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Flow State

My life is changed because of FLFE and I now have energy to spare to share my knowledge to help others. The most important thing is creating a state of flow which FLFE helps me to create the foundation for. And maintaining that state of flow is what helps us to keep everything working well […]



I need you to know that your product is GREAT !!! I love the calmness it brings to my house on the hill in the woods here in Alaska ! Thank you sir, you are truly making a difference in the world! Regards, John


Profound Effect

“Thank you so much for sharing FLFE Information……it has had a profound effect in our home.” Carol, FLFE Home Subscriber


A Harmonic Existence

“We have FLFE on our home property, and today we enjoy a harmonic existence we never anticipated, one that only continues to grow & resonate.” Kristin, FLFE Property + Mobile Subscriber


Referral Partner Lou Kurjata, Testimonial

“Moments after starting on the service, I could feel a buzz move through me. I’ve been on the service since 2016 and just never turn it off. I was first drawn to FLFE because I read that using it was like having smudging done 24/7. At the time, my clinic needed that! FLFE raised the […]


Relief From EMF Symptoms

K.G., FLFE Mobile Subscriber, “Hello community. I live in Las Vegas and in October my subscription ran out. I have not had FLFE for a month what a HORRIBLE feeling. I couldn’t figure out WHY I could not sleep it has never been a problem. Worse my body particularly my eyes were blurry and burning […]


I Have A Completely New Life

Lewis. FLFE Everywhere Subscriber, “I started to become interested in consciousness and our ability to become more conscious in 1993. Over time I learned that there are no shortcuts, but I am here to tell you that this is in fact a timely shortcut to become more conscious at the right time on your journey. […]


Healthy Family, Pets & Better Sleep

Ivy R, Home Subscriber, “When I first began to receive the FLFE, I had a 7 year old Chihuahua female who had (about six weeks before FLFE) gone suddenly blind. She was devastated, and fearful. Before the blindness, she always slept with me, and when she went blind, she retreated to her dog carrier. She […]


Brain Fog Is Gone, Anxiety Gone & I Smile More!

Tammy R., Home and Phone Subscriber, “As soon as Fluffy came back on the property, all these [negative] symptoms disappeared, and my mood went from high anxiety to a calm, meditative state that turned into bliss within one hour which lasted for hours. All with no effort on my part. I no longer turn Fluffy […]


Amazed with Miracles, Abundance & Manifesting!

Linda P., Home and Phone Subscriber, “I was on the free trial up until this past Saturday… I activated a mobile device on Monday yet I’ve been feeling extremely tired and I’ve had a headache and sinus pain for days. I decided to activate a home subscription and literally within a few minutes I feel […]


Business Taking Off Without Doing Anything Different

Nadine, Home Subscriber, “I have been a subscriber for just over 6 months now. I noticed improvements immediately upon starting my FLFE home subscription. A lingering background anxiety was removed; it was so subtle that I didn’t know it was there until the FLFE field removed it. There was a welcome feeling of relief. I […]


More Efficient Work & Faster Breakthroughs

Janet F., Home Subscriber, “My experience with FLFE in my home has been totally positive. During the trial period I realized that physically, there was something missing in my life, the nervous energy that normally is in my upper solar plexus! The relief of this is amazing, I’m more relaxed, I notice joy and happiness […]