• The FLFE Property Service is not available in your country.

    May we suggest the FLFE EVERYWHERE service instead?

FLFE property subscriptions are not available in your country.

The FLFE Property service requires a high-accuracy address in order for it to be properly associated with the property. We know from experience that when we attempt to direct FLFE to an address that is not highly accurate, the property may not achieve the high consciousness field that we expect.

What is a high-accuracy address?

At FLFE, a high-accuracy address is a legal address that is the identical address in all the government record systems of the country such as recorded deeds, postal system records, and tax records.

In some countries, such as yours, the records may not be consistent for reasons such as:

  • Rapid economic growth which can result in the records not being updated to the addresses of new dwellings being built.
  • Records are written on documents and not held electronically. Small errors can happen with transcription or environmental damage which can cause difficulty in reading the address. (Countries with this kind of system could be much better off if a failure of electronics occurred for various reasons.)
  • Addresses are not written out completely and are, instead, commonly known to the mail carriers and others in the community.

We are happy to be able to offer you FLFE EVERYWHERE at no change in cost.



Save 10%
Save 5%
FLFE Mobile Phone$378 USD/YR $198 USD/6 MO
$35 USD/MO
FLFE Smarter EMF – Phone$162 USD/YR
$85 USD/6 MO
$15 USD/MO
FLFE Smarter EMF – Youth – Phone$120 USD/YR
$60 USD/6 MO
$12 USD/MO
FLFE Personal ObjectOBJECT -$378 USD/YR
Smarter EMF – Youth – Object$162 USD/YR
$162 USD/6 MO
$162 USD/MO
  • TAKE YOUR SANCTUARY WITH YOU: A 300’ radius high consciousness field is around your FLFE EVERYWHERE personal object or mobile phone (phone can be on or off) at all times. This means travel and hotel rooms feel more like your home sanctuary.
  • INCREASE YOUR PERSONAL ENERGY: The flow of high vibration, high consciousness energy into the FLFE EVERYWHERE bubble means that your personal energy is lifted.
  • SUPPORT YOUR RELATIONSHIP: The flow of high vibration, high consciousness energy into the FLFE EVERWHERE bubble means that the environment supports loving interactions and the clearing of negative history between people.
  • IMPROVE LONG-TERM HEALTH: Living 24/7 in a high consciousness high energy field gives your body access to that energy for healing. When the body has access to the energy all the time, without interruption, long-term healing projects are supported to happen.
  • HARMONIZE YOUR CELL-PHONE: As a FLFE Mobile Phone, your cellular phone EMF and other energy emissions become supportive of biological life. Normally a cell phone is negative or depleting of biological life. This is according to our research using Kinesiology. Please see our Programs page for more details of our claim and testing.
  • MEDITATION AND CREATIVE PURSUITS: The clarity of mind, the enhanced personal energy and the high consciousness field of FLFE EVERYWHERE supports deeper meditations and deeper states of creative expression.
  • MOBILE PHONE OR ANY PERSONAL OBJECT: Turn your cellular phone or any personal object that you normally carry with you, such as a ring, pendant, necklace, watch, crystal or eye glasses into a FLFE EVERYWHERE object.
    • For your FLFE Mobile Phone all you need is your country and phone number (Fast and easy).
    • For your FLFE Personal Object you will need to provide a high resolution photograph in good focus that FLFE uses to associate the wave with the object. An additional $25 startup fee will be added to your first invoice to cover the upload and manual review of your object photo -and there may be a delay while we approve the photo you submit
      • (This $25 fee will also be charged each time you change your object and submit new photos)

Please note:

  • All prices are in US Dollars. Taxes may be added to your order total, if required by law in your area.
  • Please take a moment to choose the subscription product that is best for you. Switching from one to another is a manual process. Please contact the FLFE office if you meant to choose a different subscription product or have changed your mind.