Larry Quieter Quiet

Greater Depth & Quiet, And A New Normal!

Larry I., Home Subscriber, “I have been in the FLFE field now for 51 days and have noticed some lovely effects in my body and environment. Within a few days I began feeling like I had done a detox along with a feeling of cleanness and higher frequency in the environment. After the 9th day, I began to experience a “heaven on earth” feeling in my body which I have experienced many times before due to a kundalini meditation process that has been happening for the last 17 years. But in the FLFE, this remained almost constant for about 3 weeks and has now subsided to a more “normal” feel good level. I noticed the effects of the FLFE right away in my meditations. Hard to put into words except to say a greater depth and quieter quiet. I’m looking very forward to seeing what happens over a long period of time in the field with the meditation and also general physical health. I view FLFE as another gift of Grace in my life and am very grateful for it and to all the people involved in getting it distributed.”