Customer Testimonial

Seeing changes in her 85 year old mom

I’d like to share an example of how I feel FLFE can assist in healing by allowing the body to have more life force for healing the physical body!

My Mom is 85 years old. The 3rd day after turning FLFE on we went out to look at 5 townhomes, she chose the 1st one she saw and made the offer in 30 minutes after viewing all 5. This is an unprecedented happening. I have been thru many real estate transactions with my Mom. She will look around for months and take even longer coming to a purchase decision. She is known for being indecisive and always waiting for a better deal. This is a very telling story and provides insight into her emotional patterns that play out throughout other areas of her life, like physical healing. I started FLFE in October 2020. 4 weeks ago I took my Mom for a heart check-up and it was determined she should have a procedure to check on plague blockages in her arteries.

Her cholesterol lowered by 104 points in 3 months despite many years of no change after trying many different meds. She at first refused to believe this and assumed the doctor made a mistake and wasn’t as good as her older doctor in NY.

We carry thru checking on her blockages because the last and older report from NY says she had a 70% blockage. After the test, the Dr doing it calls and says your not going to believe it but your mom’s blockage reduced from 70% to between 20-30%. Not typical for someone at her age with no drastic diet or exercise change. Again she refused to believe and actually said out loud in the same-day surgery unit after the procedure “I still think I should go back to my Dr in NY and go back on the old medicine” which never produced any results.

I wanted to demonstrate her mindset about many things in her life, yet still there have been physical improvements. The body does recognize and want to return to its original blueprint given the option and ability despite not having an assist from the other energy bodies.

I believe the availability of life-force allowed for these changes despite well-established patterns and belief systems. Having FLFE in our home has brought up many healings around the ego and power balance between my Mom and I which have arisen from the dark since she started living in my home. I am amazed and deeply grateful for this! I have begun writing about this experience and the different levels of healing arising at the end years of her life before transition. I am 59 years old myself and, these are simply my observations, experiences and opinions around the FLFE service.

I am not offering medical advice just offering my experiences to the collective.

Thanks for allowing this platform to share! My Mom & Sister also experienced FLFE for 6 weeks (another story).

Lisa, FLFE Mobile Subscriber