Ep. 21: Shadow Work in a High-Consciousness Field

We invite you to join this episode on discovering and working with your shadow. Join us in a conversation on: 

  • Shadow Work in a high-consciousness field, qualities of a high-consciousness field, and indicators of a rise in consciousness.
  • What is the shadow? We define it as unconscious aspects of the self that we might see as “negative”.
  • Are your shadows unconsciously running the show? How do they show themselves?
  • Some ways of recognizing your shadow: Being Stuck in an area of your life or experiencing the same situation over and over, triggers and taking note of your reactions, and noticing the body sensations instead of calling them emotions.
  • How triggers can be opportunities to move closer to peace and ways to learn about self
  • We provide 5 practical steps to assist in moving through shadow. We discuss acknowledging shadow as part of the human condition, that it’s within us, and identifying where these show up in our lives.
  • How to work with your shadow by transcending it with love of self, others, and all of creation. 

Thank you for joining us for this episode!  

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