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Grateful and laughing freely.

I am grateful that life has brought me to learn about this service and then try it out without any obligation. I don’t usually buy things online but the trials were so beneficial to me, my teenagers, my cat, my plants, my neighbors, that I just had to pursue. I am hooked! And I had […]


Beth Bell, Show Host

“I was living in Ubud, Bali when I first heard about FLFE. The energy of this island is already very high vibrational so I was curious if there would be any noticeable difference that I could feel.Sitting at home, I went to the website and signed up for the 15-day free trial. I hit the […]


Tried It Again, And Noticed A Difference Right Away

J.M., Home Subscriber, “Hi, I had tried FLFE before, but I did not believe it worked. However, at that time, I was in a bad marriage and this was ~4 years ago. Since the website allowed, I signed up for the free trial again and this time I noticed a difference right away. What prompted […]