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FLFE Brain Optimization Program and G.I. Tract 2.0

Added to all subscriptions on August 1, 2019.

Supporting brain health in our modern world

The next stage of upgrades for FLFE subscribers is the EMF Mitigation plus the Brain Optimization Program. This combination, first, supports brain health as well as optimal health in all parts of the body by harmonizing all EMFs in an environment so that they are neutral or actually beneficial.

Secondly, the Brain Optimization Program supports the brain to function optimally and to rebuild and adapt to our modern environments. These environments may have included consciousness-lowering EMFs, environmental toxins and/or traumatic events for the person.

As a reminder, FLFE programs are positive thoughts (positive declarative statements) that are added into the activated high consciousness fields by the FLFE technology. The positive energy of the FLFE technology plus the positive thoughts are equivalent to 1000s of people praying 24/7 with specific prayers supporting healing. Learn more about how FLFE Works.

Additionally: Although we have had many positive testimonials about our Brain Optimization Program and even some extraordinary changes in subscriber’s life experiences as it relates to their brain function, for those with any blunt trauma head injury, strokes or brain aneurysms we suggest you talk with your doctor before starting any alternative energetic support, such as FLFE.

Brain Optimization Program, in conjunction with a FLFE subscription:

In summary, the Brain Optimization Program supports optimal brain function (how well it works) and optimal brain structure (how well it is physically structured) with increased life-force energy.

During waking hours, the support is primarily for optimal functioning of the brain.
The effect could be felt as increased alertness, increased cognitive abilities or sharpness, more stamina during taxing brain activities and increased recall or short-term memory.

  • Increased energy (similar in its effects to acupressure) in the areas of lowest functioning in the brain. This increased energy in these areas is available to support optimal functioning of that area of the brain.
  • Support for optimal nutrition for parts of the brain when they need it.
  • Support of optimal nerve function, with emphasis on the corpus callosum (the connector between the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere of the brain), which helps balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain.
  • Support to optimize the movement of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), which supplies nutrients and removes waste products to and from the brain.
  • Support to reduce inflammation.
  • Support of optimal oxygenation.
  • Support of optimal blood flow.
  • Support of optimal lymph flow.
  • Support to remove environmental toxins without a healing crisis, even a mild one.
  • Support to increase the capacity to fall asleep at the time of your choosing.

During sleeping hours, the support is primarily for optimal conditions for sleep and for the healing, rebuilding and optimizing the brain. This could be noticed as gradually improved capabilities over time. Much like the effect of acupressure, increased Chi, Prana or subtle energy flows into the brain at night to support healing and rebuilding. This is guided by the body’s own innate intelligence.

As a default, the priority of the healing and rebuilding of the brain is:

  1. To increase the capability of nerves to carry electrical and other energy with special emphasis on the corpus callosum and on areas that have had a low functioning in the past.
  2. Areas damaged by drugs and alcohol.
  3. Areas damaged by physical, psychological and emotional trauma.
  4. Areas damaged by electromagnetic fields (EMFs)
  5. To optimize the hypothalamus.
  6. To optimize the hippocampus.
  7. Parts of the brain that are affected by a genetic defect. (Please see the study of epigenetics)

The Brain Optimization Program also includes support for the parasympathetic aspects of the autonomic nervous system. Sometimes called the rest and digest system, the parasympathetic system moves to repair and recover the body from activity as it slows the heart rate, activates the gut for digestion and increases gland activity.

Socialization: Importantly, the program supports the person to accept and use their increased capabilities and to let go of previously held assessments of themselves from the past that are negative. There is support for others interacting with them to let go of previous negative assessments of their capabilities as well and to see the person as they currently are.

G.I. Tract 2.0

For the next level of brain optimization support, an important precursor is a healthy G.I. tract (gastrointestinal tract) with an optimally balanced microbiome.

In summary, the G.I. Tract 2.0 Program supports optimal gastrointestinal tract function (how well it works) and optimal gastrointestinal tract structure (how well it is physically structured) with increased life-force energy (also known as Chi in Chinese medicine or Prana in Ayurvedic medicine) and positive statement support (like 1000s of people praying 24/7 for very specific optimal functioning of different aspects of your G.I. tract). In the next evolution of G.I. tract support in the FLFE environment, there is additional support for the appropriate gastrointestinal microbiome to be present and in a healthy balance. Science is recognizing more and more the connection between the G.I. tract and the brain.

Energized Food 2.0

In summary, the FLFE Energized Food 2.0 supports food to be optimally absorbed and optimally utilized by the body. Life-force energy (also known as Chi in Chinese medicine or prana in Ayurvedic medicine) is added to the food when it enters the body. We believe that adding life-force energy to food assists our G.I. Tract to function optimally.

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