Transformation Stories from Customers

August 7, 2021

Jeffrey – We’re live from Nelson, BC, Canada. Welcome everyone to this FLFE webinar. It’s great to be with you. It’s been a while. Today our theme is celebrating freedom, specifically the freedom from personally rising consciousness. And we’d love to hear your stories. We’d love to hear your transformational stories today, and we are also announcing several exciting new developments. And we’ll be answering your questions. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann. Welcome, everybody. Welcome to all the new people under Free Trial; I’m grateful to have all of our current subscribers with us. A note about the chat. If you get a moment, please let us know where you’re from. It’s great to see all of your names from around the planet. I think we’re in 60 countries right now, or we’re close to 60. And we have a chance to talk to each other on the chat, which sometimes will bring a topic up that you want to talk to your FLFE community about. And oftentimes, people in the chat have great resources. So that’s a great use of the chat. And please put all of your questions in the Q&A. So that way, when we get time, Jeff and I can focus our attention there.

Jeffrey – And Maria will also be answering your questions in the chat. So it’s great to have you with us, Maria, thank you. She’s great on the Facebook page. And you may know her from there. So she’s joining us today.

But let’s talk about a few important things to remember about the FLFE service, particularly for those on the Free Trial. But this also applies to everyone; hydration is the first one. We have a great resource now on the Facebook page, Under Tools, there’s a Hydration Page there. It gives recommendations about hydration in a high consciousness field. Ther is much more lifeforce energy, chi, or prana, for the body to use as it gets to work. And hydration supports that.

So that’s important to keep your eye on or check back in if it’s been a while. Also, in the Tools section, we have a Consciousness Nutrition section with some supplements and things to support us in raising consciousness.  And rising in consciousness is not only what we think of as a spiritual or consciousness project, is also a physical change. So supplements support that, and last of all, the Control Panel is available and great to go there once in a while. And there is actually a surprise there, which we’ll talk about in a little bit for you.

The Consciousness Controller is commonly referred to as the Slider which can be moved to change the level of consciousness support up and down. And that’s a great tool to use if your pace of evolution feels overwhelming at any time, or you just want to crank it up and go to 570.

Clayten – Before we have some questions and answers, as usual, we want to take the opportunity today within the theme of celebration to tell some stories. And humans have been telling stories around fires for as long as there have been fires. And even though we’re not around a fire, we could maybe consider our computer screens, the light that we’re all looking into. So we would like to share some of your stories, and we’ll share a couple that we found recently that are very touching.

And we would like to hear from you, please. Perhaps about what has changed in your life since starting with FLFE.  Please raise your hand so we can talk to you, or if you just want to put your story in the Q&A, we’ll read it out. And the theme today is a celebration. So in the context of celebration, we have some gifts for you. And if you would like to share a story with us, that would be a gift to give us because that’s part of what keeps us going here.

Jeffrey – It could be a contest to see what story makes Jeff and Clayten cry first. And on the new development side, we’ve been working to improve the service. And these suggestions come from you. We hear about it from you when you talk to our customer service representatives in the office or send us emails. And most of this is around the FLFE Everywhere service. So that’s the Phone and the Object. And many of you may be on the Everywhere Phone Free Trial. So we made this change on July 31 to the programs.

So again, in the FLFE system, we’re activating a high consciousness field around the phone or object at various distances from the object or phone; different FLFE enhancements were present. And what we’ve done now is made all those enhancements available in a nine-foot bubble. So within nine feet of your phone or object, everything’s now available. So people had asked about that because people have big king-sized beds and their phone is on the night table, and they’re on the other side of the bed, they’re further than four feet away, which is where most of the programs used to be within a four-foot radius. So now, everything’s there within nine feet. So hopefully, that will help everyone share it with other people sitting within nine feet, others in your family, your dogs, your pets, and particularly sleeping people. Do you want to tell everyone about the second enhancement, Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, this is fun stuff to talk about. So you talked about the nine-foot radius. Are we talking about the Boost, Jeff?

Jeffrey – Yes.

Clayten –  Okay. So we’ve received many requests to make the Boost longer on the Phone. Originally had the Boost of 600 on the phone way back in the day, and then we moved it to 650 for five minutes. And now we’re increasing that to 10 minutes. So you’ve got another five minutes at 650 within nine feet. And, well, I guess we can never have too many Boosts. We would have done this earlier but moving from four feet to nine feet with the other programs is five times more energy than the system uses. So we had to do some upgrades, and then we could move the 650 Boost from five to 10 minutes is actually a 50x surge in the technology’s capacity. So we’ve completed the upgrades now, and we’re glad to share them. Thanks, Jeff.

Jeffrey – So enjoy that! We keep hearing your stories about how you use the Boost. And I would love to hear those; maybe everyone can share some more of those stories today with us. Some customers are using them to start homework with the kids after school to give them an extra boost in focus in concentration while starting the homework. So we’d love to hear your creative stories of how you’re using Boost.

And as part of our celebration of freedom, as you may have heard in previous webinars or seen on the website, we tend to think of rising in consciousness as increasing freedom. That we’re free from habits, patterns that we’d like to change. There’s more joy, more enjoyment of life, and freedom within our relationships with others to be our true selves and to really connect with others without patterns and old beliefs getting in the way, so it’s part of that celebration of freedom and you know, it’s summer and people are outside, and we’re doing things. So this is part of the surprise in the Control Panel. And while it’s always good to go to your Control Panel once in a while, there’s a new PIF. Every subscriber has a new PIF, and it is one per subscriber. So that’s for you to gift to put that love level of consciousness 500 anywhere in the world. So everyone has a new PIF. And then we’re sending you an email on Monday, August 9, which will give everyone the ability to give a 30-day free subscription, which is a  longer Free Trial to anyone.

We’ve done this in the past, so everyone will be able to give 30 days to anyone, and let’s just spread it around the world! This gift to give is until the end of August. So you’ll be able to do that. On Monday, there’ll be a link you can send people, and it will be active until the end of August.

Clayten –  Yeah, I mean, we’ve spent a lot of time indoors last year and a half. And for those of us who have FLFE here too, it’s a gift to be in the “bubble” as we call it, and given that most of us have a lot more freedoms depending on what country we’re in. So we want to share this with as many people as we can. Because a lot of people are suffering from all the lockdowns. So that’s our way of celebrating the freedom that we’re returning to.

Jeffrey – Yes. So those are the new elements we wanted to share with you. And we’d love to hear your transformational stories. And you can raise your hand virtually. And so if you do that, we’d love in particular to hear where you live. And as Clayten said, if you would rather put it into the Q&A, that’s great; we’ll go ahead and read that.

Clayten – Someone has raised their hand. Let’s bring Mary in. Nice to hear you.

Mary – Thank you so much. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was to see that you had done something with the work of my mentor and spiritual teacher, Dr. David Hawkins. So when I heard this with Kryon, I listened to you guys and signed up immediately for a trial, and I cannot tell you how much my life has changed for the better. It’s just been phenomenal. I’ve moved nine times in seven years due to a variety of health and family issues. Just a never-ending saga of packing and leaving and moving. I finally feel like I am settled in a place where all I need to do is work on my Ascension, which I see is why I’m here on this planet. And to have FLFE has just opened me to possibilities. Where I once might have seen one solution for a problem. I now see that there are many. My next-door neighbor benefits from my service. She’s 83 and had many very harsh things going on, and she just seems gentler and kinder. It’s been indescribable how peaceful and happy I am with forward-thinking. I don’t feel like there are enough words to describe the changes I feel inside myself. And for that, I am forever grateful to you.

Jeffrey – Thank you so much for sharing that, Mary.  It’s a journey; we’re on this journey together. And the more environmental assistance we have, the better.

Mary  -Well, it’s palpable. I have it on at home, and I don’t necessarily like to spend a whole lot of time away from home. Because it just feels like I’m, this may sound very strange, but I feel like I’m being caressed in my own home. And I have missed that all my life. So thank you for that.

Clayten – Yes, a loving home environment is in that love range since you are a student of Dr. Hawkins’s work. And you know, 500 is love 540 its unconditional love; I think all of us would have liked to have received that as a child. But, unfortunately, not all of us were able to, and some of us as parents; I’m not a parent, but I know parents struggle with being as unconditionally loving as they like. Or even with my partner Sherallyn, I’d like to be more unconditional. So the positive environment helps us all with that. And I really resonate with what you say. I don’t know if the world’s any worse off than it was, but it just feels like home is a place I can come to, and I know it’s going to be a certain way. So I feel a bit safer in the world.

Mary – Yes, yes. Feeling safe in the world, working on feeling like I am worthy of even being here. That I am lovable and loving, that those things are actually possible to me just blows my mind. I had no idea how much I had missed in my life of positive emotions until you turned on FLFE. And I felt immediately like I had found myself on some level. So I’ll stop talking and let someone else hop in. Thank you for the opportunity to speak to both of you, to tell you how much I love what you are doing for the world and how you have changed my life. It’s phenomenal. Thank you.

Jeff – I’ll just say one more thing, Mary, that we’ve talked about in previous webinars, and we’re recording a podcast now. And the idea that that environment is more important than our willpower was just mind-blowing to me. That this could be true because we all tend to think our willpower is what really drives everything, but it’s just not true. And environment is more important than willpower and being lifted up by an environment can make these dramatic changes for us in our perceptions and the way we view ourselves in particular. And that’s so important what you said about feeling worthy. That’s something Lee Carroll talks about quite a bit. To have that as change  feeling in yourself is really meaningful for me as well to hear that.

Mary – Well, thank you, which sparked one final comment, probably my most significant comment. I have some serious health issues that I felt like I was at a hard brick wall to heal them. And with this service on, I have really started diving into Bruce Lipton’s work and using quantum healing techniques in my life. And I have to say that my health and well-being are the best it has been in probably my adult life; I’ll be 66 next week. So I feel like I’m healing heart failure, RA healing emotionally. It’s such a gift. You guys are magnificent. Thank you.

Jeff – Thank you, Mary. I’m just another year behind you. And I feel like I’m in the best health that I’ve been in my life as well. And that’s transformational there. You know, we tend not to think of our bodies as part of our consciousness- raising ability but being able to be healthy and not have that worry or restraints on our on our life can help us appreciate life and rise as well. Thank you again for joining us, Mary.

Clatyen – We have more upgrades coming very for health, so it should get even better.

Jeff – Okay. That was very moving, thank you, Mary. We love to hear from others as well. We could go to the Q&A. If you’d like to talk, though, please raise your hand. I see Joseph; let’s bring Joseph in.

Jeffry – How’s it going? It’s always great to be with everyone.

Joseph – It’s going good. I just wanted to share that I put something on the Facebook group. It’s a video of what had happened this year. I own a condo that’s a rental, and that whole story is up there, so I’m not going to go through that whole thing again. But I will say that I put the PIF on that condo, and the gentleman living there, was a veteran and was experiencing a really difficult time. And the PIF seemed to really help him out in a way that ended up being that he ended up passing away. But in some roundabout way, I think that might have been the best thing for him. But with the PIF being on the condo, I had ended up doing a complete makeover of the condo. And I’ve owned it since 2015. And just to think about where it was, where it’s been, and where it is now how it looks is absolutely astounding to me. And that’s just the PIF that wasn’t actually having the service on there.

And the next thing I noticed, I mean, everything in my life definitely has changed and progressed. And it seems like things are easier to come to fruition. One remarkable thing was I’ve had pretty bad writer’s block for music and probably some other things. But I’ve been able to get over that writer’s block; I was able to finish a song for my mom for Mother’s Day. And that song made her cry. And she showed it to her friends at work. And it made all of them cry, made me cry. And it was such a beautiful song. And to actually have something that was finished was astounding to me. It just felt so good. And I continue to write more and more music, and it feels like I still come up to those roadblocks. But they get broken down. And that’s been astounding to me, which is a great gift for me. And I don’t know if you guys have put anything intentions in for creativity. Have you guys done that?

Jeff – Yes, it is part of the programs.

Joseph – Nice, it makes sense then. Other than that, everything seems to be improving for not just me but people in my household health wise just in the ways in which we interact with each other. It seems to be a lot more kosher, more enjoyable. And also, like other things, it just seems like things pop into my life now. I have an excellent Personal Trainer who is a particular type of personal trainer, and there weren’t any in Denver, Colorado. But since I got on the FLFE service,  two of them moved to Denver, Colorado, and I’m training with both of them. So that’s been astounding too.

I guess bumping up the consciousness level is like jumping from, you know if our consciousness level in our environment is at 300 and then all of a sudden, it’s at 550. There will be those who already know about it, like some of the difficulties that pop up with that. But I think just looking back, trusting, and knowing that this is supporting me no matter what, even if it seems difficult; trusting that and going through that process, we end up getting to this point where we’re able to look back and see why all happened. So thank you, guys.

Jeff –  Yeah, thank you. Do you go by Joey? Is that right, Joey?

Joey –  Yeah

Jeff – And how’s your kinesiology testing going in the FLFE field? Have you noticed a difference from before you started? Because I know you had done testing for a while?

Joey – I was doing testing, and this could just be something with me where I remember taking a class at the Voila method where they use muscle testing. And I remember when he was teaching the muscle testing and whatnot, and he would be testing, and before he did the test, I felt the answer in my head. And I had asked him this question. And he always advised testing anyway. But I would probably say that I had the right answer about 80 to 90% of the time when he tested. And then sometimes I’ve tested too. And sometimes, I would physically test and get the wrong answer. So the hard part for me, and this is maybe where Clayten knows quite a bit more, is how to tell if we’re testing properly?

Obviously, you can test if you’re testing properly, but I think it’d be good if you have any resources for testing and what you have done to evolve testing because that would make me get a little bit more into it. As opposed to me, I just go by my gut feeling now. But on the other hand, I did make a meditation track. And I did do testing for all of that. I tested with frequencies I should use, chords’ durations, and types of isochoric tones I should use. And the testing with that was pretty nice because I was able to just trust my tests, and like most people would say, 432 hertz is the best frequency; it’s the Fibonacci frequency. Or we have 528, which is the frequency of love. And I’m testing which frequencies I should use. And then I come up with 430 hertz. And that’s just through testing. And that’s testing for the highest and best interest. So that’s pretty nice. Because the most natural thing you would think is 432 or 528, or whatever. It’s cool and interesting. And I love how curious it makes me think of using different tones, just through testing, to trust the testing. So I think that’s nice. Do you have any good resources for what you’ve done to modify approaches to testing?

Clayten – Well, you can take kinesiology courses from the International Association of Kinesiologists with chapters in most countries, maybe not all of them. So anyone can learn to test there. There’s a healing modality called Psych K, which does a lot of Kinesiology work. And there’s also another healing modality called Theta Healing; they use kinesiology. So you know, just take as many courses as you can from as many places. If you look at Power versus Force version one and Power versus Force version two, there are additional protocols in the second version of Power versus Force. So that might give you a few insights as well. It’s a profession, Joey; many people were just never told it was a profession; they just figured they could read a book and be able to do it.

And that’s not my experience. Unless you’re going to work in a very small, specialized area, where there are established protocols and demonstrated consistent professional results within the parameters of the profession. Suppose you want to use it as a general tool and switch from calibrating a meditation to calibrating the consciousness of people and countries and concepts. In that case, you’re getting into having it be a professional discipline, which takes years to master.

Jeff – I would add what I’ve learned. And it’s really part of my transformation story is testing and the effect it’s had in my life. And for me, really, it’s the writing down of the inquiry and having a very clean, consistent inquiry that’s used over and over again. And for example, every day, we test the level of consciousness of the new properties coming on to the service. And we have a sheet that has the inquiries written out. And so we’re using the exact same language every time. And we’re going through the protocols of testing our polarity to make sure that we’re not switching polarity, that we have permission to test, and then we check our hydration which can affect our clarity and test our freedom to test. We go through those first. And then we make the standard inquiry, and it gets to be a groove we just fall into it. And when we have three or more people together testing, it even gets better. So testing with someone else is another way to get better. You might have experienced this in that class as you were working together with others. There seems to be energetic support of more than one person together that assists in that as well.

Joey – Right. Right. Thank you.

Clayten – Thanks for your time, Joey, and thank you for that video testimonial as well. We appreciate it.

Joey – Thank you, guys.

Jeffrey – I’ll bring in Karen.

Karen – I am really grateful for the service. I was introduced to it through Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, whose supplements I take regularly. And I jumped on this right away, starting out with FLFE on my cell phone. And then, I also decided to do the property. And I sent the PIF to the Utah State Prison. I did that because I worked for the Salt Lake City Police Department for 41 years. The negativity there is really bad, and all I think I feel is negativity. So another lady and I tried to surround the police department with positive vibes, and it’s exhausting. And with FLFE, I feel like on my property, I feel protected by a positive force. I feel there’s really negative energy, but I feel very relaxed in the FLFE vibe. And I thought the PIF was a great thing to do to improve the energy of the prison. And then also I like the fact that I can send this vibration throughout the neighborhood. But I’m 74 years old and retired from the police department, and I’m just trying to feel more positive vibes. I feel very protected with FLFE around, and I was just also wondering it’s on the property. Does it change the quality of water on a property?

Clayten – Yes, have you seen the new study on our website from Dr. Emoto’s lab?

Karen – Yes.

Clayten –  Yeah. So all of the water on the property is in that crystalline shape. So it does change the water.

Karen – That’s fantastic.

Clayten – How have you noticed the change on the property in the water?

Karen – Well, I’m growing giant zucchinis and tomatoes.

Clayten – We had a lady put a picture of a zucchini before she went on FLFE and after on the Facebook page, it was like four times, Jeff, or something like that. It was a giant zucchini.

Jeffrey – We’d love to see your pictures of your fruits and vegetables on the Facebook page if you’re on that.

Karen – Well, I had to give the giant ones away; they were just getting so big. Also, I have kind of a reserved type of personality. And being in the crime lab, I’m kind of starchy. But I’m able to communicate more with people. And I noticed that when I have people come on the property, I can talk to them more, and they become very animated and energetic. I have a hard time feeling positive energy, but I just know that it’s there. And I tried to surround myself with sacred and high spiritual objects, but with FLFE, I feel protected. Thank you.

Clayten – That’s saying something from someone who’s in the police force for 40 years.

Karen –  Yeah, I mean, I’ve seen a lot of ugly things. And I feel like I’m too dense to feel, the great positive vibrations. Because some people tried FLFE out, and they don’t feel anything.

Clayten – But you noticed it in your plants and in your neighborhood. We have a lady in the office, and she’s not really sensitive. But I think you sound like her; you probably have super concentration abilities. She can concentrate for hours. And I mean, time just stops, and she focuses. And she takes care of our database and finds all these little obscure errors, and then we get them fixed. It’s great to have her around. So you’d fit right in at our office. If you ever come up to Nelson come by and say hi.

Karen – In Canada?

Clayten – Yes, up in Canada.

Karen – Oh, well. Well, you never know, maybe. Who knows what the future will bring?  That would be wonderful. And just thanks for the service, and I can’t wait to use the FLFE Free Trial for other people.

Jeffrey – Thank you for assigning the PIF to the prison; that’s really needed in those spaces and for your 41 years of holding positivity at the police station too.

Clayten – Yes, thank you for your service Karen, take care.  There are a lot of people putting a PIF on prisons and police stations. It’s hard; they get to see the worst part of human nature. It’s hard on the police officers.

Jeffrey – Yeah, it’s great to see all the creative places people put their PIFs on. I’ve seen some show up in the chat while we’re talking.  And it was our intention from the very beginning when we first started FLFE was to have this Pay it Forward because we couldn’t think of all these places.  People in their own neighborhoods and towns or cities know where it’s needed and can give it, so it’s such an awesome partnership together. So it’s great we were able to give another one.

Clayten – Yes, I know it’s more than this now, but it was at one time, like a month ago, it was 22,000 PIFs in the world.

Jeffrey – Yes!

Clayten – Maybe we can get up to 25 or 30 with this next round.

Jeffrey – And there are quite a few that haven’t been given. So a reminder to go to your Control Panel and take your time but give those PIFs; let’s get it out in the world. It’s all part of raising the consciousness of the whole planet. It really makes a difference what everyone does. Should we bring Jean in? Yeah, please come in, Jean.  And Jean, Mary’s just saying she put her PIF on her local high school to help anxious kids.

Jean – Good morning. Oh my gosh, where do I start? Okay, I saw you folks being interviewed on Regina Meredith’s show at the end of June. And I’m skeptical, but I love her. And she’s brought so many good things and has made me so much more aware of people throughout the years. And I’m like, “Is this for real?” So I investigated a little bit for a couple of days and said, “What the heck, it’s a Free Trial.” And July 2 is when I started my Free Trial. And I definitely saw some things happening. And I started July 10 with the subscription of the FLFE service on my mobile Phone. And before I go any further, I made a list of everything here. I don’t want to forget a thing, but I’m sure I forgot, like, 20 things.

You two are like the Zen masters; your energy, your love, and your selflessness are just amazing, and I just wanted to recognize that it’s like, are these guys for real? Because you’re so fantastic giving and educating, and it’s, great.

Jeffrey and Clayten – Thank you.

Jean – With that said, let me tell you what’s been happening with me. I had some light flashes in my eyes, probably in the last year. And I suddenly noticed recently that that is gone, and I haven’t had light flashes. I also had a couple other eye episodes that were happening to me that were a little scary. I didn’t know quite what it was, but suddenly, I started not being able to focus, which is non-existent now.  I also had to steady myself, and that’s gone. And that’s pretty much the physical things that I’ve seen.

I am definitely more optimistic. I’m completing tasks with ease things I would put off and say, oh, someday I’ll get to that. I’m just like jumping in and taking care of business. Definitely happier for no reason if that’s possible. I’ve noticed that I’m compelled to be kinder to people, and I was always a kind person. And now I’m like stopped at a red light, and a lady is standing there that’s dressed really nice. And she’s got her umbrella shading her from the sun, and I put my window down and say, “You look so beautiful today.” She probably thinks I’m crazy, but I don’t care. I’m compelled to make other people feel better or happy or whatever.

I am mentally more focused and definitely more creative. I’ve rearranged my whole house, and it just makes it feel so good. More compassionate. I’m meditating more, making better choices. And I’ve let stuff go. Things I’ve kind of been holding on to, especially an issue with my ex-husband. I just blocked him from my phone and said, I’m done, I don’t want that energy in my life, and that was big; that was huge. And basically, I had a conversation yesterday with my daughter. And she’s like, how are you today? I was so darn happy. I said, “I’m kind of high shopping in the supermarket.” And she’s like, well, we’ll talk about that another time.

And I feel there are times during the day without the Boost, I am just floating. So that’s me in a nutshell at this point. And I am so grateful, beyond grateful to have this organization and this service in my life. And I thank you. Thank you so much.

Jeffrey – Thank you, gee, well, this is like cry number three for me. It’s beautiful. And thank you for your kind words in the beginning. I feel part of my transformation has been to become more of my best self over these years. And I think the FLFE business and the work that we’re doing has supported me to do that. So, you know, it’s a great outlet for that.

Jean – Yes, yes. And you’re great. Thank you.

Jeffrey – And we’re not perfect, believe me.

Clayten – Yes, you wouldn’t want to get between us and a bowl of ice cream; it might get ugly.

Jeffrey –  Thanks so much, Jean. It’s wonderful to hear from you.  Wow, I have to just take that in for a minute. That was gorgeous.

Clayten – Yes, Let’s just take a breath for a moment. There are a lot of people making lists these days. That’s good. More people are journaling when they go on to service. Those first weeks are pretty heady.

Jeffrey – Yeah, and a few things. She said about the completing tasks that reminded me of the IONS research we did on the brain, the EEGs with the increased energy. We have so many programs on. Thank you, Maria, for your Features Friday, where you’re putting different benefits of FLFE each Friday on the Facebook page. Because there’s so much. And letting things go with the forgiveness piece and moving blockages out of the way allows us to be our truest, best selves. That’s really awesome. Thanks, Maria, and thanks for all those reminders, Jean.

Clayten – I think Patrick is from Sweden. He posted a great testimony on our Facebook page. So let’s bring Patrick in.

Patrick – Okay, well, yeah, it’s exactly right. I was the guy doing the video testimonial from Sweden. I never had the opportunity to come on a webinar because it’s usually night at your place. And I thought I really got to make sure to express my gratitude for the service.

Jeffrey – Thank you. We moved it to Saturday morning to allow our European customers to come on.

Patrick – And, well, I told you a little bit of my story in the video, and I thought I can share something more. It’s a little emotional this forum, so I’m going to try to keep it light, but I have been working with a kid for the last four months. He’s 10 years old, and I’m with him at school. He comes from a very what you will call a broken family, and he could not relate to his peers or to life in general. Like there were so many things, he didn’t know how to express them. And I came into his life, and it was a little bit of an accident like I was not supposed to be with him. But we ended up together at school, under new circumstances. And I’ve been using this service for two years.  And so I thought right away because I knew I was going to be with him for a couple of months before summer break, and then he’s leaving for another school.

And I put the EMF on his phone number because, you know, kids that are 10 years old are already very addicted to their phones, and they have their phones at night. And I realized he probably needs a lot of sleep and, and I thought if he can be in this bubble while sleeping with his phone, that’s a good idea to have it. And right away, I could see that he came in the morning and was rested in a whole different way. Because it was so obvious when he hadn’t been sleeping or not, and now he suddenly got some hours of deep sleep. And he’s seen the worst if you will in the home. I talked to him about those things and asked how his day has been with the home circumstances, and everything was easing up. And because suddenly there was a high consciousness field there, I would imagine he was actually, instead of maybe fighting by, they might talk?

I don’t know exactly, but he told me that those things didn’t happen as much. So I know FLFE made a difference because I was with him so much. And I know my practice was a very big deal for his transformation. And his life transformed after that, and he suddenly was with his friends, and suddenly he could hug people. He started to play football, and I could see him laugh. He was in a very dark place, and he is this light guy now. And of course, those breakouts happen, but I was there for him, and we managed. And when I let him go after the summer break, I saw a completely transformed boy. This is very emotional; I’m gonna miss him a lot. And it was a very beautiful time for me also to be with him.

And when it relates to FLFE and having the EMF on his phone gave him a really lovely spot to be at home, and I could feel that a lot of change happened for him.

Clayten – One of the most satisfying things in life is to see someone transform and know that we’re a part of that.

Patrick – Yes,  that’s all, and I extend my gratitude. And I would imagine from him also. So yeah, it’s a very beautiful story for me. And I’m glad that I could bring the beauty of the FLFE service. I think that we can actually support others without pushing. We can actually put their home on EMF Mitigation or something, and that’s a wonderful thing to have. So, yeah, thank you for letting me on;  I love the service, and I’m so very grateful.

Jeffrey – Thank you, Patrick. It’s, it is a beautiful story, it’s very touching. Your connection with him and what you did just with your presence supporting him and putting the smarter EMF on his phone. It’s just changed his life forever, and that is very touching. Thank you for all you’re doing in this world to make it a better place.

Patrick – Thank you guys, too.

Clayten – I really enjoyed your video testimonial.  I thought it was interesting that you put FLFE on when you were away from home, and when you came home, the place felt very different. It was an exciting story of contrast.

Patrick – I didn’t realize how sensitive I was to energy before putting FLFE on. You know, I’ve been doing Tai Chi and moving energy for a couple of years, so I would imagine that I had some kind of sensitivity. But it was such a difference that if my home had some hard energy and suddenly there is a clearing of the history and everything and who knows, is light. And so, I felt I was very sensitive to it.

Jeffrey – Thank you for sharing, and maybe when this 30-day gift shows up in the emails on Monday, you can give it to as many people as you can think of.  We couldn’t have the vision before we started the call today that people spread it everywhere. In countries where people have difficulty paying, at least they have a free month of service to clear up the land and have that transformation time.

Patrick – And yes, lastly, if I may, I want to let others in but also, during this pandemic, and this last year and stuff, to be honest, I could forget the outside most of the time. And I can imagine that this is quite common, but you’re like in this bubble, and I’m not affected in the same way. I feel like it’s really beautiful and it’s been the most transformative year and a half for me. And the outside world seems very hard, but you know, I am in this beautiful little bubble. And yeah, whatever happens out there stays there.

Jeffrey – Yes, it’s true, and the other benefit is that as we’re spending more time in the house, we’ve got more time to enjoy it. And to meditate and to do things to improve ourselves. So yes, it’s been a period of growth for many people. So thank you, Patrick; great to hear from you.

Clatyen – Bless you, Patrick.

Jeffrey –  When we first created the Smarter EMF Youth, the vision was to get to as many kids as possible at a lower cost. And at 500, it’s something you can gift someone.

Clayten – We’ve talked about this a lot, and for you who’ve been on these webinars before, there’s a law of noninterference. So we can give a gift of love at a certain level. And then, beyond that level, we have to have permission. And especially due to the nature of the hydration requirements at 560 and up. So we designed the Smarter EMF to be at a lower cost so that parents could put it on their children’s phones and at least have EMF Mitigation. And that if people wanted to give it besides a PIF, it could be given anonymously. And it has a lot of programs on it that the PIF doesn’t have. So, for example, the PIF goes out at 500, but the property might not go to 500. However, the Smarter EMF will be 500 around the object, so it differs from a PIF.

Jeffrey – And what Patrick did is a transformational story which is exactly what we’re looking for today. And there are things we wouldn’t have thought of.

Clayten – That was a double-blind placebo study, you know? Just not on a very large scale, and I don’t think we’d get past our research team.

Jeffrey -Well, it’s what we call phase one, and much of our research is phase one, where we are looking for an effect. And what are the benefits that are showing up? And then with the research, we’re moving into phase two type research with more controls, and as you said, a double-blind and or at least a single-blind and bigger samples. It’s an exciting time. I just have to take this in. It’s really beautiful being with you all. Let’s bring Judy in.

Judy – Hi! And so I echo the thanks. And I’ve been inspired by a couple of the comments that I’ve heard already, and it’s given me ideas for things I can do. So let’s see, I want to be brief. I’ve been on the service, I guess about a year now, I started out on my house. And I had been living alone for several years, and a dear friend needed to stay with me because he had some surgery on his hand and couldn’t do a thing for himself.

And having been alone in the house for years, I think FLFE helped me to adjust to having another person there. And to be more patient and to notice when I was feeling a little crowded or a little crabby. I thought, “Oh, I know what’s going on here. I need to get myself some space.” So I had a lot of epiphanies and allowed closeness in a way that I hadn’t previously in my life. So I would feel okay to really be happy and close with someone for a while, and then when I needed to back off, I would feel cranky and critical. And I was able with FLFE to make amazing realizations so that I’m a much more patient and self-aware person. And I can allow closeness, a lot more, which makes a really wonderful relationship possible.

Oh my gosh. Imagine that. And I had another epiphany this morning, kind of the same ilk. It’s like, “oh, I’m really worried, and I want to protect him.” And it’s like, okay, yes, your heart is closing because you’re scared. It’s okay. You can be kind to yourself; you can be kind to him. You can be kind to the world when you get this feeling. Just be compassionate with yourself and come back inside to yourself and send love. So it’s transformative.

And the PIFs that I’ve given to family members have made amazing differences over time. It’s quite lovely. Help has arrived for them that they wouldn’t be able to accept from me because I’m not close enough to provide it. And because I was the bossy older sister.

Clayten – Are you firstborn, Judy?

Judy – Yes, darn it anyway. So gifts and gifts and challenges and help has been arriving for him and his family, from his community and the connections he’s created. And things are unfolding, gently and beautifully in appropriate ways for them. So thank you very much. And the last thing I have a question about is I’ve been between houses. And so I’ve decided to put FLFE on my phone. And it’s going with me. And so do you notice plateaus?

Jeffrey – Do you mean it’s your experience, Judy?

Judy – Yes, I mean, I might be integrating the changes, but sometimes I get very high. And then there’s a sort of a plateau. And, um, so that’s what I mean is, you know, in my noticing of epiphanies, and my general state, new set point, I guess I’d call it.

Jeffrey – I think that we get used to the energy. I mean, our bodies adapt. And our nervous systems grow more capacity. And things can move in a stepwise fashion at times.

Judy – Thank you so much for the beauty and joy your work and your hearts and the hearts of this community create in the world.

Clayten – And there’s a sense when we come on the service when we grow so quickly, especially for those first 90 days, or even the first two weeks is almost dreamy. And then yes, we find a level that we stabilize at, and then our body adapts, I guess. And then it feels like the resources come together then we go to another level. And yet there is a plateauing, that’s a good way to say it, I call it Basecamp, then we get kind of settled and get ready to go the next level up the mountain, so to speak.

Jeffrey – Judy, are those flowers? There’s a beautiful picture behind you that we’re seeing of you with some beautiful flowers.

Judy – Ah, yes, that’s in Ashland, Oregon.

Jeffrey – I was wondering if that was at your house.

Judy – No, it was on a trip with a friend.

Clayten – Yeah, they’re stunning.

Jeffrey – Thank you for the self-love and self-awareness piece. All of us need to take care of ourselves; that’s where it starts. Thanks for spending time with us.

Clayten and Jeffrey – Bless you.

Jeffrey – That self-awareness piece, to me it ties in with intuition. You know, we’ve talked about it In the past in webinars. Where are the thoughts coming from? And getting those cranky thoughts at times and wondering where it is coming from. It might be the Candida that wants another piece of chocolate or something. But like realizing that sometimes the thoughts are not our thoughts. And for me, I think my part of my transformation has been the intuition side in improving the service and writing the programs and thought tent to come to me when I’m writing.

Clayten – What she’s reminding me of is that Henry David Thoreau talks a lot about the still small voice within. And a high consciousness field seems to facilitate us hearing that still small voice within us. That’s our unique connection to Divinity. Judy is really tuning into that; I had a real sense of that.  She has some very high levels of self-awareness.

Jeffrey – Yes, that small voice becomes more noticeable, and being able to hear it and act on it is part of the transformation for me. I see Gail is ready to talk to us.

Gail – Thanks for calling on me. I know this is supposed to be a positive webinar thing. But I have had problems with the service. And I’m not sure how to sort it out or how to ask about it. So I don’t know if this is the right venue, or I should call the office.

Jeffrey – No, this is part of the Q&A here, and the office is also available, but we would love to hear what’s going on for you.

Gail – Okay, so I saw you interviewed on Kryon Wednesdays. And I signed up, starting out with the Home service. And I just started feeling worse and worse and worse every day, until your office called me on the fourth or fifth day. And we talked about it. And I went into the system and turned it off. And I was having a lot of the symptoms like an immense external pressure, pressing my whole body, especially around my head. But I also felt sick to my stomach and just felt terrible. And it improved as soon as I turned it off. So I went back and put it back on at the lowest setting, which was 400. I seem to be okay with that. And I went through the time with it my house. And I’m not sure what order to tell this, what I discovered was at about the same time that I signed up for your service, I was working with an herbalist healer on some problems I had, and she had determined that I had some pathogens. And so she had me on a bunch of supplements and herbs to kill pathogens. So even when I went off the service, even though my symptoms had improved, I wasn’t completely better. But I hadn’t been completely better before the whole thing. But as soon as I got through this three-week time of this herbal protocol and stopped, I felt substantially better. And so, I can’t really tell the difference exactly between what was happening with the service and what was happening with the herbs. So then, I went on to the Phone service and really didn’t feel anything at all. You know, I tried doing a Boost couple of times didn’t feel anything. So I turned it off and on, and I didn’t feel anything. So I’m not really sure where that leaves me.

Clatyen – Gail, it sounds like you’re having symptoms of a healing crisis just given the combination of the herbal remedies and high consciousness field, which sometimes happens. I mean, we were just talking to Judy, and there is plateauing that occurs for us as we grow; you just haven’t had the benefits of the positive aspects. So when the body is, detoxing or there’s a pathogen cleanse, there’s an extraordinary load on the various systems in the body. And have you tracked how much water you’re drinking?

Gail – I haven’t tracked it, but I generally drink lots of water; it’s pretty much all I drink. So I have a very high volume of water, and I’ve started being more conscious about adding a little salt.  And I use a very high-quality salt, and I use it whenever I cook as well. So it seems like I should have enough of that. And I want to say, you’re right. I mean, once I got done with the protocol and the herbs, it was very clear to me that it was healing in detoxing that had caused a lot of these symptoms. And then it felt like it was because of being on those herbs and attacking these organisms and detoxing that I had a negative reaction to the energies?

Clayten – What you could do, Gail, is an experiment. So if you’ve been through the detox with the herbs, and you feel like you’re stabilized, you could have a Free Trial again on the Home; some people don’t feel the Phone as much as the Home. More people notice the Home service. So you can have another Free Trial. And turn it right down to 400 on the Consciousness Slider.  We have some people on the service that when they come on, they do feel a bit better, and they have to turn it down to 400. And then, after a week, they turn it to 420. And then they go to 450. It does take time to adjust; there’s just something going on in the body. So that would be an interesting experiment to, if you feel stable enough after the detox, you can have another Free Trial.  And you can also use the Control Panel now to see how it works.

Jeffrey – And if you call into the office and ask for another Free Trial, then they can adjust your record to give you another one. And I notice Gail when I use an herbalist at times for a parasite or something for a while, and I go on, you know, goldenseal or black walnut or whatever it is I start to feel pretty bad at times. And I will sometimes turn the service down. So what happens is that the high consciousness field has more Chi or Prana in the environment. And the body takes that energy in, and it’s working, healing, and optimizing the body. And it takes more water to do that as our body is already stressed due to the liver and kidneys processing many dead organisms and byproducts. And a lot of these parasites release many nasty byproducts, and the body has to work all the elimination channels and detox channels to move it out. And then if we add the environmental change on top of it, it can cause what you’re feeling, and sometimes we just can’t even drink enough water to flush it all out.

Still, we do recommend taking notes and watching how much you do drink. I tell people a liter and a half to two liters in the morning almost as soon as possible after getting up. And that seems to help me get the levels up. But when I’m taking herbs like that, I have to really step it up, and it’s hard to keep on top of it.

Gail – Right. Okay, those are basically what I had come up with myself. So you’re really validating that. When I read your information or hear you talk, I’ve done metaphysical studies and things, healing work for a long time. And so I was pretty shocked to have a negative reaction and then sort of not feeling anything. And I wonder if this is for me or not if I’m not having this great experience?  So I think to have another Free Trial, maybe that would be an opportunity to see if I would feel FLFE.

Clayten – We encourage people to trust themselves, Gail, so we encourage you to trust yourself. And we encourage you to be your own consciousness researcher, which you try some experimentation. And we’re willing to let you do several Free Trials so that you have a real sense of whether it’s for you or not, and maybe 1% of people, it seems to be less and less all the time, Jeff, that have a bit of a healing crisis. And that’s just life, you know, life happens. And we’re fine with people telling us what their experience is. So personally, I appreciate you being honest and straightforward. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Gail – I appreciate your feedback and the work you’re doing to bring this to the world. Heaven knows we need some raising of consciousness in the world.

Jeffrey –  Thanks, Gail. Thank you for your trust in giving it a try and trusting yourself to call the office and turn it off when needed.

Gail – Thank you very much.

Clayten – Take care, Gail.

Jeffrey – It’s a good point to pay attention and take care of ourselves. And the office is a great resource. We have such an incredible team of people there. It’s really a great idea to call in if you haven’t yet; call in and talk to your customer service specialist responsible for taking care of you. Normally they are the ones sending out the emails.

Clayten – We turned FLFE down in our house about a month ago; we were doing a bit of a cleanse.  I can’t remember what we were taking, but something was going on. And we were doing three or four different things with John, our cleanse advisor. So we turned it down for a while because it was just a bit intense. And so that’s where the Control Panel comes in handy. Sometimes we don’t want to turn it down, but it’s best not to push it. For us, it’s about keeping our energy high enough that we can function and get things accomplished. If we’re detoxing and in a high field, it can be that all the energy is doing the healing. Sometimes we turn the LOC down in the house, and that’ll give us a little more energy personally.  Sometimes we want to turn it up because that’s what we need.

Jeffrey – Yes, put it up to 570! So I saw in the chat, someone was mentioning Ascension symptoms as well. And in the high consciousness field, other people and I have noticed the unblocking of any blockages in our energetic system. So as in our chakras or in Chinese medicine meridians. And it’s kind of similar if you’ve been to a Chinese medicine doctor. You get acupressure or acupuncture, and all of a sudden, something releases. You get kind of a lot of sensations in the body. That can happen as well in the FLFE environment, as our energetic systems unblock and things start to move again, creating some sensations.

Clayten – Yes, it can be difficult to not associate those sensations with a story. But if we go from sensation to feeling, to story, the mind can really grab the story and take it somewhere. So we do need to pay attention to sensations and just watch our minds. If we’re having very intensive sensations, we can obviously get some medical examination on it. We also have to watch our minds don’t make a story that doesn’t need to be there.

Jeffrey – Watching the mind can be pretty amusing sometimes.

Clayten – Yes, amen to that.

Jeffrey –  I just spent the last 45 minutes deeply researching something on the internet., what happened to the time? So Ada is raising her hand, I will bring her in.

Ada- It’s pronounced Ida, but everyone does that. I just want to say thank you for your service, for continually improving it, and for improving yourselves along with it. And I can sense the improvements and everything since the last time I was on a webinar with you. I’ve had the FLFE service for a few years. At least three years, I’d say, and it’s helped me so much. And I do sort of tend to take it for granted; I am used to it and, but it was good to hear reminders about the salt, the water, turning the LOC up and down as I need to. But sometimes, I tend to forget about all those things. Because FLFE is just there in the background all the time, and I’m so used to it. But I really believe that if I hadn’t had FLFE in my life, if I hadn’t had it, I might not even be alive now.

And I might be at a very different or lower level of consciousness, a lower level of life experience, and not being really happy at all. And so I am grateful for you.  LOC I think it was inspired by God, the universe, or whatever you want to call it. And I just want to say I appreciate all you guys working on that. Thank you.

Jeffrey – Yes, thank you. Thank you for bringing it to us again. I feel really privileged and grateful to be able to do this work. Clayten found the technology, and we got together, and we were able to bring it to the world in this way. It’s amazing every moment to be on with you and everyone else to hear about your experiences just really brings it home for me.

Clayten – It’s interesting you talk about the quality of life, Ada.  It seems that as we get older and some of our money problems have gone away. Maybe our personal relationship things are settled and cleaned up of the stuff from our past; those are all quality of life issues. It’s just that there seems to be more appreciation for them when we’re not in survival mode. So that’s what I’m hearing from you is at some point, it’s the quality of life that is the meaningful aspect of life. When we have enough material possessions and some basics are taken care of, it’s all about how happy we are. And how present are; we do we get along with ourselves and each other, you know.

Ada – Yes!

Clayten – That’s what gives us meaning.

Jeffrey – Thanks so much for being with us all this time and joining us today on the webinar.

Clayten – And thank you for being a subscriber. I think you’ve come on before and talked with us, so it’s good to hear your voice.

Ada- You’re welcome; thank you for appreciating me too.

Jeffrey – Without you and other subscribers, we couldn’t do this. We couldn’t keep bringing more and more people and give away the gifts that we give such as the PIFs. There’s only so much we can do by ourselves, but when you all are part of doing it, it has a much bigger effect on the world. A positive effect on the world.

Ada – And that is something else I really appreciate, which is giving away the basic 500 level of consciousness, the PIF. I’ve given it to several different places and people, including several people in my basic family.  My two sons, my mother, and my sister, because I knew they wouldn’t be in a place to have FLFE. And not just financially, but they wouldn’t get it, they just wouldn’t subscribe to it. And I wanted to give them something along with a couple of friends and a mental health group that I went to for almost 30 years. And so, I really appreciate being able to give them a PIF. I feel like I can do something to help out, and you’re helping me help out, too, so thank you for that.

Jeffrey – You’re welcome. Yeah, I have been a part of FLFE from the beginning. And I just saw in the chat someone is asking what it is. And so, from the very beginning, we wanted each subscriber to be able to give a gift of the 500 level of consciousness. And we don’t know where it’s going. And it’s just purely an anonymous gift of love at that level of love. A PIF doesn’t have any other programs or anything on it. But it has always been an integral part of FLFE since the very beginning.

Clayten – And those PIFs stay on the place you give them; any location in the world. They remain on that place for as long as either one of us owns the business. Just in case one of us happens to leave before the other. So it should be on for decades and decades, let’s hope. We can bring Dawn in now.

Dawn – Hi everybody. Hi, Jeffrey and Clayten, I’ve been a member of this for quite a while. And the only thing I can say right now is you don’t know what you got till it’s gone. With the lockdown, I’ve been home since March 2020. And pretty much by myself that whole time, and I love working at home. And when I used to have to be in the office, every five minutes, I was thinking I have to go for a walk I have to get out of here. It was like fire ants being in the office all the time. And so a little combination story here.

I took care of my elderly parents a lot, and I was finally allowed into their condo about a month ago. And I could barely stay in there. And I had to spend the night helping them out. And I left with the most massive migraine, and my body hurt so badly from just being out of my home, the FLFE environment, and the protection. And so I don’t notice this until I’m not in it.

And I was with a friend who came over who asked me to pet sit for her. And I was saying I do not want to go back in that office because I’ve got this on my home. And she said, “I think you’re just making that up in your head.” So as an aside, this same person asked me to watch her pets while she went away. And I’ve been over to her house several times. The dog is so skittish in her house and the cat, if you go anywhere near her, it just runs and hides. And so she thanked me for pet sitting but explained that the animals are just going to be uptight.

And her animals were in my house for about an hour, and I was lying on the couch. And that cat came in and laid on my chest and then napped on my bed. And she also believed that they’re not going to eat anything., they’re going to be too uptight. But they were sitting in the kitchen looking like, “where is our food bowl?” So those animals were napping all over the place, jumping up, and I take the dog out for a walk, and it was like, okay, well I’m done now let’s get back in the house. The dog pushed the fence open and went in. So that’s where I mostly noticed it and my local friends, with their dogs. They ask, “What’s going on in your house? My dog just wants to come in there.”

So I don’t know.  One person did say you’ve got some high consciousness going on in there, I think. As I said, I don’t particularly notice it when I’m in here. But I’ve had it for years now, and I notice it when I’m gone. I just I’m just like crawling and can’t wait to get back home. And I am praying that I don’t have to go back into that office in November or December. So because I just don’t know how I’m going to stand it. I had it on my phone in my office; I had both at home and my phone. But that didn’t seem to work as well as if I just was sitting kind of all day long in it at my home.

So I just wanted to share that with you. The animals were very cute. They were very relaxed. In fact when she walked in, they just looked at her, you know, like, hi. And my friend thought, well that is interesting! So anyway, I just wanted to share that with you. I love this service. Thank you very much for all that you do. And I hope that I’m not somebody that has to lose my job. I looked at my account today to figure this into my budget calculations for next year because I’m too old to worry about getting other jobs. So anyway, I just wanted to share that it’s a lovely animal story. And I thank you for everything. I just love having this around me. So God bless you all, thank you for your lives here

Clayten – That is a great story, Dawn, and if you have to go back to the office, you can switch it from your home to your office; the only thing we would ask is that you put up, say a hydration chart somewhere maybe in the lunchroom anonymously, so that people are encouraged to hydrate.

Dawn – Well, first of all, I’m gonna go with the idea that I never have to go back in there. And then my next argument is only one day a week, and I’d be sharing it with somebody. So I’m pushing really hard that I never have to go back. And so and with all the new federal restrictions, like whatever anybody’s politics are here, I’m not going to go into that, but that just doesn’t work for me. So anyway, thank you.

Jeffrey – Yeah, thank you, Dawn; thanks for talking to us today. It’s been great to have you on; that is a great story.

Clayten – And you could give your friend that with the dog and cat the 30 days day Free Trial if she’s open to receiving that and see if she notices.

Dawn – Well, she thinks everything I come up with is woo-woo. She takes quite a delight and negating most of my ideas about anything. So but that’s neither here nor there. That’s her right. Whatever.

Clayten – At least you could give her a PIF anonymously.

Dawn – I might try that. Okay. I’ll try that.

Clayten – It might soften her up a little bit.

Dawn – Or at least keep the animals happy.

Jeffrey – Yes, keep them happy. Thanks again Dawn, it is great to have you with us.

Clayten – You are a good storyteller.

Jeffrey – Well, we don’t have any hands up. We could check the Q&A.  How are you for time, Clayten? We’ve got quite a few.

Clayten – Saturdays are easier. We’re not up so late on a Tuesday night which was harder on you. I mean, you’re three hours ahead of us. You were starting at 9 PM.

Jeffrey – Yes, Judy was talking about sleep, how much better she’s sleeping, and it’s something we’ve been hearing very consistently. It was in one of the testimonials that Maria brought to us as well. So it seems to be across the board. And we really saw that particularly start with the EMF Mitigation. We conducted the EMF Mitigation preliminary study. And sleep was one of the things people reported that kind of the tension of the EMFs in the environment was, I guess, keeping them awake. So that feeling of tension in the body can keep us awake, so that’s pretty consistent. So we do often hear that people sleep better.

Clayten – Yes, I liked what Dawn said; we don’t notice what we have until it’s gone. If we don’t sleep well for a couple of nights, it’s hard to maintain our moods. It’s hard to be happy when we’re exhausted. So that can really change a person’s life.

Jeffrey – People are asking why there’s not a Slider on the FLFE Everywhere version. And that’s a good question. The Slider on the property is there in the Control Panel. It’s called the Consciousness Controller. Making that change up and down the Slider takes less energy than in a moving object or phone in a stationary property. If you think about it, if we’re driving down the highway at 70 miles an hour and then change the Slider, there’s such a big energy increase that would occur if that were the case. So it’s something that we’ve talked about that could happen in the future as we have more power available in the system.

And the other piece of that is that the property also includes the clearing and the geographic stress mitigation. So it’s more of a promise. You know that the property will be at that level. There’s just more positive energy flowing in on the Phone service, actually at a higher level at 575. And it’s not a guarantee that it will be at that level because of other influences in the land.  The EMFs and so forth are taken care of, but not the geopathic stress in the previous consciousness there.

Clayten – Yes, the 2021 FLFE Everywhere service uses 2000 times the amount of energy as the average Home service. Still, Jeff, it’s right around that. So that’s part of it. If we had a Slider on that, it would be surging as you’re moving it up and down, and for a FLFE Mobile, it is just extremely energy-consuming.

Jeffrey – Wow, this is something! Are you seeing what Lou is saying? It’s very private, and I won’t say their last name. So they felt like they wanted to be dead since they were 40. And that there was a depression, the brother was depressed and took his life. And this person is now 70 and has been in FLFE for around a year. And where there was once  a death wish, there’s now peace and joy, and a huge sense of freedom.

Clayten – That’s just how things happen once in a while. And I feel it’s almost like a miracle.

Jeffrey – Yeah. I can hardly read anymore; it’s so moving. Thank you for sharing. This is very private; we really do appreciate your sharing with us.

Clayten – I understand, I’ll read the rest. Lou talks about the cat and how it has changed, and the greenhouse is flourishing. Less food seems to do more. That’s true; we find many people are more satiated with the Energize Nutrients Program. So thank you for sharing your story, Lou; that’s beautiful. I’m glad to be part of that.

Jeffrey – Yes, it is a privilege to be part of that.  And to be able to assist this to happen as the stewards of this technology.

Clayten – Someone is s asking about the Free Trial. “Is there such a thing as too much FLFE, too much of a high consciousness field?” The process of raising our consciousness isn’t always comfortable, that’s for sure. And so, any high consciousness field will typically cause an evolutionary stimulus. It depends if we’re higher than the field or if the field has certain characteristics that we need. But most of us have to spend energy to compensate for the level of consciousness in our environment. So if we  are at say 500 on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness, and the environment is 400 on the Hawkins scale, then we’re having to compensate for the energy In the environment.

And there is a possibility depending on where Lou lived, that there could be a very negative geopathic stress zone on that property, pulling the life force out of the people. And so changing that will change someone’s life. We’ve seen that enough times now. And that’s not exclusive to FLFE. I’ve had the most places I’ve lived in Feng Shui’d for the last probably 15 years. And I’ve always noticed the energy is better and a Feng Shui’d environment. So it’s a principle of life. It’s not exclusive to us.

Jeffrey – So Alina is saying that she set up a Property subscription for her son’s house back in July. “Last week, my son suddenly decided to take advantage of the seller’s property market and put his house up for sale. Yesterday, the first buyer came to see the house and made an offer immediately. Thank you, FLFE and the Boosts”, she says. Now, all the formalities will take place, and he’ll be moving out in a month. And Alina asks, “Will I be able to put his Property subscription on hold indefinitely until he purchases a new house? Or should he cancel after he moves out of there?” We have had that situation before where properties sell very quickly when they’re on FLFE.  There are no guarantees, of course. But I think at one point, Clayten, you did a little research on properties that were for sale and hadn’t sold for more than a year, and the average LOC was like 190 or something.

Clayten – Yes, it was 190.

Jeffrey – So that that definitely can help to have a property feel good. We do ask that people put a PIF if they can on the house. I mean, it’s like a bait and switch, it’s such a good feeling house when they buy it, and then when they move in, it doesn’t feel as good. So it would be a great thing to do to put a PIF on the house as well. And you can suspend your subscription if you like until your son gets a new house. Or you can give him a Phone subscription; he could have a subscription on his phone during that time. So whatever works best for you and your family.

Clayten – I see a question similar to Gail’s experience. She’s concerned that FLFE could cause a health crisis for a sick neighbor. When we put our home on FLFE, the neighbor’s property will typically go to about 500. So if you put your home on a property and you have people beside you and behind you, or maybe in front of you, it’s typically not the case; you’re basically kind of getting a PIF to all the homes around you. And the PIFs don’t have the same level of intensity because the energy is about 500. And it’s just the effect of the 560 radiating outwards; it doesn’t have the same positive effect as FLFE, even though it can transform a neighborhood. We’ve heard many stories about neighborhoods transforming because of just one property. So the likelihood of that happening, Gail, is much less significant than on a FLFE subscriber’s home. And only perhaps 1% of people around them, maybe less, have a healing crisis.

Jeffrey – The FLFE environment has the Programs, benefits and thoughts supporting our livers to function. And our kidneys, gall bladder, brain, all this other support that’s there is not in the PIF or Pay it Forward. It’s not on the adjacent properties. So those can support the body to heal and to move forward. It’s evolution, both spiritual evolution, but also a physical kind of optimization. So that’s not present in these adjacent properties. So it would be even less, as Clayten said, I wouldn’t expect really any negative effect on anyone. And by negative, I mean that they’re in a healing crisis somehow, and it might be beneficial to be in that healing crisis, but it may not feel good.

Clayten – Yes, short-term discomfort. Absolutely. Someone is saying that they wonder if the perfume of living in this environment follows us when we go out into the world. That’s an interesting metaphor; I’ve noticed the reaction of animals and kids differently.

Jennifer mentioned that in the Q&A. And what happens, Jennifer, is that the average FLFE subscriber goes up 30 points in consciousness in 90 days if they’re spending 24 hours a day in an FLFE environment. It’s a little less if they’re spending 8 or 12. But with that rise in consciousness, we radiate more positive energy in the world. And so, animals and children seem to not have as many filters as humans do in lovingness that’s coming towards them. So it’s very possible that your level of consciousness rising is affecting how the world is responding to you.

Jeffrey – It’s an interesting thought, Clayten, that animals and children respond more naturally to increased love in the environment. That’s beautiful.

Clayten – There is one more here. Someone says, “I’ve been feeling unmotivated and tired lately, and it’s been hard to focus in the last few weeks.” There could be a couple things going on. One, you could be at that plateau that Judy talked about earlier, where the body is gathering its resources to make the next positive step in consciousness or in health. Of course, they are both connected. It could be that you have a bad habit that has caught up with you. Say if you’ve been eating something that isn’t good for you, and it could be an unconscious habit that you don’t know the effect of.

I know I have a bit of a wheat sensitivity; I don’t do well with it. So if I don’t eat wheat, I’m much better off; If I eat a lot of it, it slows me down. And I’m just recognizing that pattern. So if you have something like that, where you don’t know that it’s affecting you over the long term, that could really cause a problem. So there are many things that could be going on. The state of the world has been, you know, pretty hard. I think in the last year and a half, I’ve seen more mental health challenges in friends and coworkers than I’ve seen in my life. So it’s a pretty hard time on many people being alive right now with all the shutdowns. So you might be thinking of another possibility, Jeff.

Jeffrey – Definitely, hydration affects me that way. When I’m tired and not able to get much done, I’ll check my hydration, and it’ll be low. So it’s really something to track. And many of us think we drink a lot of water. And then when we track it, we find it may seem like a lot, but it’s not at the level that most doctors recommend, which is our body weight in pounds, half that number of ounces per day. And if I miss taking my liter and a half to two liters in the morning, because I’m in a hurry, and I have to go somewhere. I’m really behind the eight ball, then.

Clayten – Yes, it’s hard to catch up, Jeff; I’m the same way if I don’t get in the morning. It’s like I’m trying to catch up all day. And then I’m drinking it late at night, and I’m getting up in the middle of the night. So that early morning habit is a good habit.

Jeffrey – So that could be happening as well here. Well, this has really been a great webinar.  It’s been awesome to have everyone on and hear so many transformational stories that are so touching. It didn’t end up to be much of a contest who could make the tears flow first; that happened with the very first call.

Again, we remind you that everyone will be getting the email with the link to give away a 30 day Free Trial to someone and spread it around on Monday. We really wanted to celebrate freedom and to spread the word, so get creative with that as you will.  Please put it anywhere you would like to just spread it around. Someone on the chat is mentioning it; they’re going to post it. That’s great. You know, let’s let people try it.

So maybe I’ll close out and then pass it to you, Clayten. I feel so filled up to overflowing with all of your stories and with privilege and gratitude for what we have and that we’re able to bring this to you and continue to improve it. And it’s not work, you know, I am so filled up and love so much what we’re doing together Clayten it’s so great to be with you all today. So I’ll just pass it on to Clayten. I’m kind of in a speechless state here.

Clatyen – I notice myself over the years recommitting to FLFE. And Jeff and I had businesses before this that were doing well, and we didn’t have to do this, but it has become a source of incredible joy in my life. And it is a business and it is work, and you know, we have to show up and go through all the details of running a business, and while I don’t always like that, I love the results. And it’s a lot of work being in business trying to serve humanity, make a profit, and pay people well. And I want to let you all know that your stories help me recommit to the business and recommit to being of service. And I’m glad to get a paycheck from FLFE, but your stories are as meaningful to me as a paycheck, which helps me recommit to being in more service.

And I know that our staff at the office really appreciate hearing your stories as well. You might not realize how much it affects people to be part of positive change in your lives. So please share your stories and share your challenges too. You know life is hard sometimes. And if you’re struggling and we can help you, we will try. And I think with that, I’m complete Jeff.