June 9, 2020

Q&A Webinar # 3

(0:00) Jeffrey -Live from Nelson, BC, Canada. Welcome everyone to this FLFE webinar. We will be answering your questions live after a short review. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – I’ll do a short review; we have people on the Free Trial that may have just joined. And so we can talk a little bit about the service and some things you might not have tried yet.

The FLFE Service activates a high consciousness environment, in locations such as a home or a business or around an object, like a cell cellular device. We define a high consciousness field as being substantially higher level than the surrounding area at least 70 points on what we call the Hawkins Map, which is Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness. This is the scale that we use for measuring using kinesiology.

Clayten – So as Jeff said, we reference the Dr. Hawkins Map of Consciousness. His first book, Power versus Force, was a New York Times bestseller, so if you haven’t read that yet, you might find that interesting. On the Hawkins Map, each point up means that there’s 10 times more power, or life force energy, as we call it. In the eastern traditions in the Asian cultures in China, for example, they call it Chi. In India, they typically will call it Prana. So each point up on the Hawkins Map is 10 times more than the point below that. So 401 is 10 times more powerful than 400. So on the Home, Business, and Flagship Subscriptions with FLFE, the level of consciousness that we guarantee that the home will have or the property will have, if it’s a business or home, will be 560 or higher 98% of the time over 24 hours. For the smarter EMF service, it’s a little bit lower. It’s at 500, and for the FLFE Everywhere Service, it’s 575 within the first four feet, and it goes out to three hundred feet. And we don’t guarantee a level of consciousness there because as it’s moving, it’s very difficult to maintain a certain level because of the various environments that people move through. So think that 300 feet level the target is 565 if I recall correctly.

Jeffrey – It’s interesting, Clayten, about the changes in the world lately, and we all are living at a time with COVID. And in the United States, with some of the issues around race and rioting, the level of consciousness of the world has dropped quite a bit during this time. The contrast between that and the FLFE environment is much larger than it usually is in North America.

Clayten – Yes, we track the level of consciousness of the world and, and a couple other variables every day when we do our kind of daily check-in. We like to keep in touch with what’s happening and continue to explore the relationship between consciousness and the economic and political social environment we live in. So, for example, the United States is typically in a 420 range; that’s before the pandemic occurred. And it went down to just about 200. Then when the level of consciousness of the being part of us or a system and the level of functioning is the action that’s being taken. Meaning how active you are, how well you function? So the United States recently, with this police murder in early June, lowered the LOC in the USA to 150 out of 1000. And the functioning went to 400. So the functioning went way up, and the level of consciousness went to anger basically, on the Hawkins Map. So that just gives you an insight into what’s happening in society. (5:00) And it confirms the efficacy of the Hawkins Map, and we’re seeing that anger expressed to the world. So that was one of the interesting ones that have had that’s happened just recently. We could talk about this for quite a while, Jeff.

Jeffrey – Go ahead. Clayten.

Clayten – Yes, it’s changing quickly in the United States. This morning we tested and was up at 195 and functioning was down and 383, 385 range. So as people adjust to that and find ways to express and vent their anger, the level of consciousness starts to change.

Jeffrey – So, being in this FLFE environment and any high consciousness environment is like going to a cathedral or a mosque, somewhere where people go and pray or hold a very positive intent. There is more of this lifeforce energy available in the environment, and it’s very helpful for our body, mind, and spirit. We believe our energetic systems and our bodies pull this energy in, and our Innate Intelligence puts it to work. Chinese medicine recognizes the value of this life force energy and the flow of it through the body for health and well-being; they call it Chi. So, speaking of a higher lifeforce energy environment, we have something in the Service called the Control Panel where you can log in if you haven’t tried this yet. If you’re new to the Free Trial, you get in your email, a username and password to log in. And you’ll see in this Control Panel, all sorts of ways for you to experiment. You can turn the Service on and off. There’s a Slider to allow you to change the level of support of the environment. And we have something called a Boost which brings the level of consciousness of the environment to 600 on the Hawkins Map for a short time, half an hour for Property and five minutes for Phone. Do you want to talk about some of the ways people have used the Boost for Clayten?

Clatyen – Yes, It’s always interesting to me. People are always finding new and creative ways to use the Boost beyond what we’ve imagined. People use it to help celebrate an event. If they’re having dinner together, they put the Boost on. And it seems to make the dinner conversation go easier. People are in a better state. Other people have told us if they’re having to have a really crunchy conversation that they’ll put the Boost on then because it helps people come together. Higher Consciousness fields tend to bring out the best in everybody and helps those hard conversations to get started. It seems that the initial speed bump of awkwardness is easier to get over with the higher consciousness help.

Jeffrey – You could put your Boost experiences into Q&A, and we can talk about this. In a recent webinar, a father talked about that homework time with his, with his son and using the Boost to get things started with homework. It gave them an extra bit of energy for the child to do the homework. I’ve heard it being used by women for premenstrual headaches, saying FLFE works really well for that. Using it for other types of pain is starting to come out in your conversations with us during the webinar. We find people are directing the FLFE energy to parts of their body, for healing for pain relief, and to others to bless others. So you could do that during the Boost time.

Clayten – Yes, it is more energy to work with. So the possibilities are endless.

Jeffrey – I did see a little comment about not seeing the Slider. If you’re on the phone, there’s not a Slider. That’s a Property Control Panel feature. So if you have a Home or Business Subscription, you’ll have the Slider. Everything else is the same. (10:00) You can turn the EMF Mitigation on and off, the Service on and off. Then you’ve got the Boost. We can answer some questions from the Q&A.

Clayten – I see some hands up already. People are getting used to putting their hands up. There’s a section to put your hands up will love to talk to some of you personally.

Jeffrey – Let’s read some questions first. Robert was asking for those stats that you mentioned Clayten.

Clayten -The United States went to 150; usually, it’s around 420. During these last couple of weeks, it’s been around 220 to 240. And it’s going up all the time. When the gentleman was murdered by the police, the US went down to 150, to anger. The functioning capability or its ability to act, which is also the level of functioning, went up substantially. So that’s an indication. And it shows up in a lot of places where people are energized to act. So when you’re functioning is much higher than your level of consciousness. It just means that you’re energized to take action. Then you have to watch you don’t take action without thinking, but it’s hard to do that sometimes when you’re really frustrated.

Jeffrey – I just saw a comment that someone was using the Boost with their child when they are upset to help soothe them. They were saying that their child just was happier and more loving, in general.

So Meredith is asking about Bluetooth earbuds. So the EMF Mitigation is in the FLFE environment, so it’s in the entire FLFE environment. In the Phone Subscription or FLFE Everywhere around an Object, the EMF Mitigation zone is about seven feet seven to ten feet. So within that, anything that would be consciousness lowering is supported to be consciousness, neutral, or raising, which means it becomes positive for the environment or neutral for the environment. We do this in two ways, we raise the level of consciousness of the emitting devices. So Bluetooth, phone, and Bluetooth earbuds would go up in consciousness if they’re in that zone, either on a Property Subscription on the entire property or in the

seven-foot bubble for phones. So those would be mitigated.

FLFE is compatible with everything, it’s like human consciousness. It functions very much like human consciousness; the quantum association that’s occurring when we think of someone is very similar to what’s happening with FLFE. It’s compatible with things that are compatible with human consciousness

Clayten – We’re not aware of any contradictions with anything Meredith. I used a living water pen for a while, and people really liked them. I’m not sure what the AHA Meter is, but the water filter that brand ultra-stream totally compatible with everything. I don’t know the living water system is beneficial for hydration, and I am not sure about the AHA. But there are lots of good products that help with hydration, lots of good filtering systems.

Jeffrey – Elizabeth asks – “If the eventual evolution to higher consciousness worldwide, could one surpass the 570 range? And if so, would the Subscription inhibit one from surpassing this? And, Elizabeth, no. The way FLFE works is that it’s the minimum level. Many properties surpass that, anyway, based on the people that are living there and their practices. We have properties above 600 all the time. It’s just a matter of what else is happening there in that property. (15:00) So it moves with you, giving you support so that you’re not having to compensate for a lower environment. In no way does it inhibit anyone from their evolution. In fact, the whole purpose of it is to support our evolution. And that’s in this pristine environment. Wherever there is more energy available, we don’t have to compensate for lower environments, and many other things as well.

Jeffrey – I’ll answer Joyce, all the Subscriptions have EMF Mitigation, all of the different Subscription types.

Lucy – I posted my questions in the Q&A. I just wanted to clarify about the Boost feature because I have a Property Subscription, Smarter EMF. When I look at it, I don’t actually see a Boost feature. I just see that I can either turn it on off, or change the address, like the property address, but it looks different from when I had the 15-day Free Trial. That allowed me to change the Slider, and it also had a Boost feature. So I just wanted to clarify. Is there a Boost feature that I’m not seeing somewhere? Am I not accessing it on the right page, perhaps, or is this something that’s not offered with the Subscription?

Jeffrey – Yes, it is only offered on the Flagship Subscription, which is 560 or higher. The differential between the 560 to the 600 is not as big as it would be on the 500. So, it’s not offered on the Smarter EMF at this point. It could be in the future. Part of it, for us, is a power concern for our system. You know, we can only have so many homes on the Service, the EMF Mitigation takes a lot of power. We make sure that that is included in all the Subscriptions as well as Brain Optimization and other things. But that extra Boost on and off takes a lot of our power. It’s like turning on the light ball, that inrush current takes more spike. So we weren’t able to do it on those Subscriptions yet, but it could occur in the future.

Lucy- Is that the only difference? Would there still be pretty much the same sort of protection and raising of energy, even if there’s no Boost feature? Or is it even lower? I mean, is it just starting at 500 and not going above 560? Or is it still potentially able to go higher even without the Boost?

Jeffrey – Again, a lot depends on the people. So 500 is just the base level. And properties can and do climb above that naturally based on what’s happening on the property. It is guaranteed that level 500 is a minimum. So there’s a there’s at least 500 on the Hawkins Map, you know, 98% of time or more. We’re making sure of that with the mitigation of geopathic stress as well as the mitigation of EMFs. It’s all included in the Smarter EMF.

Lucy – Great, thank you.

Jeffrey – Thanks for coming on. Diane is remarking – “I’ve noticed that my plants are stronger, happier, and greener. Also, I notice that bugs are looking pretty plump and healthy. Does this make sense to you?” Well, with additional lifeforce energy in the environment, it’s just a healthier environment all the way around. We’ve done several plant experiments which you can see on the Evidence page. (20:00) So, plants do show the additional lifeforce energy, and, really, everything does in balance. It’s like a very well run home with lots of loving energy in it. It’s just consistently there.

So let’s see, we have a question about mobile phones. So if one gets a Mobile Phone Subscription, that changes phones, but not the number. It will still have coverage. Yes.

Clayten – We had a power outage here for a minute, so I missed some of the conversation.

Jeffrey – We’re answering Nancy’s question on the list. So yes, as soon as you change phone numbers, the phone or cellular device that has that number that you put into the FLFE system now becomes alive for that FLFE Everywhere device. I recently changed phones and kind of watched it happen. My old phone was on the Service, I could tell by the level of consciousness of it. And when I switched to the new phone, then that changed to a higher level of consciousness. So you can also, of course, change your phone number. If you travel overseas and you’re using a different kind of phone or a different SIM card, then you would need to go into the Control Panel and change your number. So no, you don’t need to notify us if you upgrade your phone. As long as it’s the same phone number, it’s good. That’s the unique identifier. The phone number in the country that it’s registered. It’ll follow that phone number to any device.

Clayten – And Surjeet is asking- “Is there any link to heart palpitations and the energy shift in our environment?” We’re not aware of any contradictions, Surjeet. Obviously, if you’re experiencing heart palpitations, with anything, we would suggest you probably stop that. Still, we’re not aware of any contradictions.

Jeffrey – Joyce is asking why the Boost is only for a short time. And again, it’s based on the power of the system, the entire FLE system. As we said, the Boost takes quite a bit of power when it goes on. And so at this point, that’s what we’re able to offer. And you know, it’s possible in the future, we could extend that.

Clayten – I’m only able to see some of the questions, Jeff, I think all of them left my browser when the power went out. So I’ll just pick up Anne from the bottom of the list. Anne is asking what type of energy it is. And what we try to do is to abide by the guidelines to do what’s in the highest and best interest of all creation. And so when we tested with kinesiology if we ever get that it’s in the highest and best interest of all to share the details of the technology, we will. It’s actually quite a unique device and that there are multiple types of technology integrated into it into the service. So it’s actually not one in and of itself. There are multiple types of technology.

Jeffrey – Jen is asking, is it possible to prepare for that the energy and into a group of people who have a common reason for gathering together such as people gathering to protest? You know, with the current racial tensions going on in the US to help raise consciousness? FLFE is an environmental Service. It doesn’t go on people. Of course, a PIF, a Pay It Forward Subscription, you know, could go to somewhere where there’s a protest. The problem is that it’s fixed there. We’re not able to change the PIF. It’s meant to be a long term gift to the world when you choose where to put that. But one of the things people have been doing is to direct the energy themselves. So, you could, when you become aware of a gathering, and we can do this, it’s our human birthright to use our consciousness to send love and good wishes. (25:00) So, when you become aware of that, if you’re in the FLFE environment, you could even put the Boost on as we said. You could intend for that group to have a high consciousness environment.

Clayten – We did have a Service project on a big pipeline event. The pipeline was to go through native lands. We do a lot of service projects, one of which is refugee camps on a lower level FLFE service just to help them stay out of despair because those camps are pretty hard places to be in. Some people are there for a long time. So it is possible it’s just that we don’t typically do those. We’re so busy trying to upgrade the Service, and to manage all the short term protests in different places is beyond our capacity to set it up.

Jeffrey – Here are a couple more Boost examples; Krista is using the Boost with her son a lot. He has Autism Spectrum Disorder and severe ADHD. When he is struggling, it definitely helps. She says it’s really good to know Krista, thank you for sharing that. We have heard from other people with autism spectrum. So thank you for sharing. And Angela, who’s another one, has been experimenting using the Boost during her daughter’s seizures at night. So we’d love to hear more about that, Angela.

Clayten – Yeah, Suzanne is asking, “Will the Property Subscription diminish the electrical buzz that I can hear throughout the house?” It’s probably from the RT meter like smart meter. It’s possible Suzanne, some people have had tinnitus, and they turned FLFE on, and the tinnitus went away. And other people have severe tinnitus they turn it on, and it doesn’t help them with that. So you know humans are so individual, and the conditions in your environment are so individual, it’s hard for us to say what would happen to you. I would just suggest that if you have the Home Subscription, the Flagship model, you can turn the level of consciousness up and down, you can turn the EMF on and off. You can turn the Boost on for a while and experiment and see what happens to you. That’s the best way to determine what will happen in your environment. We have no way of really knowing from here.

Jeffrey – Jean is asking –“Is there a way to test the EMF for a home with it on and off?” As Clayten was saying, using the Control Panel and turning the EMF Mitigation on and off, then using our bodies. We believe that our bodies are very sensitive instruments. Kinesiology is based on the body and using the body as a connector. And for me personally, I feel an EMF rich environment as tension in my body. My muscles feel tight, I feel anxious, especially in my heart area. And when I turn EMF mitigation back on, I feel my muscles relax, my shoulders sort of come down. And I feel like I can take a deeper breath. So I would encourage you to try it. You know, try it on and off and see how your body responds to it.

Clayten BJ is asking – “I’ve had the property on since December 2018. And the avocado tree is still sick. Does FLFE help with this problem? Is there something I can do to get rid of the parasites?” We’re not botanists per se. I noticed a comment in the chat earlier that someone has been in the house for four years, and their roses and plants are more vital than they’ve ever been. So we certainly do have lots of positive testimonials and anecdotal evidence, BJ. (30:00) And sometimes there’s a condition in a plant that even FLFE is not supportive enough to transcend that disease or that condition. So, we’d like it to be a panacea for all things, and it isn’t that yet.

Jeffrey – Roxanne was asking for a little louder volume. Down in your tray, Roxanne, you might try turning up the overall volume. I believe we are at a good level on this end.

Victoria is asking- “What is EMF Mitigation, and how does it work? So Victoria, for those of you that haven’t heard this yet, there is an EMF Mitigation Page with a lot of resources. We test all the properties once a week to make sure they’re at the promised levels, either 560 or higher 98% of the time or more for the Flagship, 500 for the Smarter EMF properties. On Free Trials, on the Flagship, we noticed some properties were not coming up to level. So when we dug into it, we would talk to the customer, and we found that some new EMF situation had occurred. Maybe a new cell tower across the street, or smart meters, and it was lowering the level of consciousness of the property. And we are focused on consciousness. This supportive environment is about supporting us to evolve. And it’s also supporting, of course, health and well-being with extra energy. But for us, when the energy goes down when the level of consciousness goes down on the property, it means it’s less vital, it’s less healthy. So, the EMF Mitigation was something we developed to keep properties at that optimal level. And you asked how it works. We raise the level of consciousness of emitting devices because we found when an antenna like on a cell phone or a router is vibrating at a higher level that the energy positive and raises the level of consciousness. And then the other is using Shungite. Maybe you want to talk about that Clayten.

Clayten – What we’ve discovered is that there was only one substance on the planet that would harmonize the effect of consciousness lowering EMFs. When you’re dealing with a consciousness lowering electromagnetic influence, you can try to deflect it away from your environment, either up into the air or down into the earth. You can dissipate it where you try to break up the signal, and it sort of falls apart like snowflakes, and so the effect is minimal or non-active. And another possibility is to harmonize it. And that’s taking the energy and making it into a positive influence. And in our research, we found there’s only one substance on the planet that can do that. Of course, we’ve raised the level of consciousness, as Jeff said, of the device to 580 or higher typically, and that will make that emanation positive. But for devices or energies that are off the property and coming in, we need to use the energetic signature of Shungite directed towards the consciousness lowering EMF source. And the Shungite actually will take that and make it positive. And since we’ve added the energetic signature or the essence of Shungite on the Service, we’ve noticed that the level of consciousness of the average property has gone up four points on the Hawkins Map. So all these routers in the neighborhood, even the router in your house depending on the model, these influences that we have such as satellites, the radar, cell phones, are actually adding to the positive level of consciousness of your home environment now, rather than depleting it. If you’re looking to measure the influence of FLFE, you’ll need to use a very sensitive device. The best one we found is the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) camera. And we have that research we’ve done on our website on the Evidence Page. (35:00) So you can look at that. We found that many standard devices such as Trifield meters, don’t pick up the influence of the FLFE EMF consciousness lowering EMF service.

Jeffrey – Angela responded about the seizures, she said she was curious if her daughter’s consciousness returning to her body during the seizure would be supported by FLFE. And some nights, it seems to help and others not so much. And she’ll be documenting this over time. She asked if it is possible to get a recording of her daughter’s consciousness before, during, and after a seizure on the Hawkins scale? So, Angela, I don’t know if you’re on the Free Trial or if you’re a Subscriber, but there’s someone in the office that is your contact person. You could send this question to them. And through the office, they will come to us; it might take us a little time to answer it, but we would be curious to look into that further with you. So please contact either your Customer Service Rep or your Free Trial Specialist. I’d like to mention that we’ve got very long hours in the office now from seven in the morning until ten at night pacific time, Monday through Friday. And ten to ten on Saturdays so we’re there for you. And we welcome you contacting us, we have great staff, people who are very knowledgeable and supportive, and we’d love to talk to you.

Clayten – How about we bring in Glenn?

Glenn – I’m far away in southern Chili, and now that I’m talking to both of you, I’d really like to thank you for your efforts, guys. I’ve noticed a considerable difference in my life; everything seems to work interpersonally, and it’s very cool. I don’t speak Spanish, but I didn’t come down here to speak Spanish, I came down here to be in solitude. One thing that I would like to ask you guys, I can’t tell if it’s mechanically or spiritually energetic. I’d like you to explain what it is.

(40:00) Jeffrey – It’s an interesting question. Spiritual energy or mechanical, and from my point of view, and I’ll pass this onto you Clayten. To me, what we may think of as spiritual energy and our spiritual side may also be physics. You know that there is a quantum physics, a quantum association that’s the basis of FLFE. It’s the same in our human consciousness the way we connect to people over time and space instantly, anywhere, just by thinking of them. That is the same quantum connection that FLFE is based on. You could call it spiritual energy, and you could call it physics as well. And our system is focusing lifeforce energy, creating a high consciousness field and there’s an association or a quantum association that occurs between that space and the FLFE Everywhere or the Property.

Clayten – My first thought when you asked that question was that the technology is part of God as well. Technology is part of God; it’s not separate. And if you can use technology in the right way, it helps us become closer to Source or whatever you want to call it. We have a lot of benefits in our world, from electricity and cars and blenders and toasters and other things. And we may not think of them as spiritual, but they do help us, of course, live a more comfortable life. And I still question it to this day, Glenn, how it can work so well. And what it does, is very consistent, very controllable, or manageable. And it is a machine. It’s a real machine. It’s a pretty unique set of devices that are created in a way that I’m not aware of has been done before. So people who’ve tried different types of energetic support services find it has a unique feel to it a unique experience. I think that is my first thought.

Glenn – In my meditation and I’m 78 years old, and now it’s difficult for me to focus. I’m wondering about the effect of artificial intelligence as opposed to spiritual intelligence. That’s the basis of my question. I don’t know a lot about machine intelligence. I’m not of that generation at all. I’m building a small house, and I have to hire people to finish it. There is a world of difference between the people who were coming here to work before FLFE was on and the people who are here now and staying. I think just coming onto the property is changing them. I hope so.

Clayten – We certainly noticed that when we had our last office renovated, the contractors came in, and they always showed up on time. They did their job, and then they said, Oh, we’ll do this little bit extra for you. (45:00) They were doing extra things. They were cleaning up after themselves. They were always good-natured, and we really enjoyed our time together. And it was such a positive experience. We’ve had lots of people tell us that. We’ve heard that from literally hundreds of people.

Jeffrey – Thank you for asking your questions. On the AI, we don’t have any connection to AI. The FLFE service is a consciousness technology, and as human consciousness, it works in exactly the same way. We have no connection to artificial intelligence. I see we have Carmen now.

Carmen – I started this process just recently; two days ago. So I want to appreciate you for what you are giving us. But my question is to how do I know this is the right amount of energy that I need in my house right now? Because somehow, I feel like it feels good, and yet it’s pushing a little bit higher than what I feel comfortable with, so I don’t know what is the right amount of energy that should come in?

Jeffrey – Carmen, are you on the Free Trial for your home?

Carmen – Yes.

Jeffrey – If you log on to the Control Panel, you can experiment with turning the energy up and down and see how you feel. Some people have some acclimation time where they have lots of energy, and they maybe feel a little bit wired at night. Someone else has asked a similar question in the Q&A. So that’s why we have the Control Panel and the Slider. People can adjust the energy, and as they get used to it, the majority of people feel it’s great right away, and they get the best sleep of their life, but you have control. And that’s why we built the Control Panel so that you can choose yourself what you feel is best.

Carmen – Is that something that is gradually increasing, or you just stay the same?

Jeffrey – It’s set at 560. And so you could take it up to 570 if you like. Or you could slide it down lower. But the default is 560 on the Hawkins Map, so that’s where it is if you haven’t moved in at all.

Carmen – Is that like the level that is best for everyone?

Clayten -Well, there’s no way for us to tell what’s best for everyone. But you can certainly experiment with it. That’s the purpose of the Control Panel; to encourage you to be your own consciousness researcher. Most of us tend to think the more energy, the better. And that’s not always true.

Some people find that when they turn it on to 400 out of 1000 that they like that for about a week or two. Then they keep moving it up and moving it up. People find at times that with the lower level on the Slider, they feel a more gentle, gradual influence. In contrast, at a higher level, it takes them a little more effort to acclimatize to that. So I wish we had an answer for you. But you’re an individual person, you have to do a little bit of experimenting to find what’s best.

Carmen – In your experience working with people, do you feel that when you get to a stable place that you can move it further? Will that help your system, your body, your environment?

Clayten – It’s like exercise. You might want to just do a little less exercise when you first start out. (50:00) Then as you get more and more training, you can do more repetitions, maybe add more weight, or walk further or run farther. Do you want to add anything to that, Jeff?

Jeffrey – Yes, I would mention that 560 was what we had measured, as being sort of the ideal place to start. Because we’re looking at supporting people with an optimal environment for their evolution, and their health and well-being. And to be able to go to work and create the income that you need. So while maybe a higher level may be really good for your evolution, it might be hard to get up and go to work because you’re so blissful. So, in our research, early on with FLFE, we started at 540. And then we moved it to 560. And we measured the optimal level for people that would work for the most people. And then we had the more unusual circumstance where people felt it was too strong. Many people will just go right up to 570 and leave it there. You know, take it up higher.

Carmen – But won’t hurt your body at all? Could it do damage to your system?

Jeffrey – No, it’s just a matter of your comfort and how you feel. Our bodies are energetic systems, and it depends on the environment that our bodies have been used to. So it could be that the way you live and the place where you live is very high already. That there were a lot of prayers, there’s a lot of meditation so that, for your body, there is not so much of a change. Other people may live in a place where different factors have lowered the level of consciousness in the environment like underground streams. High tension wires or smart meters, other things like that lower consciousness. So their bodies are used to being in a lower energy environment. And so there’s more of a contrast. And our bodies are very adaptable. We have found over time that our bodies adapt to it. So it’s really just how you feel as you are experimenting with it. It was interesting when we did our initial research, there were some spiritual leaders that you would think have a very high consciousness. But they were at that 560 level because it seems to be a place where you can evolve and do your work and help others and still get things done.

Carmen – What happens if you go out of your house and go to other places? Does that level of energy change because you are not in the house anymore?

Jeffrey – Yes, it’s an environment. So after FLFE activates this environment, if you leave the environment, you’ll go into whatever the area is. Whatever the level of consciousness is in that neighborhood or city, or wherever you live. The FLFE Everywhere, the cell phone service goes with you. So then you have a bubble around the cell phone or around an object that can travel with you wherever you go. And we created FLFE Everywhere when we started the service, and we were traveling, we missed having the FLFE energy with us. So we created this way to bring it along.

Carmen – Is that the same energy level that you have this system? Is the home the same amount of difference? I mean, what is better to use just a phone in your home or just your home setting for that level of energy?

Jeffrey – Great question. Do you want to answer that, Clayten?

Clayten – Sure, the energy on the Flagship Home Subscription Carmen includes Programs such as the energy clearing of the land. We call it the Removal Program. So it will remove negative energetic history from the land. (55:00) And because the Phone service or FLFE Everywhere can be an object, a pendant, or a necklace, it moves around. It would take too much energy to clear the land as that object is moving. And so there are different Programs on the different Services. And some people need to experiment with both of them before they find the right fit for them. So there are some differences.

Carmen – It also means that the home system clears the environment inside and outside the house?

Clayten – Yes, it goes to the legal lot lines of the property up to five acres.

Carmen – Okay, thank you very much.

Jeffrey – Thank you for coming on with us.

Clayten – Well, we’re getting close to seven o’clock, Jeff. I see that Larry has had his hand up for quite a while. Do you want me to bring them in?

Jeffrey – Yes, please.

Larry – I have a question. I’ve heard in the past one or both of you say that it’s important to hydrate properly when you use the service. If I’m using it with my phone are people around me that I live with or that I work with, if they’re not properly hydrating themself, can it be harmful to them or they just won’t get the benefit of the service?

Jeffrey – It’s not harmful; the way FLFE is set up, there is more energy available. So our bodies use that energy, and with the phone, in particular, it’s concentrated pretty close to the phone. You know, the 575 level of consciousness comes in within four feet, so unless you’re right next to someone, they won’t be in that zone. But with a property, many people do turn on the surface and not tell everyone on the property. Still, they encourage them to drink more water. They can keep an eye on it. The benefits are there in a much greater way if you’re hydrated. Some of the Programs we have will turn themselves down if you’re not well hydrated.

Larry – Okay, all right. Thank you very much.

Jeffrey – Yeah. Thank you. Thanks for the question, Larry. Why don’t we conclude here, Clayten, and we can have a final word for each of us.

Clayten – One of our staff members, Aditi, has a habit of coming over every day and shares stories of her conversations with Subscribers. It’s one of the highlights of my day. When you’re running a business, there are a lot of things to do. And there’s a project plan, and there are lists, and you’re checking things off, and it’s good to be reminded of the positive effect it has on people. So it’s really gratifying to hear your stories, and thank you for your good wishes towards us. We listen to lots of very kind remarks from our staff towards us, and that’s part of what makes this all worthwhile. So, we appreciate you being Subscribers for those of you who are.

Jeffrey – I would echo that Clayten, and I’m seeing the chats come in, they show up on my screen and I’m seeing a lot of positive comments and wishing us well. I’m grateful to be on this journey with you. Our staff are wonderful people. I encourage you to get to know the people there that work with you. We’re on this journey with you, the Free Trial, and Subscribers. And there’s much more to come. We’re continually improving, and the way that we work is we continue to improve the service, and we don’t change the price. (1:00:00) We have had one price increase, a modest price increase since we started, and it’s really what makes us tick. We love our Subscribers, and we like to continually make things better. When we see an issue that pops up, our first thought is, what can we do to make it better? So thank you for your attention here today and for those of you that watch in the future and welcome to the FLFE family.