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FLFE EMF Mitigation Interview

Regina Meredith Interviews Jeffrey and Clayten, Founders of Focused Life-Force Energy about the effects of
High-Consciousness Fields on Consciousness-Lowering EMFs

What current FLFE subscribers said about the EMF Mitigation Program:

“I was living where there were high voltage power lines plus my router. I was experiencing symptoms at night. It felt like every cell in my body was vibrating at a really fast pace. I was experiencing fear, anxiety, minor depression, and poor sleep. From the very first night with the EMF mitigation program on my cabin, all symptoms went away. I had the best sleep. My body felt at peace. It was the first time in a few years that I felt zero symptoms. Truly a miracle for me. I just spent the first few nights on the program in such peaceful bliss at how wonderful it was feeling to be in a healthy body again.”

“I’ve noticed less headaches, decreased digestive issues, a sense of calm and peace, and the best sleep ever. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is more restful sleep, and I’ve also had more energy to do things.”

“The best sleep in forever!! On the first night, I was shocked at the difference the program made. I wasn’t the only one in my home who experienced deep sleep. Other family members had no idea about the program, but all felt the improvement. Maybe it’s a side benefit of better sleep, but my home is so peaceful now. Our environment feels like a loving warm hug!”

“After about three days, the headaches that I had been experiencing went away. I’m feeling very productive and I had no issues with the recent time change — the return to standard time. In prior years it would take me a few days to adjust.”

Another way to measure Consciousness-Lowering EMFs and the effect of the FLFE Mitigation program

Image 5 ENTROPY plots a 800While traditional EMF readers measure magnetic and electrical fields present in an area, they are not designed to measure the consciousness-lowering effect that some EMFs may have. Therefore, our measurement of consciousness-lowering EMFs is not using traditional EMF meters to read the magnetic and electrical fields present. These devices have, so far, not shown a difference in the readings with the FLFE EMF Mitigation program on and off. They are not reading the subtle changes in the EMFs that we call “harmonization” that transform a consciousness-lowering EMF into a positive consciousness raising energy.

There are other measuring devices that are more sensitive to subtle energy changes. Gas Discharge Visualization devices are one of those. K. Melissa Waterman is an advanced practitioner of GDV and has done extensive work over several years measuring the energy in a space at Dr. Joe Dispenza’s events. The chart below shows GDV readings in the same home over a 12 hour period without FLFE/EMF Mitigation (in RED) and over a 12 hour period with FLFE/EMF Mitigation (in Blue). It shows a reduction in the variability and peaks of the energy present, the red points showing much larger swings and therefore more energy chaos. With the FLFE field and the EMF Mitigation program on, the environment is significantly more coherent, with much fewer energy spikes and reduced chaotic energy. It is our assertion that the lower amount of chaotic energy represents the effects of reduced or harmonized EMFs, and the many other benefits of a high-consciousness field.

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