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How does FLFE work?

Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE) is a technology that creates a high consciousness field. It is the result of the research of a team of inventors which was continued, advanced and brought to the world by Jeffrey Stegman and Clayten Stedmann, the founders of FLFE innovations Corp. More information about the company is in the About Us page.

We feel very fortunate in that we were in the right place at the right time. We met an inventor who was the last of a group of three people who had been working on this technology together for over 7 years. Advancements in other technologies have allowed us to make multiple refinements and enhancements. We appreciate the efforts of the original inventors and the current FLFE technology has made the original technology obsolete in the context in which it is now being used. We also feel very fortunate to have assembled a great team of people to help us deliver FLFE to the world.

When people find out that we have a machine that sends the wave out, they ask us how it works. We think of it as a prayer machine. The FLFE wave is created and then instructions, which we call programs, are sent out on the wave. The wave is associated (technically called quantum entanglement) with a property through the programs.

Imagine placing a sheet of paper in a slot at the base of a sophisticated quantum prayer machine. The words written on the paper are a program. Initially, we did use actual pieces of paper with individual programs on them. We have now computerized the process to automate the placing of programs on the FLFE wave.

The FLFE Wave

The FLFE wave is generated by a primary machine, which we call the Genesis Machine, and amplified by additional FLFE machines which also create redundancy. Our standard approach for FLFE is to create triple redundancy or two back-up systems. The FLFE technology re-directs and focuses Life Force Energy (also known as Chi, Prana and Mana) which is present throughout the universe. The re-direction of the FLFE energy does not deplete or take away from any source of necessary energy at any time. A good metaphor is that the FLFE wave is like a FM radio station and the programs are like the spoken and music programming.

The FLFE Programs

The Programs are written instructions acted upon by the FLFE wave. Properties are associated with the FLFE wave by the inclusion of a legal address or longitude and latitude coordinates into a program. This creates a quantum entanglement of the FLFE machine with the property and the action of the FLFE wave on the property begins instantly. In the case of the FLFE Everywhere service, a unique cellular phone number or a photo of the object provides the means of associating FLFE with the object.


FLFE Effects and Benefits

Currently the FLFE wave, when associated with a property or an object (FLFE Everywhere), raises the level of consciousness of the area to a minimum of 560 on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness within 5 seconds.

  • FLFE clears the negative history from the land and any buildings which means that you get a fresh start every day, free of any negative influence.
  • The flow of high vibration, high consciousness energy into the land and building(s) means that the land becomes more positive every day, your personal energy is lifted and the positive potential between you and others has more capacity.

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