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For anyone deciding if they can afford the FLFE service…

For anyone deciding if they can afford the FLFE service…..the question is how can you not afford it? With the last $100 in my account I activated the service after I had it turned off a month. I immediately booked 3 jobs. I was noticing that since I turned it off things were getting pretty […]


Anita Adrain, Author and Feng Shui Practitioner

“FLFE offers my family a more calm, peaceful energy. There is a consistency and flow available in my home and when guests come over, they comment on how good the energy feels. I started FLFE while I was in the throes of writing my book, The HeART of Feng Shui… Simply Put, and noticed a […]


Ada Porat, Referral Partner Testimonial

“It was late at night and I felt depleted after a 12-hour day of energy work and consulting. Within minutes of signing up, I felt this gentle wave of energy flooding the office, wrapping around me and returning me to the level of consciousness from where I worked all day long. I felt so loved […]


Referral Partner Lou Kurjata, Testimonial

“Moments after starting on the service, I could feel a buzz move through me. I’ve been on the service since 2016 and just never turn it off. I was first drawn to FLFE because I read that using it was like having smudging done 24/7. At the time, my clinic needed that! FLFE raised the […]


Amazed with Miracles, Abundance & Manifesting!

Linda P., Home and Phone Subscriber, “I was on the free trial up until this past Saturday… I activated a mobile device on Monday yet I’ve been feeling extremely tired and I’ve had a headache and sinus pain for days. I decided to activate a home subscription and literally within a few minutes I feel […]


Business Taking Off Without Doing Anything Different

Nadine, Home Subscriber, “I have been a subscriber for just over 6 months now. I noticed improvements immediately upon starting my FLFE home subscription. A lingering background anxiety was removed; it was so subtle that I didn’t know it was there until the FLFE field removed it. There was a welcome feeling of relief. I […]


More Efficient Work & Faster Breakthroughs

Janet F., Home Subscriber, “My experience with FLFE in my home has been totally positive. During the trial period I realized that physically, there was something missing in my life, the nervous energy that normally is in my upper solar plexus! The relief of this is amazing, I’m more relaxed, I notice joy and happiness […]


Space feels great, business is increasing.

Lisa S., FLFE Business Subscriber, “…people’s reactions when they enter the space are really pretty amazing. Almost everyone comments about how good it feels to be there. First time visitors walk around looking at the space almost in a daze of awe. Word has spread around our community about our studio and our business is […]


More Focus

Christopher L., FLFE Property Subscriber, “In the past I was bad at “small details” and I would put them off until later but they would never get done. Lately I’ve been very detail oriented and pro-active about things. I can spend 10 hours at the computer and not feel the need to distract myself with […]