed anything different and he said he noticed a smooth, calm, and clear energy! 

When I shared it with an ill friend, she said it got her up off the couch and that she felt like herself again with more energy than she'd had in months. 

Over the few months that I have had it running in my home and office, I have been far more creative, more organized, and just happier. In fact, everyone here has been happier and gotten along better, my business has improved, and my sleep is better! 

The average home on a FLFE subscription is at a level of consciousness of 560 on Dr. Hawkins' scale, and the average mobile phone on the service is around 580.

 Everyone’s Experience with FLFE is Unique…

And is Aligned with Your Own Personal Path and Evolution

FLFE is designed to clear the negative history from your home and property to help you get a fresh start every day, free of any negative influence. The high-vibration, high-consciousness energy field enfolding your property supports a positive environment, helps uplift your personal energy, and increases the potential for positive relationships.

FLFE’s mission is to support the optimal conditions for the evolution of consciousness and the creation of environments with high-consciousness fields. These fields provide a sanctuary that are helpful for our personal growth and increased health, while we remain highly functional in our everyday work life.

Are you ready to experience what this feels like?

I feel blessed and grateful to be able to share this service with you, including the ability to try it for over two weeks — with no charge or commitment.

This way, you can experience the service for yourself before making a decision about whether it’s right for you.

You can begin your trial right now by clicking the button below.

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