• Pick the 15-Day Gift Option That’s Best for You.

  • Please choose one free trial at a time. You can do both Home and Mobile Phone free trial only not at the same time.
  • High-consciousness field around your home. FLFE Home clears the negative history from the land and buildings, which means that you get a fresh start every day, free newly-creative negative interactions and thoughts.
  • More positive energy becomes available, beginning your first day.
  • More loving interactions and communication every day, less conflict.
  • Improved mental focus and brain performance, as our programs–integrated into the high consciousness field–help your mind be sharper.
  • Greater ease around meditation and prayer, as those are two activities greatly facilitated by high consciousness fields.
  • FLFE Home is generally the best option for those who spend a great deal of time in their home and want the most energetically uplifting environment.
  • FLFE Home 15 day free trial is only available in the following countries at this time: Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, Ireland (Republic), Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States
  • Please choose one free trial at a time. You can do both Home and Mobile Phone free trial only not at the same time.
  • With you all the time, as a 300’ radius high consciousness field is around your cellular phone. This means travel and hotel rooms feel more like your home sanctuary.
  • Higher energy everywhere you go; being in the portable FLFE field (FLFE EVERYWHERE) means that your personal energy is lifted around the clock.
  • Grounding, increased support to be grounded by connecting us to the Earth and all the benefits that brings. The Grounding benefit will be activated up to 5 mph so you will be grounded even during a fast walk.
  • A key difference between home and mobile is that home has “clearing” programs which are designed to clear negative energetic history from a property.  FLFE Mobile Phone (as well as FLFE Personal Object -not offered in Free Trial), however, comes with some unique advantages in addition to being able to take it anywhere, including:
    • HARMONIZE YOUR CELL-PHONE: As a FLFE Mobile Phone, your cellular phone EMF and other energy emissions become supportive of biological life. Normally a cell phone is negative or depleting of biological life. This is according to our research using Kinesiology. Please see our Programs page for more details of our claim and testing.
    • Temporary lifting of any negative environment wherever you go.
    • Support to clear negative karma with others nearby within the FLFE field
    • Support for people around your cellular device to rise in consciousness
    • Support for people to have a positive intent toward the FLFE Mobile Phone holder

There is no cost and no credit card needed for a 15 day FLFE trial experience. During your trial you will be able to turn FLFE on and off at will, to feel the shift in energy and experience the benefits.

  • Please choose one free trial at a time. You can do both Home and Mobile Phone free trial only not at the same time.
  • A legal address is required for the FLFE Home experience, the same as your postal service needs to deliver a letter to you. Please include your unit or apartment number if you have one.
  • The country of origin and the domestic cellular phone number (no prefixes, such as country codes, are needed) is required for the FLFE Mobile Phone experience.
  • We will email you a user name and password for your personal Trial Control Panel, and tips to get the most out of the highly unusual energetic FLFE  environment.

Please note:  

The Free FLFE Experience is intended for  people who have not yet experienced FLFE. Subscribers and previous trial customers are not eligible for this offer.

If you like to add a property of a friend or a relative, please ask them to sign up by themselves so that they will receive the emails from FLFE. Please do not sign anyone up unless they are aware of it due to hydration needs for an optimal experience.

Note: We are not able to do individual property readings. It is a very labor-intensive process. We encourage you to trust yourself and discern the changes in your environment.

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Some comments from our customers:

Huge reserves of energy!! I used to get really tired in the afternoon and again in the evenings. Now I am able to be productive until the late evening. Although in the past I could never get myself to stop eating gluten (I am allergic) I am now almost 30 days gluten free. In the past I really struggled with this but for some reason I can do it effortlessly now. There is almost no temptation even when my wife makes 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies.


My home life went from being that of constant arguing, bickering, and energy vampires to one in which people get along most of the time, and when stuff happens that people were not expecting, it is dealt with in an understanding and non judgmental way.