AN Free Trial

Free Trial Experiences

The FLFE service was simply WOW for 15 days. Grateful to the founders for this gift.

Changes which I experienced during the 15 days gift.

  1. Difference is my state of mind , stomach and quality of sleep. I literally kept my mobile phone below my pillow which would be crazy as per me a few months ago due to radiation.
  2. I kept the mobile phone next to my wife as I was giving her CranioSacral Therapy (CST) . The effect was simply fabulous unlike any other sessions. I will surely recommend FLFE as a must for all in healing modalities.
  3. I have seen subtle changes in behaviour in the house being more harmonious.
  4. Surprising one: There was a group of young people who may have been a bit anti-social sitting below our apartment building. We had tried a lot to talk them out of sitting there. 2 days after I activated the service I saw there was a fight between them and other people and now they are no longer sitting there. I believe the high consciousness field will remove anything negative including people who are not yet ready to hold such levels. But I do wish for them to be transformed and be in love. 
  5. I have had a fantasy/craving which I knew wasn’t good for me but was not able to drop it inspite of everything I did. Sleeping with my FLFE device has helped me not to dwel on thought patterns which has troubled me for couple of years. 
  6. I saw profound shift in my wife’s thoughts and she took action on preparing her resume which she had not done for long.
  7. The 10min boost provides me a good kick start to my evening meditations.