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Testimonial from Catherine Wylie CEO, C.N. Wylie Group Inc.

“Focused Life-Force Energy activates a field around me that feels like a clear mountain stream. I could immediately feel the difference when I turned on the service. FLFE helps maintain an even smoothness that lifts me up and compensates for the lower vibrations we all encounter on a day-to-day basis. Clients on the service have […]


Healthy Family, Pets & Better Sleep

Ivy R, Home Subscriber, “When I first began to receive the FLFE, I had a 7 year old Chihuahua female who had (about six weeks before FLFE) gone suddenly blind. She was devastated, and fearful. Before the blindness, she always slept with me, and when she went blind, she retreated to her dog carrier. She […]


Amazed with Miracles, Abundance & Manifesting!

Linda P., Home and Phone Subscriber, “I was on the free trial up until this past Saturday… I activated a mobile device on Monday yet I’ve been feeling extremely tired and I’ve had a headache and sinus pain for days. I decided to activate a home subscription and literally within a few minutes I feel […]


More Efficient Work & Faster Breakthroughs

Janet F., Home Subscriber, “My experience with FLFE in my home has been totally positive. During the trial period I realized that physically, there was something missing in my life, the nervous energy that normally is in my upper solar plexus! The relief of this is amazing, I’m more relaxed, I notice joy and happiness […]


House Sold In 2 Days With No Advertising

Cynthia R., Home Subscriber, “Our house SOLD in 2 Days without even being listed on the market, a sign in the yard, or any type of advertisements. Not even a for rent sign. We put the energies on the property and our neighbor came knocking at our door. In two weeks contract was signed!”


Income consistently double

Austin E., FLFE Property Subscriber, “Initially I felt some major energetic clearing affects from FLFE. I felt lighter and began to come to conclusions about visions/dreams/goals I’ve had for years, in a sense I figured out a lot in a short period of time. This did not bring sudden changes in my physical reality however […]


House Sold Fast!

Sara L., FLFE Property Subscriber, “The house was on the market for 18 months, with no offers. A few days after we applied FLFE to a listing for sale or rent, I went over there and there was a palpable difference… There was a strong feeling of settled, centered energy in the house itself – […]


Space feels great, business is increasing.

Lisa S., FLFE Business Subscriber, “…people’s reactions when they enter the space are really pretty amazing. Almost everyone comments about how good it feels to be there. First time visitors walk around looking at the space almost in a daze of awe. Word has spread around our community about our studio and our business is […]


More Focus

Christopher L., FLFE Property Subscriber, “In the past I was bad at “small details” and I would put them off until later but they would never get done. Lately I’ve been very detail oriented and pro-active about things. I can spend 10 hours at the computer and not feel the need to distract myself with […]


Tripled My Income

Cynthia R., FLFE Business Subscriber, “I tripled my income using FLFE energies on the business locations I choose when I come work in USA.  It’s amazing but both times I used the energies in just two days my income went skyrocketing.   Of course I also have a focus or intention and the energy just magnifies […]


Dramatic upturn in business

T.J., Business Subscriber, “Shortly after starting the program, I noticed a dramatic upturn in the business. I didn’t immediately link the two events together, but over time I have come to realize there is much more going on than just luck. There has not only been an upturn in business but also a more focused […]