Customer Support Specialist, CSS

FLFE Innovations Corp. (FLFE) is a fast-growing consciousness technology company based in Nelson, BC. FLFE offers a subscription-based service that activates a high consciousness field around an object or a property. It increases the quality of life, including personal growth, reduced anxiety, better sleep, EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields) mitigation, etc. FLFE accomplishes this by activating a high-consciousness field that supports enhanced energy, leading to optimal health and increased mental freedom.

The Mission

FLFE’s mission is to support the optimal conditions for the evolution of consciousness in an economized society. One of the ways we express that at FLFE is by exploring business as a spiritual path.

The opportunity

This is an exciting opportunity for people seeking a long-term career to join our team as CSS and become a pivotal part of our journey toward fostering a high-consciousness work environment. This role is ideal for sales professionals passionate about personal and professional development and ready to engage with our unique approach to spiritual marketing. The CSS role encompasses the responsibilities of a Free Trial Specialist (FTS), Customer Relationship Specialist (CRS), Social Media Support Specialist (SMSS), and Receptionist.

The ideal candidate could feel fulfilled by the alignment of their mission and FLFE’s mission and would be willing to contribute to FLFE’s success. They have compassion for the human condition and enjoy serving its evolution. They have a great work ethic, and they appreciate the thoughtfulness and the intent behind the quality of the work environment in terms of lighting, HVAC, air filtration, office furniture, office equipment such as standing desks, proper chairs, etc. They enjoy working with like-minded people and get a sense of satisfaction from the interactions in the FLFE office environment. The customer contact inspires, energizes, and enlivens them, adding energy that translates into a sense of endurance to complete tasks and stay present, loving, and supportive with the proper boundaries as they interact with customers. They demonstrate the ability to manage their energy related to customers and when they have difficult conversations, and they understand that the company and the managers want them to recover from such intense discussions. They are eager to complete the training necessary for performing their work effectively and have the willingness to take the initiative to acquire that training. They utilize the company’s benefits program to support their spiritual, mental, and physical health when needed. They understand proper boundaries related to gossip, personal interaction, and frustrations that occasionally happen in any work environment.

Job Type, Reporting, Location and Work Hours:

This full-time (35 to 40 hours/week) on-site role reports to the Team Lead. The primary workplace location is the FLFE Innovations Corp. office at 619-621 Vernon Street, Nelson, BC. This role requires the CSS to perform their duties primarily at the designated office to maintain our collaborative, high-consciousness work environment. The office hours are 7 am to 7 pm, Monday to Saturday. The candidate can work flexible hours within the same time frame agreed upon with the Team Lead. Your flexibility for potential shift work is an essential requirement.

Key Responsibilities:

The CSS is a multifaceted position designed for those who are ambitious, eager to learn, and ready to contribute to our mission of creating optimal conditions for the evolution of consciousness in an economized society. As a CSS, they are responsible for the following duties:

  1. Free Trial Specialist (FTS):
    • Act as a primary contact for prospects on free trials, guiding them in understanding and appreciating FLFE services.
    • Facilitate a seamless transition for prospects to paid services, focusing on customer satisfaction and conversion rates.
    • Engage with prospects in a manner that encourages them to experience the full benefits of FLFE services.
  2. Customer Relationship Specialist (CRS):
    • Establish and maintain strong relationships with subscribers, ensuring high customer satisfaction and experience.
    • Proactively engage in upselling and cross-selling FLFE services to increase the subscriptions-per-subscriber ratio.
    • Monitor and maintain a 96% and 97% customer retention rate while exploring opportunities to enhance subscription growth.
  3. Social Media Support Specialist (SMSS):
    • Monitor and manage customer inquiries and feedback on social media platforms, ensuring timely and empathetic responses.
    • Engage with the online community, fostering positive interactions and upholding the FLFE brand image.
    • Coordinate with the Social Media team to address public relations issues efficiently.
  4. Receptionist:
    • Serve as the first point of contact for FLFE, ensuring a professional, organized, and friendly reception.
    • Manage front desk duties, focusing on efficiency and creating a positive first impression for guests.
    • Support customer inquiries, encouraging engagement with FLFE services and assisting in navigating the FLFE website

Daily Priorities:

  • Uphold a loving, positive state of mind, reflecting our belief in ‘Business as a Spiritual Path.’
  • Provide exceptional customer service, fostering community and belonging among subscribers and prospects.
  • Engage in continuous learning and personal development to stay aligned with FLFE’s evolving services and ethos.
  • Work collaboratively with team members to support the collective goals of FLFE Innovations Corp.

Join FLFE Innovations Corp. and be part of a team committed to nurturing consciousness, growth, and exceptional customer experiences. As a CSS, your role is pivotal in upholding and spreading our vision while embracing opportunities for personal and professional development.


  • Eligibility to work in Canada is mandatory; shall be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident
  • High School Diploma or equivalent; further education in Office Admin or bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Fluency in English; knowledge of other languages would be an asset.
  • Basic technology skills including Email management, Web Navigation, Word processing, Typing Speed of 30 wpm, File Management, Video Conferencing (Zoom/VSee/Skype), familiarity with MS Office
  • Social Media savvy, comfortable using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Experience in customer-facing position and user-level understanding of some CRM software is preferred
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, time management and organizational skills
  • Ability to understand and accurately convey complex scientific, metaphysical, or esoteric concepts
  • Positive and friendly attitude with the ability to collaborate with the team
  • Comfortable discussing topics such as consciousness, spirituality, meditation, and personal development
  • Critical and holistic thinking to align work with company values and goals
  • Willingness to learn, grow and expand your role as the company evolves
  • Desire to explore the theme of “what is in the highest and best interest of all creation.”
  • Shall be a loving presence in the lives of the subscribers and the lives of the fellow employees

This is what we offer:

Join a rapidly growing, stable organization that offers a range of career development opportunities with a comprehensive salary and benefits. The perks include:

  • Benefits package that includes Medical & Dental plans* (*after completion of the probationary period)
  • Flexible Work Hours as agreed with your supervisor (Team Lead)
  • Paid holidays & competitive compensation.
  • Complimentary FLFE subscription for home & phone.
  • Friendly work environment, office pantry with organic tea & coffee.
  • Comprehensive training on a variety of job skills and an opportunity for career development/advancement
  • Opportunity to bring all of yourself to work, to bring your spiritual approach to life to your job and explore that with your coworkers and customers. This is an opportunity to work for a company that is consciously and measurably increasing the consciousness of the planet

Job Location & Relocation

Nelson, on the West Arm of Kootenay Lake, is nestled in the rugged Selkirk Mountains of southeastern British Columbia in the beautiful West Kootenay region. Click here for more information about Nelson. The relocation package is not available for this role.

Business as a Spiritual Practice

We conduct business as a nondenominational spiritual path to the best of our ability. Please share your experience of the spiritual path and how you think it may fit with ours after reviewing our website ( and perhaps listening to some of the webinars.

How to Apply

If you resonate with our mission and are eager to contribute, please email your application to detailing how your experience and spiritual journey align with ours and why you are most suited for this role.