Anita Adrain

Anita Adrain, Author and Feng Shui Practitioner

“FLFE offers my family a more calm, peaceful energy. There is a consistency and flow available in my home and when guests come over, they comment on how good the energy feels.
I started FLFE while I was in the throes of writing my book, The HeART of Feng Shui… Simply Put, and noticed a distinct increase in my ability to concentrate. I really believe FLFE helped me connect more to source energy and let the words flow.

FLFE enhances and supports my Feng Shui clients’ efforts to shift the energy in their homes as well. I’ve had several clients who have sold their homes after months on the market, received offers during their 15-Day Free Trial, and had positive results with vacation rentals.

Since including FLFE in my life, I’ve had a definite increase in beautiful, synchronistic events happening around me.”
Anita Adrain, Author and Feng Shui Practitioner