FLFE research compared the growth rates of wheatgrass plants when subjected to the effects of 5G routers. Early results indicate a 43% increase in grass blade length and 25% increase in germination rate with an FLFE field.

Experimental set-up:

Experiment A – (The Control, no additional FLFE support): One hydroponic growth system with no FLFE field active. (The baseline Level of Consciousness in the United States at the time of this experiment, over the past 30 days is approximately 420 Level of Consciousness [Hawkins Map].

Experiment B – One hydroponic growth system with the FLFE Field active with EMF Mitigation. (560+ Level of Consciousness [Hawkins Map].)


*The average length of the leaf was measured from the plug to the tip of the leaf, +/- 1/8”.

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