We created FLFE Everywhere (formerly FLFE Mobile) because we couldn’t bear to leave our FLFE enhanced homes. We wanted to take the good feeling environment with us everywhere.

    -Clayten and Jeffrey

    FLFE Everywhere – Personal Object


    How does FLFE Everywhere  on my personal object work?

    The FLFE Everywhere/personal object service is focused on a unique object that you can carry with you – like a crystal, or a piece of jewelry such as a necklace, a watch or a ring.

    A well-focused, high resolution photograph of the object on a white piece of paper identifies it and allows us to focus the FLFE wave and energy on the object.

    The FLFE wave creates a 300 foot radius sphere of high consciousness (high vibration) energy around the object and around you.

    You benefit greatly by being in a high consciousness field 24/7.

    Our research shows that more time spent in a high consciousness field supports both physical health and personal evolution benefits to occur.

    “Wow… since starting the FLFE Everywhere service, several people have commented that I have such nice energy!” – C. N.

    FLFE Everywhere Benefits

    • TAKE YOUR SANCTUARY WITH YOU: A 300’ radius high consciousness field is around your FLFE Everywhere personal object at all times. This means travel and hotel rooms feel more like your home sanctuary.
    • INCREASE YOUR PERSONAL ENERGY: The high vibration, high consciousness energy into the Mobile FLFE bubble means that your personal energy is lifted.
    • SUBTLE ENERGY FLOW: The flow of subtle energy in your body is supported much like the effects of positive effects of acupressure.
    • SUPPORT YOUR RELATIONSHIP: The high vibration, high consciousness energy into the Mobile FLFE bubble means that the environment supports loving interactions and the clearing of negative history between people.
    • IMPROVE LONG-TERM HEALTH: Living 24/7 in a high consciousness high energy field gives your body access to that energy for healing. When the body has access to the energy all the time, without interruption, long-term healing projects are supported to happen.
    • MEDITATION AND CREATIVE PURSUITS: The clarity of mind, the enhanced personal energy and the high consciousness field of FLFE Mobile supports deeper meditations and deeper states of creative expression.
    • ENHANCE FOCUS AND ABILITY TO CONCENTRATE: The FLFE field supports the mind to be clearer of distracting thoughts and negatives energetic influences in the environment are cleared. The body has more personal energy and stamina so that longer periods of concentration occur with more ease.

    How to experience FLFE Everywhere -Personal Object

    Take a photo of your object. Please see the photo requirements, below. It is essential to have a well focused high resolution image in good light of your object on a white background so that the FLFE machine can identify it and associate with it.

    Select from one of the subscription plans below. After you have subscribed, you will be asked to upload your photo.
    We will review the photo (usually within 1-2 working days). If it’s suitable, the FLFE Wave will be trained on your item within five minutes after our review; and we’ll send you a confirming email.
    If it’s not suitable we will explain why, and ask you to re-submit another photo.

    FLFE Everywhere -Personal Object Photo Requirements:

    • Make sure all parts of the object is in the photo. For instance all of the chain in a necklace and the strap on a watch. (It is preferable to take the chain off a necklace/pendant.)
    • Put the item on a piece of white paper so nothing else shows on the photo, especially your hand.
    • Taken by good quality digital camera or cellphone.
    • In highest quality .JPG format or .TIF format.
    • Taken in focus, in good lighting, with no blur.
    • No digital zooming used on phone or camera (don’t zoom in on object).
    •  Not bigger than 10 MB in size.