Tammy R

Brain Fog Is Gone, Anxiety Gone & I Smile More!

Tammy R., Home and Phone Subscriber, “As soon as Fluffy came back on the property, all these [negative] symptoms disappeared, and my mood went from high anxiety to a calm, meditative state that turned into bliss within one hour which lasted for hours. All with no effort on my part. I no longer turn Fluffy off of my property! I can’t thank you enough! There are so many benefits! Where do I start? I must first explain that my physical state has been poor, I am now 60 and have been battling chronic and acute pain and exhaustion, also type 2 diabetes and other things since 2000. I have worked to improve my health with so many different things with limited success. I admit to hoping the FLFE system would cure all my ailments. It did not do that, but what it did do was so sweet.

Before FLFE, I had difficulty drinking water. It hurt my throat to drink water – even the filtered water that I have. That issue disappeared almost right away! I can drink all the water I need! I no longer want much coffee, tea, or any other drink – just water. My food cravings diminished to almost nil. The Candida in my body has decreased greatly. My anxiety levels decreased. My energy levels increased slightly. I can do more around the house and outside too. I can meditate better. My family began getting along much better. We all started taking better care of our house and property. Over time, I have not had one cold or cough or infection, and before FLFE I was prone to everything that our family was exposed to. It was awful. Now though, with FLFE on, I might start to get a sore throat or cough at night when someone else in the house has an infection, but by morning it is gone, and I think that is quite comical.

I have had some mental, emotional, and spiritual breakthroughs, almost like going through Zen Koans with a new perspective. It really is wonderful how fast I can work through issues that used to plague me for years. But I am a work in progress. My houseplants love it here. Wow! Exponential growth! We rent-to-own, but the house inside and property outside had been severely abused before we moved here, and we are seeing one of our two trees die. The soil is poor, the ant population is atrocious, and we are working on that. The properties closest to us are changing. We are seeing more families move in, more property improvements being made, and more children. It feels calmer. I am more able to use my psychic gifts, when before I had all been hit and miss. Now I can communicate with spirit, guides, crystals, and trees better. I am more confident in my own skin.

The clearing of the property went really deep. We have a new huge electrical grid system in our city/province that runs just within 300 feet of our street. Also, we are on a large hill that overlooks the main river, so I know there are underground streams everywhere. Plus we are on a hill with much First Nation history, and there are remains of an old school down the street. I see entities and some spirits – just enough to confuse me, but I am not adept at discerning what I see most times. I used to use a particular audio meditation to clear negative entities and energy every day, and I would see many dark shapes and beings and waves before it all cleared, but now whenever I use that meditation I don’t see any darkness of any kind. I see my own thought forms that I need to change instead.

My area remains clear of negative entities. The ‘ghosts’ are gone, and that feels good! Since taking magnesium with essential fatty acids regularly, the brain fog that has been so terrible has slowly lifted! In January I would not have been able to compose a letter like this, and I could not even keep a thought in my head. Now I can do so much more and articulate again. It had been very bad. My health was so poor I was unsure how long I was going to live, and that is true. I am also able to lower my dose of magnesium, as I was unsure if I should do that until listening to a webinar that suggested one could lower the levels after the body adjusted. So grateful for that.

After the property trial ended I began the cell phone trial. I am so happy having my cell on Fluffy. I used to be terrified of my phone. I distrusted technology. I’m still not good at operating my phone, but I use it more now and am grateful for the technology too. I have been in a good Qi Gong class for almost two years, but with my brain fog, I could not remember anything after class. That was so frustrating! After being on the magnesium/flax oil and carrying my Fluffy cell phone everywhere, my grasp of the moves and concepts has improved exponentially. This is helping my body and my issues. My instructor is also my acupuncturist, and her treatments are more effective for me. It has all improved. I carry my cell phone on my body when going out. My interactions with so many difficult people have changed from them being extremely poorly behaved in the past, to now, these same people are happy to see me!

It kind of baffled me at first, and now I just smile a lot more :-D. I will be taking my Fluffy phone on vacation soon, where it will help all of us in our family travelling in a vehicle for a long time. I see a therapist regularly, and I am now seeing great improvements in my understandings, since bringing my Fluffy cell :). I am more able to see the things about myself that I can change, which I used to make excuses for. I am better able to see the complete picture of myself in most of life. I am grateful for the whole experience. Thank you, Jeff and Clayten, inventors, awesome staff, and all! Thank you for the Learning Center, the webinars, the new information as you find it, and the whole experience! I plan on growing with you all for a long time.”