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Brain Fog Is Gone, Anxiety Gone & I Smile More!

Tammy R., Home and Phone Subscriber, “As soon as Fluffy came back on the property, all these [negative] symptoms disappeared, and my mood went from high anxiety to a calm, meditative state that turned into bliss within one hour which lasted for hours. All with no effort on my part. I no longer turn Fluffy […]


More Efficient Work & Faster Breakthroughs

Janet F., Home Subscriber, “My experience with FLFE in my home has been totally positive. During the trial period I realized that physically, there was something missing in my life, the nervous energy that normally is in my upper solar plexus! The relief of this is amazing, I’m more relaxed, I notice joy and happiness […]


Feels like a kid, again!

Zaid B., Home Subscriber, “My experience is that of feeling like when I was a 5 year old, my mother giving me a cup of hot chocolate and allowing me to ride my bike outside with my fellow bikers.”


Life enriched

Fern S., FLFE Property Subscriber, “I love that I know FLFE is there for me everyday-giving me a big warm squeeze of increased capacity. Thus enriching my life and further developing my abilities to carry out my work as an enlightened leader for positive change.”


Income consistently double

Austin E., FLFE Property Subscriber, “Initially I felt some major energetic clearing affects from FLFE. I felt lighter and began to come to conclusions about visions/dreams/goals I’ve had for years, in a sense I figured out a lot in a short period of time. This did not bring sudden changes in my physical reality however […]