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Property Subscriber Testimonial, Harmonious Household

Kare W., FLFE Property Subscriber, “On a fluke I found your link and activated the free trial. Wow, immediately impacted by it! It’s amazing technology. I’ve been able to do yoga and meditation again. My household is harmonious with past karmas burning off- as you say. It lifts you up, to it’s level and removes obstacles. Heck, I want to work for this company. This is a whole new way of living. When I leave the property, I can feel the loss of the vibration and yet, even still, folk were very chatty with me along the way today. I was grounded in a way, I’d been wishing to be. I am reading at your Learning Centre, as we speak. I’m sure I’ll have many questions, but for now, enjoying the gigantic shift in consciousness I’m feeling!”