Ada Porat

Ada Porat, Referral Partner Testimonial

“It was late at night and I felt depleted after a 12-hour day of energy work and consulting.

Within minutes of signing up, I felt this gentle wave of energy flooding the office, wrapping around me and returning me to the level of consciousness from where I worked all day long.

I felt so loved and supported. All the feelings of exhaustion left! I was amazed.

In the following months, I noticed many subtle changes in my environment. Despite a drought that left most gardeners frustrated, my tomato plants grew into trees that I had to lop off by a foot or more each week. The jalapeno plants in the greenhouse reached the ceiling!

Wildlife came to visit my property and I noticed several injured animals spending time on the land to absorb Life-Force Energy and heal before moving on.

One of my friends, gifted with the ability to see energy, came for a visit and sat in her car, stunned by the halo of light she saw over the property and just wanting to drink it in, not knowing that it was the presence of Focused Life-Force Energy.

New business opportunities started presenting, and I found myself able to do even more than before, without reaching exhaustion. This was truly something remarkable!

In February 2019, I was in a head-on collision and suffered a traumatic brain injury. The injuries and trauma from the accident required a long and in-depth healing process.

FLFE’s Brain Optimization Program offered tremendous support throughout. It felt like a personal support system for my recovery!

No matter how difficult the subsequent healing journey, I’ve been continuously aware of a beautiful undercurrent of indescribable peace surrounding me. I am filled with gratitude for the privilege of recovering enough to experience the gift of being alive once more.

The healing journey is not a straight line, and some days are better than others. As my rehabilitation progressed from physical and mechanical components to addressing the mental and emotional trauma, I’ve been reminded once again that none of us are exempt from challenges. As the Buddha said, pain and difficulties visit all of us in life, challenging our willingness to respond appropriately.

I am profoundly grateful for the healing field of FLFE in my life to support the continued unfolding of my personal healing, purpose, and potential with infinite grace.”

Ada Porat