Creating The Optimal Conditions For Human Evolution Using the FLFE Technology

April 24, 2018

(0:00) Jeffrey – Hello everyone. Welcome to the FLFE webinars, I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Well, tonight, we’re starting the first of a series called the FLFE Program Series. So, it’s an overview of how we create the optimal conditions for human evolution using the FLFE technology. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how we create the FLFE Programs. And what’s the, you could say, architecture of those programs. The FLFE environment is what we create. Our mission is to support the optimal conditions for human evolution. And by evolution, we mean the evolution of consciousness or rising in consciousness in our everyday lives. So, rising into more joy, more love, more freedom to be who we are, and give our gifts. And the focus of FLFE is creating the optimal environment for this which includes but is not limited to the property being at 560 on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. Clayten do you want to talk about the conditions a little bit that might affect an environment?

Clayten – There are many types of conditions in our environment we are immersed in, and our current modern lifestyle has many new tools and conveniences that can improve our lives and yet come with costs or conditions that don’t support us to rise in consciousness. I’ve often heard it said that the average person now with a good internet connection has access to more information than the kings and queens of the past. So that’s an example of the convenience we have. And then we have the cost of these various technological influences. There are also naturally occurring conditions that lower the energy or consciousness of the environment and lower our energy in the environment. Some of the classic ones are geopathic stress zones that we’ve talked about in the past and no doubt that you’ve heard about from other sources. So in our research and programs we’ve identified and addressed many of these conditions, for example, the influence of negative history on the land such as a battlefield, the consciousness lowering effect, and the presence of possible negative thought forms that may have occurred during that experience, which can disturb us and have it be less than optimal to be in a place like that. It doesn’t necessarily feel good or is a place where we want to spend much time and that we can relax in.

So,  560 on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness tests as the optimal environment for the average person on the planet. Many FLFE Subscribers have an even higher environment, we have quite a few subscribers whose homes are over 600, and that’s through perhaps having it Feng Shui’d as well as FLFE and having a loving, thoughtful environment, caring for each other. There’s no limit to how high an environment we can create and FLFE does not limit us in any way. It simply provides a high platform so that we don’t have to use our energy to compensate for a lower energy of the environment. We create with you a healthy, energetically clean environment to support our evolution. Anything that restrains a property from reaching 560 is a condition that is best to be addressed according to our research and guidance. So how do we achieve this? Why don’t I pass that back to you, Jeff?

Jeffrey – I encourage you all to enter your questions in the Q&A if you go down to the bottom of your screen there should be a Q&A button. And we may also unmute some if you’re if you would like to do a verbal question or a video question.

So how do we achieve this environment? Well, the FLFE  Program is part of it. So, we have an FLFE system and the Learning Center on the website is a good resource under FLFE Programs to read even more detail.  But the FLFE Program is a document and we’re going to go into some detail about what’s in it. And it’s placed into a highly energetic location that is the final output of the FLFE system and part of how this all works in a document or the instructions are in this highly energized location in the machine.  It used to be actual piece of paper now it’s done more with electronic files. And as we discovered early on in our research, we’ve talked about that in our history any address or coordinate creates an entanglement between that field or that part of the system and property itself and that’s where these instructions or the programs are applied. So, an FLFE Program, when we would look at it, if you could hold one up and look at it, the first thing you would notice is that it’s addressed to Divinity, its Divinity, comma, and the rest of the program. So, we’re not hiding the fact that that we connect to Divinity and us all as humans have that ability in whatever form it could be. I may be that you connect with nature, it could be that you connect with the greater Cosmos through looking at the stars and planet watching. It could be that you have a specific connection with some high avatar, some aspect of Divinity so we recognize that is a part of human existence as far as we’re concerned individually. So that’s part of the program.

The next thing to notice is the definition of FLFE and the FLFE system which is important to reference. The next section is a link to other programs we have some you could say subprograms or pre-programs that are part of the sequence of the FLFE environment creation. One of those is what we call the Removal Program. And we’ll go into a little more detail about that. That is the cleaning or cleansing part of removing the negative history from the land in the building. And then we also reference great work and authors, great works over 700 on the Hawkins Map the truth, those areas are referenced in the program as well.  And I’ll just keep going here, Clayten, if there’s anything else you’d like to add, please do so.

Clayten – Yeah, maybe I’ll just add one thing with the machine, we could just have it beam positive energy out to the world to the degree that the technology allows. And we do some of that. And to get the level of consciousness of a particular property up to a particular level, we needed to put the address into the machine and ask certain conditions to be present in that environment. So, the technology does have the ability to just beam positive energy. And we do have a general upliftment of the world program in the technology, but to create the optimal conditions, we had to get very specific with our requests. And the more specific the requests, and the higher consciousness of those requests, the higher the quality of the environment for all of us to experience. So that’s why we had to go into detail in these programs.

Jeffrey – And one of the first ways we do that, which would be the next section of the FLFE Program are the definitions. So, the Oxford dictionary is the highest consciousness general dictionary on the planet, according to our testing. So, every word that has a different meaning than what would be in the Oxford dictionary we find we need to define it. And so that’s, again, part of creating a very high consciousness very thorough request with a program is that we make very clear definitions every word that we’re using in the program. (10:00)

In some cases, which would be the next section are the references. We’re referencing authors and publications that have a very highly truthful definition of the words we need or have specific knowledge and it’s needed for that program in order to make a very good high consciousness request that’s very thorough, is why we are referencing publications and authors.

Clayten – We’ve come up with our own glossary of terms over time to identify specific contextual definitions. For example, in psychology, there’s a different definition of the ego than there is in classical philosophy. So, we’ll have to identify which definition we’re looking for. Because oftentimes in Oxford, there are several ways that a word can be used. So, we’ll have to make it clear that that’s the one we’re accessing. And then in some cases, when we’re doing research, even in trying to form the proper inquiry to investigate a subject there is very specific knowledge required, that only a professional in the field would know. So when we’re looking at the health things, for example, we will sometimes have to talk to health professionals and ask them where to look for information, not so much anymore, because we’re getting better at finding the references. But in the past, when I’ve been investigating a particular subject, I could never figure out even how to make a good inquiry using kinesiology because we couldn’t find the proper truthful information to reference. And so, I think Jeff and I persisted with ours, to the point where I think every time we’ve worked on a program, we just keep going until we get it right, we sometimes had to come back to it and come back to it and come back to it. And it doesn’t maybe do as much as we want. But our experience is if we keep persisting, we’ll eventually find enough references in enough ways that we can get the result we’re looking for. So,  it’s not really difficult to do. But sometimes it’s hard.

Jeffrey – Yes, and it is interesting that some authors and publications who have a piece of the truth or a very high understanding of some parts say a reference about how the body works. And another reference may have another piece, a different part, a different piece of the truth. So, by kind of piecing together multiple authors and publications, we can put together a very highly truthful or test with kinesiology if we have found a highly truthful truth about something. So yeah, it is quite a bit of research and that’s really where a lot of the time for writing programs in the beginning, are the definitions and the references.

So, the next section is really this specific request or sort of you could say, the action aspect of the program, you know, using the references of the definitions.  For instance, the Removal Program that we mentioned is part of every property program. We were doing FLFE and we were raising the level of consciousness of properties before we had written the removal program and it was taking three days or more for the properties to rise in consciousness. And we realized that we needed to clear the negative energetic history on the land and on the buildings present in order for the property to rise very quickly as it does now within five seconds or so. So, in that particular case we went into great detail on many of the things that can happen on a property and then specifically asked for the energy of it to be cleared. And that again goes back to what Clayten said earlier about the better the request we can make in this program the better the results are. (15:00) So when we say this very specific kind of thing that can happen be cleared the things happen more quickly more cleanly. So that’s essentially the first major part of the raising of consciousness on an FLFE property the creation of the conditions or the optimal environment we’ve been talking about so it’s clearing the negative history.

And in the Removal Program is also the mitigating of geopathic stresses as we said, that could reduce the level of consciousness and we keep finding new conditions; we have quite a list now. And every time we find one on a particular property it’s now applied to every property from then on. So that Removal Program keeps getting longer and longer as we find more geopathic stress conditions. And generally,  very generally it involves bringing more energy in some way in order to bring the property energy higher to a  level that we expect.

Clayten – Maybe I’ll say a couple of things about that. So why do we make the effort to have the programs really accurate? First of all, it gives all of us a better experience because the quality of the environment is more reflective of a clear intention. I think a clear intention is a pretty universal principle in our lives when we’re really clear about something that tends to manifest quicker. We had an example of that in the office today. But it’s a very interesting one, and it also uses a lot less energy from the machine. So, we’re able to do more service work that way we’re able to compensate for more energetically resistant geopathic stress zones if we have more energy. So, there are many reasons to do that. But it felt like we should just mention that it’s really the power of intention made manifest in language through technology. And that is part of the reason why people have such a good experience many times. Not everybody has a great experience right away. But more and more, it’s becoming very kind of visceral and more potent, and more noticeable. And that’s as we add more clarity to the request to Divinity, then things happen faster. And with more joy in the body. So, it happens with more joy instead of taking a long time and being a struggle, we can move quicker.

Jeffrey – More joy is always a good thing. The next step is an important part of that joy is energizing and it is bringing the level of consciousness of the property to 560. We reference in this section so we’re referencing the Hawkins Map, Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness, the work of Dr. Hawkins and other sources. And then we ask that the property goes up, in some very specific ways to  560 on the Hawkins Map and there are some reasons why 560 is the right number. And as Clayten said earlier, many properties go higher than that. And it’s truly a co-creation between FLFE and ourselves, and what we do, and the kind of work that we do. And the personal path that we’re on, really working together to raise the consciousness of the entire planet one property at a time.

So the energizing happens very quickly. And from there, we move to the next section, which is enhancing. So, once we’re clear and the property is at 560, then the environment is such that other things can start to happen. And as we’ve said many times that being in a high consciousness environment is great for the body. There’s more energy to support the body, mind, and soul. (20:00) And then we’ve layered in additional support for the Innate Intelligence of our body system one of which is Anti-Stagnation.  This is one of the programs that assists supports the energies to flow through the meridians of the body and for blockages to clear in a positive way. And many people feel that, and it can manifest in more freedom. Freedom from habits, more personal will or the ability to move forward in areas where we might have felt stuck in the past.

Clayten – I should probably say something about the energizing phase, the 560 is actually an integrated level of 560. So, our goal is to have it be at 560 98% of the time. So, it’s not an average of 560, where it is in the 560s here and then becomes 545 or 580, we’re trying to get it to be a minimum of 560. So, it could fluctuate here. And that’s a pretty significant difference. We talked about the integrated level of consciousness on our last webinar. And so, 560 on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness is unconditional love. So that’s the goal, and the Anti-Stagnation Program, as Jeff just mentioned,  came out of our experience going to Chinese medical doctors. TCM talks a lot about stagnation being an issue in Chinese medicine, where the energy gets blocked in a certain part of the body. And that contributes according to their teachings to eventually lower functioning of an organ or gland in a body system, and eventually possibly to disease. So, we thought, well, let’s see what we can do with the technology to get that energy moving again. You get the equivalent of an acupuncture or acupressure treatment on a very mild level, just to keep things flowing.

Jeffrey – Some of the other enhancing programs which are all listed on the website in the Learning Center is the Immune System Support Program, again resources for the innate intelligence, liver, kidney, gallbladder optimization and support for the Innate Intelligence. And there was quite a lot of research on this one it’s a very long program that references all of the right doctors and publications on the functioning of the liver and kidneys and the gallbladder and how they all work together. So, there is quite a long list of references there.

Clayten -The reason we talk about the liver, kidney bladder so much is that when we first started doing the physical programs, that was one of the big turning points, because we have to have our filtering organs working well, if we’re going to remove the metabolic wastes that happen when we’re regenerating cells quicker in a positive way. So, I just wanted to mention that this was one of the first things that we did, because if our filters are already clogged up, and then we have more metabolic waste coming through, we tend to get into a healing crisis. So, this was one of the first programs.

Jeffrey – So how do we choose these programs? You know, how do we choose these various things? Really, we’re testing for what are the conditions that are restraining us rising in consciousness. So, we keep going back to consciousness, that’s our mission; to create the optimal conditions for human evolution of consciousness. And at some point, we did some testing before we wrote this program and the filtering organs being not functioning optimally was one of the factors that were restraining people from rising in consciousness.  Rising in consciousness, as many of us know is more than a meditative practice. (25:00) It’s a full physical change in the body, nervous system, the brain, all sorts of different parts of the body, the heart, so being able to update ourselves or evolve in consciousness includes involving these organ systems, which in turn needs a good filtering system in order to be able to do that.

Clayten – Yes if we are sick all the time because our filters aren’t working, then it’s pretty hard to be in the joy zone.

Jeffrey – So every one of the additional programs that we found support creating the optimal conditions for evolution. So, the final phrase on every program is always to do this in such a way that is the Highest and Best interest of all creation. And these are our instruction to Divinity that everything’s done in the Highest and Best interest of all creation and that helps while we do lots of testing. And we’re raising the level of consciousness of each of these programs to 999 on the Hawkins Map. This is kind of the final safety that’s part of the programming. So those are the basics for the FLFE programs. We’ve hit all the different sections – the clear energize and enhance, the definitions and the references and the specific requests. So that’s how we create the programs that go into the system and create the environment. We’ll open things up for questions now if you can go to the Q&A, we can start to answer those for you.

Clayten – We plan to go a little bit deeper into some of the program specifics in future webinars so that’s the intent of the webinar series.  We will actually share with you bits and pieces of some of the programs, so you’ll see the exact language.

I’ll pick up the first question – “I purchased some music that has healing tones incorporated into it and I was wondering if this works in sync with FLFE?”  Yes, music with healing tones assuming that they are healing tones will raise the consciousness of our environment and help us raise our consciousness. It works in synergy with FLFE absolutely. I don’t know how deep to go into specifics about that so we will probably answer some of these questions and then go to some people have had their hand raised but yes, I would say that it does work in sync.

Jeffrey – Anonymous is asking , “I’m three weeks now into FLFE and am experiencing some healing crisis symptoms so I had to give up both coffee and wine for now as my body is protecting them should I hold off on the Magnetizing Process until I feel better?” I would say not, I mean the first thing to look at is your water intake to make sure that you’re hydrated well, and you can do some research yourself into hydration and what are the symptoms of not being hydrated. You know we have some recommendations on the website about that so that’s one of the first things to take a look at. And since coffee does tend to dehydrate as well as wine so it may be affecting you there. The Magnetized Process is really a manifesting process it’s something that we created for ourselves in the FLFE environment in the high consciousness high energy environment. And it’s a process of creating what we want in our life and some language there for us to use as a starting point.  I don’t see that it would be something we need to wait on as we can start creating the life we like to as soon as we want to do it unless it’s a big health issue to change. And we are magnetizing that so you may want to wait a few more days.

Clayten – You could use the Magnetizing Process to bring into your life, the additional professional health resources that would help you transition through the healing crisis quicker. (30:00) That’s a possibility to use it that way. This is not only for things it’s for people and different conditions.

Jeffrey – So Henry’s asking, “I always thought that ley lines were a good thing. Is the energy good? It borders some of my property and then goes out to sea similar to the air stream or flow up above. If this is negative does FLFE correct this or if it’s positive, does it have an effect?” Do you want to talk about that Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, well, we’re doing a lot of research on EMFs right now. And other conditions that can affect the consciousness of the property. And it’s not that we haven’t done a lot of research and now we’re going to the next level. And ley lines have come up a lot, and at least right now, it looks like not all ley line energies are positive. And that is in alignment with our experience in the past. I had a ley line going through a house I was living in, and it went right through the bedroom. And what we noticed was that we were pushing all the furniture over to the other side of the room, not knowing there was a ley line and friend of mine called and said that an intuitive had told him that I have a ley line going through my house. I didn’t think to check it so I checked in and sure enough, it was going right through the home right through that area of the room that we were moving away from. So, I would say not all them are good, that’s not my experience.

So, what we did is put a number of crystals along the ley line,  I used kinesiology to find the ley line. We can use other ways such as dowsing which is a form of tapping into our connection to Divinity as well. We can also follow the ley line and put crystals on the ley line and bend it around a property and I tried to bend it so went down another property line. So, I would look at that in terms of discerning how it is positive or negative.  We use kinesiology to do a lot of our testing. I would use kinesiology if you can Henry and does FLFE correct this or is if it’s positive? To a degree it does, more and more we’re finding that, as we talked about earlier those really specific requests get made to Divinity that the conditions correct more thoroughly and more quickly so we’re working on that right now because we’re looking to go to the next level of having the properties be more stable and more positive. So up until now we made the statement that in general we compensate for about 15% of negative geopathic stresses or conditions on the property and some we believe we’re at 100%. So unless we know your particular situation Henry, I wouldn’t be able to say if definitely, FLFE is correcting for all of it but it certainly would be correcting for some of it in our opinion. Do you have anything to add to that Jeff?

Jeffrey – No I think as we go along, we’re right in the midst of doing quite a bit more research on EMFs and geopathic stress and tuning up the programs and adding to the programs so we’ll have more understanding and knowledge and programs to follow.

I’ll skip down one and then come back to Anonymous. “Is the Business FLFE the same number on the Hawkins scale is the same as the home FLFE?” That’s the level of consciousness on the Hawkins scale – yes, the business subscription is also at 560.

So Anonymous, another Anonymous is asking – “Will FLFE help bring more positive thoughts to negative people who have negative agendas? To be more specific a person determined to make a husband miserable with the divorce and a restraining order over the minor child? FLFE is now on the home she shares with other family members will it support her in her positive energy?” This a very specific situation you know, we do find that in an FLFE environment or in any high consciousness environment, we can still have a negative intent. And we can still be crappy (35:00) but we have to work harder at it so it seems so there is a positive energy reservoir there and it’s good of course for the children. There are no promises what can happen when free will reigns of course. FLFE in the environment can help things to be more positive.

Clayten – I think it’s important to stress that people have their free will; no one really has permission to interfere with somebody’s free will except in a case where someone’s harming someone else. And there are standards that the law represents so that’s a different case. But in the context of our discussion, we don’t intend to interfere with free will, rather we create an optimal environment and we can’t really guarantee that somebody will change because people have their own choices to make and their own lives to live. As much as we would like to say yes to it and would like to support that situation, we just can’t guarantee anything because that would be out of integrity and we can’t do it.

Jeffrey – And I think that is a similar answer to the question about business.  Does it bring more positive thoughts to negative people with negative agendas within the business? Again, free will runs the show, but a positive environment can help.

Another Anonymous is asking , “We have three cell phones and a clinic in our home on FLFE. We live in a rural area, is it possible our address isn’t specific enough for getting FLFE on our home?  Would it be better to input our latitude and longitude?” Well, we recommend if you do have questions about that to reach out to your CRS at FLFE. This the customer relationship specialist who can help.  Clayten and I  can do some checking, we are putting together a big project right now on multi times during the week address checking where we’ll be looking at all of the properties. So, at that point, once that’s in place, we will be able to more clearly answer your specific question. But if you do have a concern please reach out to your contact at FLFE and latitude-longitude can be helpful. It’s very specific in fact if you feel the address isn’t specific enough latitude and longitude can be, however, it’s not right for an apartment building. Because an apartment building has multiple units within it and a latitude and longitude would essentially put FLFE on the whole building. We ask for people not put on properties where the people don’t know that it’s on due of hydration requirements. So, if your property is a single family home, then latitude longitude could be helpful. And the way the FLFE Program is written, if the address isn’t specific enough, then the program will look to the latitude and longitude.

Now, one of the things we’ve recently discovered is that the primary resource for addresses is the titles so the land titles and different jurisdictions may call it different things. But there are land title offices in different states places where you can look up a property, or look at the actual land title, and when we purchase property we can see what address is there. And that address is the address that populates out through the rest of the government, post office taxes and so forth. So that’s really a good primary place to go. And that’s the address to use for FLFE if you do a Free Trial or sign up for a Subscription. (40:00) 

Clayten – Yes, and if you have all of these services on FLFE on cell phones which are really easy, because we can’t really get a cell phone address wrong,  just enter the number and we have  100% success rate in the jurisdictions where we offer that which is, I think is just about everywhere on the planet. It’s just easier to associate it with unique identifier that is the cell phone. So, if you’re noticing it on your phone, and you’re not noticing at home, then it’s likely that there’s something off with the address.  We had a situation today with a lady named Emily in Australia, and her address was entered one way, so we kept trying to enter in different ways and tracking it to see if the property went up. And today we entered it one way and it went up, it’s like, Okay, well, I guess that’s how it’s registered in the land title office. So, we didn’t know what to do and at some point we just kept trying different ways to enter the address. And most of the time, it works right away 97% or 98% of the time.

And then there’s the odd one where the address is a little bit different. Maybe the land title office, somebody was copying from the land title office to the lawyer and maybe the lawyer made a mistake instead of a dash they used a forward slash. And that went to the zoning office. I mean, there are so many little things that could happen by the time it gets down the line. It’s not the same as it was on the original document. And so, we have to keep trying new ways. And we’re sort of developing up a bit of a list now; we try it this way and we try it that way then we try it this way. And we try it that way and then we keep doing it until till the works.

Jeffrey – Henry is asking , ” I just wondered if Jeff sold his house house using the Magnetizing Process ?”  Yes, that was an interesting one, Henry, we used the Magnetizing Process during that time, and it took longer than I wanted for it to sell. And it turned out that there were other sorts of you could say, restraints or cords that were involved and took some more delving in to find those. And it really is a good example of the more specific we are the faster the manifestation happens. So thank you. It did get sold, Henry.

Clayten – Marlene said, “I’ve read that machines, other machines create high conscious images.” No, they create a high consciousness field; there must have been some misunderstanding there. They don’t create a high consciousness image. We do have high consciousness images in the machine that will amplify power, but we don’t have them create a high consciousness image.

Jeffrey – And Mary says, “I’ve been using Carbon-60 Olive Oil for seven weeks now. I feel it’s an excellent product. And working in tandem with FLFE in a very positive manner. Do you think I’m on the right track? I’m not aware of that one. Are you aware of that C-60 Olive Oil Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, we had some people ask last on the last webinar if we would test certain products. And we steered away from testing products because different manufacturers make different types of products. And sometimes formulations change and we put something on the internet, it’s kind of forever in one regard. We could probably do some disclaimers about that and we’ve talked about that, Jeff, and I think will eventually be adding things that say we backtest over a period of one or two years, and the product is consistent over that time, then we can make that statement. And just to be clear that we’re not able to maintain testing products pretty often because of the number of requests we get. But I have heard about C- 60 Olive Oil and the stuff that I tested was high so really appropriate as a food. And we’ve talked a lot about essential fatty acids and magnesium in combination with the nervous system to help it adapt to the high consciousness field. And how it’s quite important to for many of us to supplement in these high consciousness fields because our nervous system needs the extra food to adapt. (45:00) And in fact, it’s typically the myelin sheath and the nerves, not always, but almost always the myelin sheath that needs the help because as the nervous system is carrying more light, it tends to cause the myelin sheath to require more nutrients as it tends to get a bit irritated maybe that’s the right word.

Jeffrey – Tami’s asking, “Would FLFE help with trying to sell a piece of property?” Well, we’ve had quite a lot of experiences with customers who have put properties on, and they’ve had good results selling. I had one close to where I live, and it was pretty extraordinary how quickly the property sold when FLFE went on. Again, there are always many factors in any situation. But one of the interesting things was a piece of research that we did several years back now looking at all the properties that were for sale and had been for sale for more than a year or a year or more. And what did they have in common? Well, when we measure the average level of consciousness of those properties, they were below 200, at least at that time when we did the testing. So if a property doesn’t feel good perhaps here was death, divorce, or some event.  We know whatever happened there if the property doesn’t feel good when people walk into it and we have to ask do I really want to live here? Maybe it doesn’t feel like they want to live there. So, we’ve seen that when a property feels good, and the level is at 560 and it feels good when we walk in the house that people who visit an FLFE property do often say that this feels like home, it feels comforting and feels safe feels like a  sanctuary. So, the only thing I would ask her at least is to consider if we put FLFE on our property, and it sells you know, and they buy the property and then please take FLFE off. So, you know, think about  how anyone could put property on PIF Pay it Forward so that it’s at 500, from then on, it would be sort of a gift  to the buyer and doesn’t require us to disclose that its on. Or if you have a relationship with them, you could talk to you about it and explain it when they came to see it, that it was on the service and they could put it back on if they wanted to. So just something to think about because it’s not all about selling a piece of property. It’s a transferring of the stewardship of the land and building and there’s a relationship there that occurs in that transfer.

Clayten – It looks like we have a question from Joseph.

Joseph – I’d like to actually like to provide a testimonial. (50:00) Two of the questions related to a property. And then I have a quick question. The first experience I had was putting it on a property and this was several years ago that it was inherited by a family member and they were having a hard time getting it sold or getting ready to sell it and it had a really negative history and I had FLFE on two properties. And that was one at the time and I ended up canceling it but within a year ended up selling to some investor was really interested in what for one of my friends and it sold rapidly so I think the negative history that was on it for forever really had a lot of issues. Nobody wanted to be around it was really dilapidated in a lot of ways, it took a lot of work but that turned around really quickly. And then also in the last six months, I believe you created the new Pay It Forward Program. So, I put it on a family member’s home who is in an 18-year relationship that has been really discordant, and they’ve been on again off again. Right now the one family member finally got the courage to move on. So, it just supported that. And that’s in reference to the question of someone who asks a personal relationship question about someone having a negative intent towards someone else and that was kind of the nature of that relationship for a long time but there just wasn’t the courage to move on there was just holding on to anger and resentment.

Jeffrey – That’s a very interesting example with the first one was it within the year that it was on FLFE that it sold?

Joseph –  Yes, so definitely it  worked in my experience anyway, just seeing what I’ve seen, and I guess my question was interesting because I was pondering this, and the fact that you mentioned using publications for the programs, have you considered maybe listing any resources for the general areas when you do webinars, say health or personal development or relationships, and I know there may be an appropriateness around that, but I don’t know if you’ve considered that or not.

Jeffrey – It’s an interesting question. The programs have all been back in the lab and many are related to health such as medical journals, or very specific medical papers that might not be as helpful. There are things that we’re after there that may have been kind of buried in the paper somewhere. But that’s interesting. There may be some high consciousness sources that we could share.

Clayten – Yeah, there’s one in particular, I was thinking of Jeff, remember when we wrote the Adrenal Program? There’ was one book which I have at home and it was called Adrenal Fatigue, I think, but I’ll have to check. But this book calibrated at 998 out of 1000, in terms of the completeness of understanding of adrenals and how they function, how they get diminished, how they get rebuilt, and very rarely do we have just one reference that we need to associate the program with. So that was a really interesting example. We could maybe talk about that. Yeah, good question. Joseph,  I mean, people ask us these things, and we sometimes forget, we’re just doing our thing trying to give you the best service we can, and over time we do realize that the information at least some of is pretty precious. I mean, when I’ve asked around town to different people, in particular one doctor that I go to is a Chinese Medicine doctor, and he referenced that book and had another friend who did a lot of research on adrenal stress, they were having problems with theirs. And that was the book that they found. And I kept hearing about this book from four people. So, I was having a few adrenal issues and  I went to the bookstore and I said, Well, I’m looking for this book on the adrenals and right away they said, Oh, yeah, that one, okay, we got it. It’s like everybody in town was buying that book. So, you know, the Universe works with us; when one or two or three or more people recommend it, it’s a message. (55:00)

Joseph – Was that Fred van Lew?

Clayten – No, I think it’s Jim Lawrence. I think it is James or it might be Lauren. It’s a blue book with a white lettering, it’s an old style book. It’s not really modern looking. I just can’t think of the name.

Jeffrey – We will send it to you.

Joseph – Thank you for taking the question.

Clayten – Yeah. Well, thanks for taking the time. We actually have had real estate agents do a beta test with us on putting FLFE on properties that were below 200 because they weren’t selling, and we thought that there may be enough of a pattern to make it work but  we just didn’t have a large enough test group but that’s maybe something we’ll do again in the future.

Clayten – it looks like Marie mentioned Carbon 60 it and it was NASA created technology for astronauts decades ago and there are several companies producing it.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve heard good things about it.

Jeffrey – Anonymous is saying, “I thought that we humans couldn’t change our personal consciousness level very much in our lives.”  We can definitely comment on that one. “However,  looking at the Hawkins Map, I can see these emotional states are numerous levels, any people experience in due course of life. So, we’re really talking about some average level of consciousness, what would be the optimal specific words to use to measure our own consciousness level as we are changing,  thank you and gratitude for your work.”

Clayten – Yes, this is an interesting one. So, in Dr. Hawkins book, Power vs Force, he talks about the average person on the planet only going up five points in consciousness in their lifetime. Of course, that also considers that some people go down in consciousness in their lifetime. And what we found in our research is that the higher the level of consciousness of the country, the more the average person goes up in consciousness. So, in some countries in the world, there is actually a typical lowering of the level of consciousness of the average person and in other countries in the world, the average is about 15 points. It is also possible to go up hundreds and hundreds of points in your lifetime, there’s no limit on that and the only limit that I’m aware of is that the body can only handle so many microwatts of electricity running through it. And there’s a chart in the back of the book Power vs Force that correlates the microwatts of electricity with each level of consciousness. That’s why it’s so important to nutrify your nervous system so it can hold more light. It is possible to go up hundreds of points, we don’t want to have anybody doubt that. And there is an average, and in terms of optimal specific words to use for measuring our own consciousness level, if it’s changing, we talked last week about measuring or in the last webinar two weeks ago about measuring consciousness over a period of time. (1:00:00) So, if you measure our level of consciousness, and don’t specify a period of time over which we’re measuring it, it will default to the instant that we do the calibration. So, when we’re testing the level of consciousness of somebody, we would say, so first of all, you check for polarity, then you ask if you have permission to make the inquiry. And then we could say, on average over the previous week, the level of consciousness of anonymous is … and then get a measure over the week, that will give  a stable number and gives an indication of where we live, as opposed to where we may visit. If we’re in a seminar in a high state, and we test our consciousness at that time, that may be very interesting. And it’s not indicative of where a person would typically live at.

We can talk about this for hours, of course, and we hope that gives you a place to start. Well, in fact, I could probably state that inquiry better. So typically, I would say according to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, the level of consciousness of anonymous on average over the previous week from 9 am this morning, if we don’t say over the previous week it will default to this instant, we typically use the control of 9 am.

That we can track that in the future. And then we would test you know, over 200, over 300, over 400, over 500, and it says here 460 and you go weak at 500 and say 450 it tests strong and at 460, we go weak then at 459 we go strong. So that’s the kind of iterations of how we might test a level of consciousness.

Jeffrey – So Ada says, “The book you referenced is Adrenal Fatigue, by Dr. James Wilson.”

Clayten – Indeed, that’s it. There you go. Joseph, and others. Thank you, Ada. Great book. Now it looks like Connie has a question. She asks,  ” I had a business FLFE that I switched to my brother’s home because his daughter is trying to get her husband to correct some behavior we’ll say.  The child loves her dad who has been taken care of her. She understands free choice. She has a Christian upbringing; I was hoping their love scale would help her to be reminded of her upbringing.”

Clayten – It’s very possible it will it’s actually very likely that it will. There are two people that I know quite well. One who’s been under 200 their entire life except for moments, of course, you know, love and inspiration. But they typically were between 130 and 199 and FLFE was put on their home and they are at 215 on average over the previous 30 days and they’ve been kind of creeping up and it’s an inspiration to see that happening and they’re changing. Also, I have seen it with another person who was in the four hundreds.  And then they had an experience in life. And they went down to 180 and they were down there for about six years. And then FLFE was put on their home. And they went up to the mid three hundreds now, around 340, 350.  So, it’s very likely that will happen Connie and as we said, we can’t guarantee anything, but we will say a prayer for you.

Jeffrey – Well Clayten it looks like it’s time to wrap up the webinar.  We are grateful for everyone joined us and we’re glad to be able to share the FLFE programs with you and how we create those. We’re on this journey together and it’s quite a journey. There are many things to come! We’re working as we mentioned earlier more and more on the different types of geopathic stresses and EMFs and we’ll be bringing that to you as time moves along here. We are also grateful for the discussions that we have on the Facebook page and in the office when you all call in. And so, we really love for you to call us and email us and let us know what’s happening for you. And any questions please contact our staff. We are delighted to talk to you so please contact us.

Clayten –  One of the joys of my life recently has been sitting in the office and listening to the laughter and the fun that people in this office are having all day long. (1:05:00) It’s like you’re walking by a place and there’s a really great party going on, you can feel the energy and you want to be part of it. And so, I’ll just wander out sometimes from the office and kind of find an excuse to get out to the end of the hall and pick up some of that positive energy.

I thought I’d close with a little talk or a few thoughts about transparency.  Our intent in talking more about the programs is to be more transparent with you. And we do try to focus on doing what’s in the Highest and Best interest of all, we talk about that a lot. And there is an appropriate level of transparency.

And the reason we don’t have pictures of the machine available or have it in a public place is because there are some unique aspects of the technology that would allow people to enhance the power of other technology and use it for their own purpose. Even if the intentions are good sometimes we can do damage and so according to our testing with Kinesiology and our prayers, it’s not appropriate to be transparent in that way.

We are becoming more transparent with the programs and we’ll share bits of the programs with you as the series goes on. And that’s come through with our testing. We’ve had many people request that, so our intention is to be transparent with in such a way that tests in the Highest and Best interest of all. We’re not trying to hide anything from anybody. We’re simply trying to be of service in the best way we know how, and we do have a stewardship obligation with the technology . We just want to let you know that we take that very seriously. And we do at the same time, take your requests for knowing more seriously and so we’ll keep checking into that as we go, and we look forward to sharing more about how we do things so you can know more about the energy that’s coming into your home or business or on your mobile object. Thank you.