• Enhanced Immune Support 2.0

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Enhanced Immune Support 2.0

This upgrade to the FLFE Service for all products and Free Trials reflects our commitment to our on-going support of you and of those in an FLFE environment. It also reflects our historical practice of increasing the value of your subscription over time. During this challenging time we have prioritized this particular upgrade, given the needs of the FLFE Community and of the society at large.

We do not make medical claims. Please see our Medical Disclaimer below*. We believe that our bodies are intelligent, that we have an Innate Intelligence that can heal and evolve the body. The FLFE environment adds additional energy for the Innate Intelligence to work with.

The FLFE service activates a high-consciousness field at a location or around an object such as a cell phone. The FLFE System uses FLFE programs to specify the characteristics of the activated field, such as the level of consciousness and the thoughts in the field.

We believe that when we are in a FLFE high- consciousness environment, there is exponentially more life-force energy available than in the average environment. Our bodies draw from this energy and the Innate Intelligence of the body uses it where it is most needed. We believe there is a level of support for the Immune System in this way.

Energized Food 3.0, Energized Nutrients supports the body and thus the Immune System with enhanced digestion and absorption of nutrients for the body, especially in times of increased stress.

In the case of the FLFE program Enhanced Immune Support 2.0, the FLFE System specifically adds life-force energy to the various parts of the Immune System of people in the FLFE field. In particular, areas of the immune system that are low in functioning are supported with additional life-force energy. The Innate Intelligence of the body can use the energy to increase functionality as needed. The Innate Intelligence does the work, once it has the available energy.

Results: Our results at this time are based on Kinesiology and on our personal experiences increasing our level of health and immune function.

We share our joy with you in being one of the businesses that can assist in supporting and empowering humanity in these challenging times.


  1. How close to my phone or object do I need to be to receive this enhanced immune support? Within 6-feet.
  2. Will I be immune to the Coronavirus? There are many factors affecting your immune response. Your general state of health, the state of your immune system before the start of this support and your lifestyle, including your diet all affect your immune system. Our webinar about the upgrade is below: 

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