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Melissa Feick Intuitive, Author, and Spiritual Teacher

“The moment I turned FLFE on I could feel a tingle through my body – that makes me know it’s a high vibration.FLFE offers a clear, grounded energy that is even and balanced.In my work with clients, it’s important to have an energetically clean space. FLFE clears my space so that I don’t have to. […]


Healthy Family, Pets & Better Sleep

Ivy R, Home Subscriber, “When I first began to receive the FLFE, I had a 7 year old Chihuahua female who had (about six weeks before FLFE) gone suddenly blind. She was devastated, and fearful. Before the blindness, she always slept with me, and when she went blind, she retreated to her dog carrier. She […]


Business Taking Off Without Doing Anything Different

Nadine, Home Subscriber, “I have been a subscriber for just over 6 months now. I noticed improvements immediately upon starting my FLFE home subscription. A lingering background anxiety was removed; it was so subtle that I didn’t know it was there until the FLFE field removed it. There was a welcome feeling of relief. I […]


So Many Wonderful Changes!

Beth H., Home Subscriber, “It’s been about 5 days now and I can definitely feel a difference. The first night I felt a bit sick and actually threw-up. The first night I didn’t sleep well at all and had a headache for the next two days. I’m not sure if this was something I was […]


Healing Emotional Trauma

Alex S., Home Subscriber, “…it feels like it clears the atmosphere from hindrances to connect to source or God’s presence and allow you to self-heal emotional trauma…”


Income consistently double

Austin E., FLFE Property Subscriber, “Initially I felt some major energetic clearing affects from FLFE. I felt lighter and began to come to conclusions about visions/dreams/goals I’ve had for years, in a sense I figured out a lot in a short period of time. This did not bring sudden changes in my physical reality however […]


The space feels wonderful!

Picara V., FLFE Property Subscriber, “I was in this space last week and it feels worlds better.  I brought a friend who said, “I want to be here all the time!” and the space is completely empty. He’s clearly feeling the effects of FLFE! Personally, I felt like the space had a dark cloud in […]


Testimonial: Letting go of old beliefs

Pamela F., FLFE Property Subscriber, “Wow! My physical and energetic body is going through some big shifts I think. My low back has been acting up these past several days I believe it to be associated with large and small intestine stuff and “letting go of the cr*p in my body and belief system” yes? […]