Clayten explains how to know if your level of consciousness is rising

Jeff explains how we calibrate the consciousness level of a property

Elizabeth reports her results on live radio show after 15 minutes on FLFE

Clayten explains how to form an inquiry or statement for calibration using Consciousness Kinesiology

Jeff explains how healers can create a high-energy physical space with FLFE

Jeff compares FLFE and Reiki (or other energy work)

Clayten describes the three main FLFE programs: Cleansing, Energizing and Enhancing

What is the FLFE Energy? (Wistia)


What is the FLFE energy? Where does it come from?

What are FLFE programs? How do they work?

Why can’t I feel the energy? Is it maybe not working?

Where is the FLFE device? How does the wave get to my home?

I work from home. Should I buy a Home or Business Subscription?

What if my property has odd property lines?

I live in an apartment or condo. Will it affect others near me?

Do I need to tell others that FLFE is on?

What are the differences between property and mobile subscriptions?

What’s with the free Religious or Spiritual Organization?

What if I already vibrate at higher than 560 on the Hawkins scale?

Will FLFE help me heal?

What are advantages of living in a high consciousness field?

How do I work with the FLFE energy?

How do I discern if changes in my life are related to FLFE?

Is it addictive? What happens when I end my subscription?