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So Many Wonderful Changes!

Beth H., Home Subscriber, “It’s been about 5 days now and I can definitely feel a difference. The first night I felt a bit sick and actually threw-up. The first night I didn’t sleep well at all and had a headache for the next two days. I’m not sure if this was something I was fighting off regardless of the life force vibes, but I have a feeling that it was part of the detox cycle that happens. My husband was on holiday and got back on Tuesday. The same thing is happening to him. Today he’s feeling better, but needing more sleep. We’ve both had a very tough year and haven’t taken care of ourselves very well, so really I’m not surprised!

It was interesting that when I signed up for the free trial I read that I would get an email with more information and I remember thinking to myself that the computer screen looked different, like the colors were more vibrant and alive, then I got the email and was interested to hear that some people can start feeling it right away, because that’s what happened to me. It was about 30 seconds after I signed up.

I’m definitely feeling more motivated to clean, and it doesn’t feel like such a big deal or chore lately. We had my aunt and uncle over for supper last night and my aunt commented that the house looks really good… made me chuckle inside!

Right now is a really stressful time of year for my family. There are a lot of new routines starting and it feels like I am better able to do what needs to be done and calmer, where in the past I would be driving everyone nuts bossing them around!

My dog had also had a sore on her eye for about a year. It actually looks like it is healing over the last couple of days when it looked the worst ever a week ago!

Our children are also been falling asleep easier and earlier than they have in the past!