EMF Testimonial

Relief from EMF Symptoms

“Several years ago, I started having migraines that started as dizziness and painful sensitivity to artificial light (except incandescent and halogen light bulbs). I observed that even walking into certain buildings with dark sunglasses produced this dizzy feeling. After ruling out various medical explanations, I came to believe that I’m very sensitive to EMFs and tried to avoid them as much as possible, even changing careers. Unfortunately, EMFs are not entirely avoidable!

Last Autumn I used the 15-day introductory property service and was very pleased! But because I’m exposed to EMFs while away from home, I decided to purchase the mobile phone service. I am quite happy with it, especially because I need to keep my phone near my body at all times to use the CGM (continuous glucose monitor) for type 1 diabetes. I had been nervous about keeping my phone so close because of possible EMF and other wavelength exposure. I’d refused to start this diabetes management protocol until FLFE was available. My doctors and I are thrilled with my vastly improved health!

I bought a truly heavenly condominium at the beginning of the pandemic where I live among the treetops just minutes from family and from downtown; I’m determined to stay put for several decades. However, a new neighbor moved into the unit below mine and promptly hooked up his very strong wifi. I knew this because I started feeling the familiar dizzy, groggy, painful sensations, and the symptoms grew stronger each day.

Within minutes of turning on the FLFE Property service, I felt better! Over the next few days, I felt better at an accelerating rate and my sugar levels improved with the reduced stress! It may be a coincidence but my hummingbird feeder hanging on my balcony, which was visited only rarely, soon became a central feature for a local flock of hummingbirds. Their dive-bombing of each other has become less frequent and more playful over these few weeks as well.”