Daughter Sports

Teenagers Doing Better!

Suzanne, Home Subscriber, “I noticed the shift in energy right away, and at first really relished in it and loved it. About 3 days in I had a really funky day of nausea and thinking that maybe it was just too much! All of that cleared up quickly though, and I’m feeling great again. My two teenage daughters ages 13 and 15 had some notable adjustments as well. My 15 year old, Rachel, is the one with severe depression. She actually became more agitated initially with the energy, and I wondered if it was helping her. What has been distinct is that, as the month progressed, her highs and lows because less severe, and also her desire to be home and/or have friends over here became greater. When she used to go down it was scary and I would become vigilant in keeping an eye on her. Now, when she dips, she is back up quicker. She’s also decided to take up fencing in the past month, which is a huge development because she has been unwilling in the past two years to do anything extra curricular.

My other daughter, Riley, didn’t have any noticeable negative effects as first and has only become more positive. She decided in the past month to take up girls volleyball which is huge as she also hasn’t wanted to do sports on the past year. Our family life is very close, peaceful, and positive with minor ups and downs from Rachel.

I cannot express my gratitude for you giving me this gift. To see Rachel do better and take up a sport has been inspiring. It feels like she is out of the dark of suicidal thoughts and plotting and into a brighter more expansive place. My heartfelt gratitude to you!”