Transforming the Energy of a Mobile Phone

May 4, 2017

(0:00)Erin – Welcome everyone, today we will be talking about the new FLFE Everywhere. If you would like to ask a question we’ll have an opening space to ask and answer questions, please put your questions in the chat area. And that’s the best way that we can respond to you. And note that we’re willing to go up to an hour and a half if you have to leave at any time, blessings on your way. And until then, we’re so thankful you’re here with us. So now, without further ado, I’ll go ahead and introduce Jeffrey Stegman and Clayten Stedmann, the founders of Focused Life Force Energy.

Jeffrey – Hello everyone we are glad to see you with us and we’re really excited. I must say I’m very excited about FLFE Everywhere and some of the new things we’ve discovered just in the last week, just in the last couple of hours even; there are some very exciting things.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann. Welcome, and we are thrilled about this new breakthrough and we‘ve been having a lot of questions about electromagnetic fields in the last few months and we’re doing more research on how to measure that influence. This is our first big breakthrough on that and so we’ll share that with you soon.

Jeffrey – I‘ll give you a little bit of background on FLFE Everywhere. It started out as our desire to be in the field all the time. We had FLFE on Home and Business and, and during travel staying in different places like hotel rooms, we really wished we had it with us. And at first, we would change the addresses everywhere we went and that got a little tiresome after a while, so we started out using crystals and photographs and we used the FLFE field to entangle or associate with the crystal using a photograph and then we created a field around that crystal.

And that’s evolved greatly since then into today’s FLFE Everywhere and just last Friday the 28th is when we switched on FLFE Everywhere. Prior to that, we had it on a personal object which we called FLFE Mobile. And now FLFE Everywhere offers the choice of using a cell phone so you can have your cell phone as your FLFE Everywhere Object, or you can use a personal object with the photograph. So that was a big breakthrough in itself and its super easy, on the website, it is fast. If you want to do a Free Trial, or have a Subscription, all you do is put in your country of origin for your cell phone, and then your area code and a local number for the cell phone and it’s on, it’s very fast. For an FLFE Personal Object, it takes a photograph, and the photograph needs to be on a white piece of paper so that all you see is the object and it takes a little more time. But people like to wear a pendant against their skin or a ring or some personal item like that.

The exciting things that we have to talk about partly are the cell phone breakthroughs that Clayten mentioned with the energies emitted by a cell phone. So I think first we’ll just go a little bit more into FLFE and let’s just talk about Dr. David Hawkins and the Map of Consciousness Clayten. Some people who are joining us may not be familiar with the Map of Consciousness and we will be talking about numbers on that Map during the talk tonight.

Clayten – Yes, it’s good to always get us on the same page as everybody else. Anytime you work in a specialized field you develop your own language. And so the language we’re using tonight, part of it is around measuring of consciousness using advanced kinesiology or muscle testing as some of you may know it. The best scale that we found to do that is the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. It’s called the Map of Consciousness; we call it the Hawkins Map because Dr. David Hawkins created it. His best-known book is probably  Power vs Force. It was a New York times bestseller so you can check your library, you might have one at home that you either have read or haven’t read. (5:00) And certainly you can get it from any major bookstore. And, of course, you can get it online very quickly. So, the Hawkins Map of Consciousness goes from zero to infinity and each level of consciousness is logarithmic or rather the scale is logarithmic. And each point on the Map of Consciousness is 10 points higher than the previous point. So, 101 is 10 times more powerful than 100.

Each level of consciousness also has a certain number of microwatts associated with it so that’s a certain amount of electricity or life force, as we call it, not that electricity and life force are the same, but there is a correlation. So, when we’re talking about the difference between say 575 and 580  tonight, which we’ll talk about, that is 580 to the power of 10 and it’s 575 to the power of 10. So, 5 to the power of 10 is an enormous difference at that level; it’s an enormous amount of energy and we’ll talk later about the amount of energy that the FLFE Everywhere Service has. So that’s a little bit about the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, you can certainly go online and find out about it. And we’ll get into more details about that later.

Jeffrey – The FLFE Everywhere Service creates a bubble or a zone or field around the object or cell phone. And so, the energy is constantly flowing into the object and creating this field. If you had a crystal that you had charged up in some way and carried with you, it could create some effects around it, some field effects around it, but they would diminish over time. And the difference with that is that we’re constantly moving energy to the object or creating this field on an ongoing basis and it’s full strength so as Clayten mentioned, the Hawkins Map is logarithmic.

In North America, the average is around 420 on the Hawkins Map, and the FLFE Everywhere bubble is a 300 –feet radius from the object, so it’s 300 feet out and in that whole distance, the field goes to 555. Now the difference between 555 and 420 is an enormous amount of energy. And I just have to read what you said earlier today, Clayten, because it was such an amazing way to describe it. This 555 field is out in front of you so you’re walking around in the world, you’re going wherever you’re going, and this is clearing the way for you to have a positive experience as you go about your day and it’s lifting the mood of everyone around you and that’s one of the benefits of this field.

And then one of the things that we’ve built into it is that people feel better, and it lifts their mood so as you’re walking around, you’ve got this bubble of good feeling energy that helps everybody around you. But it also helps your day because the people you encounter are happier. So, it’s lifting that energy, it’s lifting any negative environment that might be there. Whether there’s a historical negative event that happened there or where people had stress or trauma. Or it could be a geopathic stress zone where there are electricity and water moving and causing some kind of chaotic zone. So, all of that is cleared, not permanently, but it’s mitigated by this field as you walk around. And it’s also supporting negative history between people to be cleared and as we said, it’s supporting people in this field to rise in consciousness. And it’s supporting them to have a positive view of the holder of the object, so that their intent, their level of consciousness of their intentions toward you rises into the neutral and positive. So that’s all good and that’s in kind of the big zone. Anything else about the big zone or the FLFE bubble as we call it?

Clayten – Yes, I’ve often thought of it as a happy place. (10:00) So, the average home in North America as Jeff said, is about 420 on the Map of Consciousness, so it is an extraordinary increase in the available energy. and it does positively affect everything within it to the degree that it’s present when you’re traveling.

I keep thinking of all the stories we hear about getting your new Service, then going into a coffee shop, or a restaurant and getting better service, and just having the whole place seem to be more harmonious. And we keep getting feedback that things seem smoother and then after a while, you get used to that, so you don’t notice it so much, but it’s still there and it’s nice to be able to share it with other people.

Jeffrey – We’ll get into more specific detail about this bubble because the bubble has components within it with different sort of subfields.  We have the Home and Business Subscriptions, which you could say, are stationary Subscriptions. And they’re doing some things that you can’t do in a moving field or with a moving object and that is, first of all, permanently clearing the negative history that the energetic negative history in the area. So anywhere you go, if there have been humans there for many years and things happen and that that energy tends to stay, especially in crystalline structures, like even rock or stone blocks or drywall. Many of us may have experienced that going to a battlefield where there’s a lot of death and destruction and it just doesn’t feel good. And then on the other side, going to a cathedral or a mosque where people are praying day in and day out, there’s that energy, that feeling is there.

So, as we move around our world with FLFE Everywhere that carries with us, in a home we’re clearing that negative history, which can have a negative effect on you. It can pull at your energy or it takes more of your personal energy to maintain a space. And there are thought forms and other things that can happen so FLFE Home and Business and Non-Profit Subscriptions clear that out. And the second thing that the Home Subscription does is grounding. We’re able with this available energy as we’ve said, you go from 422 to 555, or in the Home Subscription 420 to 560 for the Home Subscription, which is a tremendous amount of energy available. We’re able to use the Programs, which are written Programs that create instructions that create fields and create effects in these fields.

And one of them in the Home Subscription is grounding, where we use that energy to ground each person and animals to the earth. And that’s very positive in a lot of ways for our health and well-being  so we can’t do that in the Mobile. But there are some other great things that we can do in the Mobile that are a bit different than the Home Subscription, because we’re moving around. And we’re encountering people and we’re driving and we’re riding our bicycles and so there are things we can do to enhance that experience as well with FLFE Everywhere.

Clayten – Let’s talk a little bit about the clearing aspect. Anytime you’re in a high consciousness field, there is a compensation for negativity and there’s a distinction because of the compensation and clearing. So, compensation would include a degree of clearing but it’s not to the same effect, as Jeff said, because we’re moving, and you might be on a plane or a train or an automobile. For anything that moves, the amount of power to give you a sense of the difference the FLFE Mobile Service took 20 times the amount of power as the average Home Subscription, or the average Business Subscription.

This Service that we’re talking about takes 100 times the amount of power of the previous Mobile Service so that’s 2000 times the amount of power. We’ve had to wait until we completed the power upgrades to put this on. We’ve been anticipating this for a while and testing, what are the possibilities with this additional power that we have? (15:00) So, it seems that every time we’re able to do a power upgrade, there are more things we can do to give you more value and some of them we realize beforehand, and some of them, we don’t figure out until it’s on and it’s working. And, as Jeff said, some things we only discovered a few hours ago so it’s an interesting process when you do that, because some of it is known, planned for and measurable and some of it is emergent. And so, once we are aware of the emergent possibilities, then we do the Programming to solidify them and create more consistency and less variability.

Jeffrey – Great, I’ll get to the details because this part is really exciting. This is what we discovered just within the last week, so we’ll start at the center of the field, the FLFE Everywhere field and we’ll move outward from there. We’ve already talked about the 300–foot radius effect but as you move around the world, you have this positive bubble, and right at the center of that field is the Object. So now, and this is brand new, as of last Friday, the Personal Object, which is the old FLFE Everywhere which is a mobile phone or cellular phone. These Objects are now going to 580 on the Hawkins Map themselves.

And that was not the case before. We were creating a field around the Objects, but the Object itself is not going up. So this had a very unexpected effect in that when we raise the level of consciousness of the Object itself, first of all, there’s an entrainment that happens that feels good when you pick up the object. The Object is vibrating that like a cell phone, it really feels good in your hand it feels like a powerful, positive energetic thing. And with that Object now being at 580, as soon as it touches something else, that vibration entrains with the vibration of the other Object or person and they start to rise.  So, their vibration starts to match that and starts to go up and now just holding your phone helps you to rise in consciousness. And that’s really cool just on its own and your Personal Object does the same all the time if it’s a pendant on your chest, or whatever it is. So now  when you’re holding your phone, instead of thinking I’m being a slacker and I’m on my phone all the time, now you’re raising your consciousness, right?

But the second thing that we discovered is when we put all those components of that phone, the antennas, the emitters, the chips, everything’s now at a higher level of consciousness, and the energetic emissions of EMF‘s and other energies that the cell phone emits are now harmonized, and they’re positive or supportive of biological life. Now, we have to make the caveat that the way we’re testing this, at this point is using our kinesiology and do you want to talk about that a little Clayten how we test it?

Clayten – Yes, we thought we’d share the inquiry with you so you can either test it yourself or find somebody who has consistent, verifiable results with kinesiology. So, the inquiry we use is that – “This object is supportive of biological life.” And we typically suggest that you test outside of an FLFE environment because it’s usually high in consciousness and you can also use the inquiry – “This object is not supportive of biological life” and you can turn it on and then turn it off, so turn the FLFE Everywhere Service off and give it maybe 30 seconds to have the wave discontinue and for the energy leave and then you would test this object as supportive of biological life. If you do that for the cell phone, and all the cell phones that I’ve tested are not supportive of biological life at least to some degree, different models are less supportive of biological life than others. We won’t have a big chart about which ones are the best, it’s just a yes or no, it’s a binary response and you can do that by logging into your Control Panel and turn the Service on and off (20:00). And you can also just hold it in front of you and see if your body moves towards it or moves away from it.

Or you can test it with your friends if you do muscle testing on each other so when you put your arm out, we can do a self-testing for strength  and then what you can do, if you’re a little more familiar with kinesiology, you can try the inquiry – “All cell phones except those on the FLFE Everywhere service are supportive of biological life.” You can try that to see if you get a yes or no. So, there are ways of comparing the inquiry that we’ve made. We’ve had lots of people that we trust, at least a number that we feel comfortable with, do the same thing. So as Jeff said, that is our claim, we’re not making other claims yet, there will be more research done with certain meters that are pretty accessible to the public and  we really had to sit with making this claim because we’re pretty conservative about our claims, so we encourage you to test it yourself.

Jeffrey – Yes, your body is a sensitive instrument. and you can tell if something is good for you or not. And that’s really the basis of kinesiology, we’re connected to our Innate Intelligence that is way smarter than our brains are and can tell the truth and can tell what is good and not good for us. So you can get on and try this, you can do the Free Trial, and see how it feels to you. And again, as Clayten said, you can try muscle testing it, whether you go strong, or go weak with the Service on and off and we’re excited to do some further research in other ways to prove this out so we will be looking for a University or another technical partner that can help us to do the testing to determine this in other ways. So,  if you have resources like that, and you’re interested in working with us on testing this, please contact us; we’d love to find other ways of confirming this. We’re confident in our testing and the millions of calibrations we’ve done, and when I pick up my cell phone, it feels good LOL and that’s my other test here.

So that was an exciting piece here that this harmonization can happen. And an Object that we have around us all the time can be supportive of biological life instead of negative. So that’s the center of the field, the center of the 300–foot bubble is the Object and it’s at 580 and then moving out from that within a four–foot radius, the field is at 575. That’s a pretty high field, people know from being in the home environment that 560 feels really good and 575, of course, is 15 points, or 10, to the 15th power, more energy and one of the reasons is we’re creating with this four– foot radius, a really nurturing health environment and we’re calling that sort of a health cocoon, like a love and a health cocoon.

And within that, we have all of the Health Programs that we have developed for FLFE. So, the health Programs, again are written instructions, they go into the field, they provide information, vibration, and information in the field, and the body’s Innate Intelligence takes that information and uses it for healing. And it’s specific help for the body for the Innate Intelligence to get these things done. And, you know, number one is the environment has so much more energy that the body can now use that energy for healing.

Then we have the instructions, like having a medical textbook, in fact, it is literally a medical textbook, in some cases, in this field. The additional energy is also important with the FLFE Everywhere because it’s with you all the time. So, in the Home environment, you’re in the environment, you leave the environment, you come back to the environment, and so the body is stopping and starting these healing processes. (25:00) We see in a 24/7 environment, a lot faster progress raising in consciousness and in health. And you might wonder why we focus on health.  Our main focus has been on  raising consciousnesses, our mission is to support the optimal conditions for human evolution and that includes physical because when we feel good, when we’re vital and healthy and strong in the world,  we can evolve more quickly, and health can be the restraint at times.

Clayten – Yes, for any of us that have experienced chronic pain, or any kind of debilitating illness, probably  when you get north of 50, or even 40, you’ve had at least one experience where you’ve suffered physically, it is hard to stay present, it is hard to be grateful, it is hard to be connected to the people around us and so the physical body is the foundation of our spiritual evolution in many ways. So, we believe in mastering the basics and going back to the basics and so we want to have a healthy, pain free body, that doesn’t take a lot of our attention to take care of any more than is necessary. And just for those of you who may have thought, well, if this phone is at 580 now, if my level of consciousness or this Mobile Object is at 580 if my level of above 580 is it withdrawing energy or detracting or taking energy, and it’s not. If you were at, say, 590 and you were spending some of your 590 energy on compensating for the non-supportive life influence of the cellular phone, and you are probably using some of your 590 energy to compensate for other non-supportive electronic devices in our environment. You know, we’re all benefiting from those in terms of convenience and ease of getting things done and there is some type of price we’re paying for that because of the electronic smog that we all live in. We’re not experts on that and we just wanted to mention that it’s not detracting from anything.

Jeffrey – Whatever level of consciousness we are, it takes energy to stay there. And so, having this high energy environment around us just helps us to conserve that energy and use it for healing in the body for rising in consciousness for personal energy and for getting things done. So the Health Programs just to go through them quickly, is the Immune system. And these are Optimization Programs that are built into the four-foot personal health cocoon around the Personal Object, or cellular phone. It’s an Antioxidant Program that optimizes the body’s ability to absorb antioxidants and produce antioxidants. We’re finding that it’s raising our antioxidant levels up dramatically, which is very good for our health and well-being. The GI Tract Optimization is helping optimize our GI tract, our balance of microorganisms and our absorption of food and water. The Liver, Kidney, and Gallbladder is another important one.  These are our filtering organs, working to optimize those for things to flow gracefully and optimally through those organs in order to support the healing processes that we’re in. And then finally, it’s Anti–Stagnation, which is a bit like acupressure in that it’s helping the energetic system to flow and to overcome or clear out blockages or constraints to flow so that we can have this life energy flowing throughout our organs, our bodies and all parts of us. And that’s really important to keep that flowing for disease and for well-being and for health and healing. so that Anti -Stagnation is also part of the 24/7 bubble. Anything else on that Clayten?  (30:00)

Clayten – Yes, we’ve talked about the Liver, Kidney Gallbladder Optimization, the liver, kidney, and gallbladder are the primary filtering organs of the body obviously, and they’re really a cornerstone, if not the cornerstone in our health unless you have a particular condition. So that was one of the first big Health Programs that we focused on to support the liver, kidney, and gallbladder in staying strong, self-regulating in such a way that it doesn’t accumulate deposits. We’ve all heard of gallstones. There are also kidney stones, some of you heard of those and liver stones, which are less known. They’re just finding ways now to identify liver deposits.

In the research that I’ve done, they are calling it a condition; Fatty Liver. It’s just the technology isn’t there to see those deposits as well as gallstones, especially, I think because the calcification of gallstones makes it easier for them to be seen and also, the calcification of kidney stones as well. So, we support the Innate Intelligence within the organs to self-regulate and optimize themselves because those organs are key to our well-being.

Jeffrey – Great, thanks for that Clayten, a critical piece of the health is the kidney, liver, and gallbladder because it really lets us heal at a much faster rate than we could with those clogged up. So let’s continue outward in the bubble from the center zero to four feet in this nurturing health cocoon. From zero to nine feet, and this is somewhat new, in the last week, something we’re calling an Enhanced Personal Support Zone so, within these nine feet, is the ability to concentrate and focus, an enhanced ability to have a quiet mind. This is helpful in schoolwork kind of situations, people working at home in a home business, where it helps you to be able to get down to it and clear your mind of things that are distracting you.

Meditation is sort of in that same zone. and this Personal Support Zone is focused on the mind, so meditation is another piece of that and that’s where a quiet mind is also important. And so, this is support for you to have a deeper meditation to connect more quickly to be at a higher consciousness level in your meditations. And then another piece is relationship and communication in the zone because, within nine feet, you’re talking to people, you’re interacting you’re with your loved ones and so there’s support in this nine–foot zone for loving communication.

And there’s a stimulation of the heart chakra that happens in this high consciousness zone, it’s really the heart, unconditional love zone. So, your heart chakra is stimulated with more support to love yourself and to love others around you and more harmony and deeper connection with people. And also, in communication, it’s interesting, we can support people in the field with the Programs with this information in the field and one of them is to just be a better listener, it’s support to pause and listen, and to find the right words in responding when talking to people. And also, to feel empathy, to feel the other person but in a way that that is good for you that that doesn’t break down any appropriate personal space that you have or your judgment so that’s an interesting one. Do you want to talk about that anymore Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, we’ve spent some time looking at what we would like to have around us all the time and having an enhanced short term memory was a good one. (35:00) So, we had some cheers from a few people when we talked about that one because it seems that with the level of multitasking in today’s world, that short term memory, which I call “ram” is getting a little more stress. So we put some support in there for short term memory that relates to what Jeff has talked about in terms of finding the right words to say, sometimes it’s overwhelming, or it can be overwhelming in a situation where things are personal and so we’re exploring new ways to enhance that we’ve got some traction on it already and we may be able to find more ways to increase that ability.

Another thing we’re aware of is spatial awareness, or the ability to be aware of any potential objects that may harm us or anything that may cause an accident. So, you’ve included an increased spatial awareness or optimal spatial awareness, as we’re calling it so that we have a heightened sense of awareness, or the ability to observe what is around us. We have a natural sixth sense as humans about our environment, we’re always scanning things, even if we’re not aware of it, it’s a basic survival mechanism. So, we’ve included that in the Program to optimize our ability to respond with our noticing things, so there’s an increased ability to, like, the way I think about it is if I’m coming up to an intersection, and I see the light turn yellow, my assumption is that I’m going to be able to respond quickly to get on the brake pedal, and slowing down, or just seeing.  I’ve noticed even today since we’ve upgraded is that there’s more awareness of what’s going on around me that doesn’t seem to take any more energy, but it’s still pretty fresh so we’ve included that in there.

Jeffrey –  And that response time is part of that as you’re saying it’s like how quickly do you get on the brake pedal?

Clayten – That’s just a metaphor I haven’t had a lot of experience with pulling up to an intersection yet and measuring my response time, but it just seems that there’s more light around, it’s a strange thing to say, but that’s my sense of it.

Jeffrey – And today, there are just so many distractions. There are our phones beeping at us and the radios, there’s so much going on around us that is distracting, and it is good to focus on what’s around, what’s there. And that was the support that we added.

Clayten – Yes, just to be able to delineate what’s important, like what’s urgent, and what’s important, you know, the phone ringing may be urgent, but it may not be an important call. And so those are some of the distinctions that we’re energetically kind of enhancing into the environment and ideally, this is not going to take any more energy for you to manage. The intent is that the technology is supporting us to have those increased awarenesses without it costing us personal energy. That’s the benefit of the 24/7 flow where, as Jeff mentioned earlier, we may be able to charge up an object like a crystal or a pendant or something unless you’re continuing to recharge it, it diminishes in its capacity. There is nothing wrong with that, it’s just the way it works. So, with the 24/7 support, it just leaves you more resources to be present.

Jeffrey – Yes, and we’ve talked about the body’s Innate Intelligence and that is a largely unconscious intelligence that we have that we tap into with kinesiology, with pendulums there’s an inner knowing or a feeling that something’s not right, or that someone’s not telling you the truth. I mean, we all have that ability to hear the truth and to know things. And our Innate Intelligence works to support it through the available energy that’s in the field and the last thing in this nine–foot bubble, is the Innate Intelligence to protect the body. So, in a situation where, say, you’re in an accident, way beyond our conscious ability is our Innate Intelligence to protect ourselves and to get ourselves away from say an oncoming high-speed object that our conscious mind didn’t even register yet. (40:00) There’s that innate ability to really protect ourselves and to move and we’re supporting that with the energy and the information in the field as well. So that’s the zero to 9 feet the sort of the enhance personal support zone, up Erin are there questions for us at this point?

Erin – Yes Jennifer has asked – “Isn’t a field of coherence, a balance of both electric and magnetic frequencies?”

Clayten – I’ve been reflecting on this, Jeff so I would say that coherence includes and transcends both electric and magnetic frequencies. That might be a bit pedantic or picky to say it that way, but my understanding of coherence comes through the Heart Math Institute.  And having those little clips on you, as you watch your heart go in and out of coherence and noticing how your thinking affects coherence. And I don’t think it can be limited to both electric and magnetic frequencies, I think it would include those and I think it would transcend them. That’s a good question.

And I like the Heart Math Institute, if you haven’t heard about it, they do really good work. They do great research and they’re one of our sources of information when we’re testing the level of consciousness of our Programs. So, when we’re writing these Programs, we’re writing a context out of what we want to achieve. and then we’re writing in the highest level of consciousness truths that we can find about that subject and we go to many sources of information, and one of them is Heart Math, they are an integrous organization.

Erin – Patty is saying – “You guys are wizards, and so smart, I’m thankful for what’s being done and for what you guys are doing. Have you noticed any positive effects for people with Parkinson’s?”

Clayten – I‘m just trying to think of the testimonials and of course, that’s anecdotal evidence and I don’t recall any people talking about Parkinson’s, Jeff I do recall testimonials about a lot of different things.

Jeffrey – Yes, certainly with ADD and learning and other kinds of brain functions, we’ve had a positive effect. And we do know that in the brain, is the flow through rate of energy. If you study Chinese medicine, you have the flow of Chi or life force energy flowing through different parts of the body and if there’s an impingement something can happen in the brain, and if you don’t have flow through in a particular area, it can cause effects. So, our Anti-Stagnation helps to sort of keep things moving gently through those impingements, or around those impingements, in order to keep the flow going. We don’t have specific research or information on Parkinson’s yet, it would be interesting to do a little more in-depth study on it. We are doing some work; other Brain Programs that are not on the FLFE Service at this time, but the increased energy in the field does allow the body to heal in lots of different ways, including the brain. So, it’d be really interesting to see.

Clayten – We’re beta testing things all the time, we have multiple levels of beta tests going on and we are working on a Brain Program now; we’re beta testing ourselves on it, in fact. (45:00) I just wanted to mention that when we’re testing the level of consciousness of this information, we’re putting it into the field around the person, so the Innate Intelligence can access it easier. It’s not that it isn’t accessible under ideal conditions but sometimes and maybe a lot of times ideal conditions are present in the world and so, when we have this high consciousness highly truthful, measured information in the field, not only does this positive energy allow us to access our Innate Intelligence more, but we found that highly calibrated truth in a high consciousness field, helps us access even more information quicker. So, that’s something I think worth saying here but I don’t think we mentioned that tonight. It‘s a common thought and Patty just mentioned that she’ll let us know any difference, so we appreciate that Patty.

Jeffrey – Anything else Erin or should we move to the next the stage of the journey?

Erin – Yes, it looks like we’ve got two similar questions and I just wanted to say to we do really appreciate everybody’s feedback, because we’ve got different things that people are working with and just hearing how that comes in is how we can spread more information to more people and understand the service better. So, again, thank you for your feedback.

We have two similar questions about FLFE Everywhere how it can be the phone or can be this other object. I‘ll just read them both to you and we can discern. “I am very interested in comparison of FLFE for cell phone and for another object jewelry without EMF effects, and someone says they use it on their wristband. and would you recommend actually moving the Subscription from the wristband to the mobile phone, or is it receiving the same energy?”

Jeffrey – Yes, I can speak to that. This Service is really now the same on both a cell phone and a personal object. The difference with the cell phone is the mitigation of the EMF’s and other energies that are emitted. So that’s a benefit that you get using the phone and the nice thing about a piece of jewelry is that it’s on your skin all the time so you’re receiving the benefit of the entrainment with the high consciousness object. Either way, it’s your personal choice, the only difference is the mitigation or the harmonization of the energy from the cell phone. If you spend a lot of time with your cell phone, if it’s in your hand all the time, if you’re one of those people that it’s your personal office that you carry with you and you’re working on it all the time, there may be an advantage to use the cell phone. But if you’re not a user like that, and you wear jewelry a lot and you’d like to have it against your skin, then I would go that way. But the benefits are there for both.

Erin – Beautiful, it looks like at this point, if you’d like to take another step forward, we can come back to questions in a little bit as they keep coming in.

Jeffrey – OK, great. So, we talked about the object itself, we went from zero to 9 feet out and that’s its radius from the object. So again, we said from zero to 4 feet, 575 is the level of consciousness that the vibration and the energy there. And then from 4 to 15 feet, it’s 565. So again, that’s very high, it’s a nice environment. So, it’s 15 feet around you and you’re carrying that with you, as you walk down the sidewalk, as you go into the office, as you walk into your home to kiss your loved one. So,  it’s proceeding you and that 15 feet around you at that pretty high level. And then from there to 300 feet is the 555 that we mentioned before and in that zone are all the other benefits that we mentioned, including having people view you in a more positive way and being uplifted themselves into a higher level of consciousness around you. And that’s really the whole FLFE Everywhere bubble out to 300 starting with the object. So that’s where we are now, we do have some other Programs we’re working on for the field that aren’t there yet, but we’ll let you know when it happens. Watch for the newsletter we’re going to be announcing in the newsletter which will be more regular on a monthly basis or close to it. (50:00) And we will announce changes to the Programs in the newsletter and then you can see if you notice what happens afterward. So, that’ll be an interesting experiment for us all.

Erin – It looks like we’ve got another question here. But first, can we talk a little bit about the Control Panel? In the control center, you’ve mentioned a few times that you can turn it on and off. So, you do that by logging in, you can go on the website in the Member’s Login section and put in your email and password and you can actually turn it on and off. This is available for both the Home and the Phone Free Trial; it’s not available on a Mobile Object at this point, just to be clear with some specifics. Would you like to talk about that?

Jeffrey – Yes, there’s one more point the Mobile Phone itself was easier to add a Control Panel to so both the Free Trial and the Subscription of the FLFE Mobile Phone has a Control Panel, it was a bit more difficult with the Personal Object because you could have multiple personal objects many people do. And so, it’s hard to associate a Personal Object with a Control Panel,  but with a cell phone and a cell phone number, there’s only one cell phone number attached to the FLFE Mobile Phone per customer record. So, you would be associated with an email address.  If you wanted to add a second mobile phone to the Service, you would want to do it on another email address and then each one would have a Control Panel for that and it’s a nice feature to have. Many people say why would I ever turn that off? But it’s fun to experiment with, particularly with a group of people and you want to see if people feel it and particularly after it’s been a few months and people wonder is it still working? So, it’s a way to turn it on and off.

Erin – I also want to clarify when putting in the number, you put in the country, so you don’t have to put in a country code. You put in the number as though you’re dialing locally in the country, so maybe you want to talk about that.

Jeffrey – Yes, that’s right. You’re entering in the country of origin for the cell phone itself so if you travel somewhere else, and you get a cell phone there, then you would enter that country. You know, it’s where the cell phone service originates, that’s the country that you’re using. And then it’s the area code in the local number; it’s how you would dial it if you’re dialing somebody in the country. So as Erin said, there’s no country code and you also don’t need to put the 1 in front of it. In North America, if you put it in, it doesn’t make a difference; it still works. but you don’t need to put it in. So, just put in the area code in the regular phone number and that takes care of it.

Clayten – It’s a good question. Erin is the head of our Free Trial team, so she gets all these questions all the time. And when you’re getting those all day, every day, you want to make sure that people know as much as possible about the technical aspects. We program things as much as possible to compensate for just natural human error, you know, we’re going on and we’re registering  and if we type something in, we’ve compensated for whether or not you spell Street out or just use St, things like that, we have all those things, you know, we’ve programmed for those eventualities into all of our database now and so it makes it easier for all of us.

I was going to say, about your comment, Jeff, one of the reasons that we wanted to have an On/Off switch on the Control Panel, is that we want to empower you. And it’s easy to become acclimatized to the new environment in such a way that you don’t recognize how nice it is to be in a high consciousness field. We‘ve actually had customers that had been on the Service on for a year and of course, it’s if it’s on your home, it’s radiating into the whole neighborhood. So, it may be 560 on your lot and then 540 on your neighbors, and 525 or 530 on the next lot out. (50:00) And we’ve had several people now once a doctor,  named Carl, Jeff and another lady named Pamela who had a Subscription on for about a year.  Pamela wasn’t sure if she was going to renew it, and then she realized that all of the really noisy neighbors around her in her neighborhood had moved away in the last year. And the one particular neighbor whose dog used to come over and dig wheelbarrow full-sized holes in her garden, that neighbor moved away. And so, what happens in a high consciousness field is that it repels negativity or pushes it away. And people who are negative will tend to avoid high consciousness energy and there’s no attack on them; it’s just a natural phenomenon. So, if you have it on your home, it kind of blesses all your neighbors and the whole neighborhood.

Jeffrey – The other piece that’s kind of interesting about the timeframe is, we do the 15 –day Free Trial and it gives people a taste of the energy and the ability to turn it on and off. And they’ll have some things that happen in their health and in their bodies. But it really takes more time for that to occur, and in around 90 days is when we start to see the system really optimized, and the level of consciousness has risen and is quite a noticeable amount. And it’s a good time to take stock and say, okay, what’s different about my life, what’s different about the amount of energy that I have, and what I can get done in a day and my relationships and my job and my relationship with my children? So, there are different times in the FLFE Subscription, where there are different ways of assessing what’s happening, as Clayten said, we get used to the energy by being in it. And sometimes we need to look around and see what’s happened in our lives to see what may be different.

Clayten – We have more ways, in our laboratory in our minds of giving you enhanced power to experience FLFE, so we won’t talk about those until they’re ready to come out because sometimes it takes a lot longer than we anticipate. But we want to give you as much control as possible so that you are in charge of your experience, and you can validate it in your own way.

Erin – Matthew has a great question that just totally opened up a beautiful segue for us.  “Is there anything that we can do personally to maximize the effects of most of the Mobile FLFE Service, such as practicing mindfulness, prayer, gratitude, etc.? Thank you!”

Jeffrey – That’s great, in fact, that was just the next thing I was going to talk about so thank you, Matthew that’s perfect. Yes, I mean, it’s part of the personal empowerment that Clayten’s talking about is, we’re in this energy and particularly in the FLFE Mobile 24/7 we’re personally raising in consciousness  moving up, and all the parts of us are interested in moving up in consciousness, and we have all this energy, that’s power, to create the life we want to have. And that’s what we can really do is use our intention, use our voice in saying what we want, write down what it is we want, and make steps towards it. And we find that in the high consciousness field, not only do you personally have more power, to create things, you have greater connection with All That Is to ask for help to intuit what’s best for you; to intuit the next step to move forward and so that consciously using your own power to move forward  and create what you what you want to have around you. And I think that’s the biggest personal empowerment of the high consciousness field is the increased power to create your own life.

Clayten – Along those lines, I would add that my experience of being in a high consciousness field for the years that I have been in it, I’ve learned more about how to release negative energy. (1:00:00) So Jeff mentioned asking for help, there are times when I think any of us get into a certain degree of a mood, and we can ask our Higher Power to assist us in coming out of that. We’ve done a lot of research on energetic medicine and so there are different techniques you can use to assist you in moving through the challenging times quicker and with more grace. Last fall, I took a course on nonviolent communication to kind of up level my skills. Energetic medicine is a common field, if you go on YouTube and search energetic medicine videos, you’ll learn different techniques, EFT is a really popular one. So, I would suggest that you look at those Matthew, because there’s more capacity in the field to process out information things will tend to release easier. So, there’s an accelerated development, which reflects in our increased level of consciousness.

Jeffrey – I think the other area of empowerment that’s really interesting is habits, and even addictions. With  increased energy, and increased power we have our personal will; we are more powerful, and we can choose to transcend some old habits that we don’t want to have anymore. So, that’s another area of personal development that we can work on.

Clayten – Yes in the Learning Center we do have a process called the Magnetizing Process and Jeff and I have gifted this to the Subscribers. And we did a lot of research on what are the most effective visualization processes or the processes that help us manifest what we want. And we have some distinctions in that recording about different ways that the mind works, and how to enhance our ability to create, again to create our own life so that’s worth looking at it. It’s a pretty sophisticated process, and a lot of research has gone into it and we’ve had it there for a couple of years. Oftentimes, I think we may forget to mention it, but it still is worth looking at, it’s a good one.

Erin – It is in the Personal Evolution section.

Jeffrey – The Learning Center is a great place to go and these webinars will be up there. Any radio shows or podcasts that we do are there and much more information about how FLFE works, how the Programs work, these specific Programs around the different Services. We haven’t updated the website yet with this new information because it’s so new, you’re the first ones to hear it. So, the website will be updated over the weekend with the new Programs. And the Personal Development page that Erin mentioned is a good one to look at because it addresses some of the things we’re talking about.

Erin – One of the things on that line of personal evolution or personal development that keeps coming up from customers, and I’ve heard you guys talk about it, too, is trusting of the self, the Innate that’s coming forward. I’m hearing more people are trusting themselves more, they’re noticing their intuition is spot on. So, the more we trust ourselves, the more we’re able to receive this truth that’s pouring through us and yes, it’s becoming a common thing that people are noticing, which is pretty cool.  Christopher’s asking –“How does FLFE push the negative energy away? I am  a group fitness instructor and if my clients come to their workout in a negative space, will FLFE make them uncomfortable, or will it help them improve their mood and make them feel better?”

Clayten – Why don’t I address that first because I‘m seeing the word “pushes “negative energy away and I might have said that earlier in my explanation of how it affects negative energy.  I’m not sure I can think of a better word than push away is as it only displaces negative energy. So, it just displaces that; there’s no attack, there’s no push. and it might be just semantics, but I think it’s worth saying. It will help them with their mood, Christopher. And I think Patty also asked a similar question. Now, will it make them feel better? (1:05:00) You can never guarantee anything, because the at the end of all of our Programs, we have a thought that everything is done in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation. What that means is that we are supporting the persons‘ free will. So, our job is not to interfere with your free will. Our job is to enhance your capacity to have a higher quality of life. How you do that is up to you. Or if you don’t choose it, that’s up to you, you just may want to feel good more the time. I know we’re getting into kind of maybe really picky language bits; we don’t want to interfere with your free will, we want to empower you to be a sovereign free person, and experience your life, the way that the Universe is helping you experience it to help you evolve. And that’s how the Universe works, and our own selves are reflected back in our life and if we pay attention to that can learn from it.

Jeffrey – And I would say in in a high consciousness environment, you can be as grumpy as you want to be but it’s a lot harder to hold it; it’s a lot harder to keep it going. And I’ve noticed it in in the gym, working out that the high consciousness energy seems to feed the body. And my fitness coach is kind of constant amazement of what happens, so I think it’s really helpful and we don’t have anything to prove. That’s my own personal experience, but it would be interesting to see what happens with your clients. We do find that having energy available is good for the body for lots of things, including exercise. And, of course, drinking lots of water, you want to make sure you have water bottles on hand for your clients because people get up in the morning and they’re not hydrated and they’re trying to work out. In the high consciousness field, we should make sure because we require more water, as the body is taking that energy in and using it for all sorts of things, including raising consciousness. It takes more water to raise consciousness, which is really interesting. There’s a physical component to all of it. And the liver, kidney, gallbladder Program we’ve built in hydration, caveats, or controls into the Programs, where if you’re not hydrated, enough, the Programs start to come down in effectiveness and down all the way to where they’ll shut off. So, your level of hydration will determine the effect, if you’re really dehydrated. I mean, you’re in the high consciousness field that’s positive but some of these specific programs like for the kidney, liver, gallbladder, you really need water for that to optimize. Drinking lots of water is really helpful and the best thing is just to look at the color of your urine and get it pale yellow to clear and there are charts on the internet about that for athletes. Those are good things to look at and self-regulate, and if you need more water, just keep going. And add some salts, add some electrolytes of some sort. I supplement with boron, and I use trace minerals and I‘ll put a little bit of salt in there as well and that seems to work great.

Erin – Thank you for your tips, Jeff. It looks like Christopher tuned back in and said he has lots of thanks and said he’s only had positive results with his clients so far, that they’ve had a lot of fun workouts and definitely has water bottles available so he’s listening. And thank you for your feedback, Christopher.

Jennifer is commenting – “I have recently switched to FLFE Everywhere from FLFE Mobile. It was an Object before and there was a $25 fee although there was no trial available and I am asking for some clarification because now with FLFE Everywhere I just want to know, is there a difference between FLFE mobile and FLFE object is it two separate entities?”

Jeffrey – The transition to FLFE Everywhere occurred because we added the phone as a separate item. (1:10:00) So, what is now under the category of FLFE Everywhere, is the FLFE Personal Object that is the same, it’s exactly the same as the original FLFE Mobile. So now we’ve enhanced it with increasing the level of consciousness of the Object to 580 but everything else is the same so that process to add additional items is the same. You’d need to submit a photograph, there’s an extra $25 setup fee, because we need to look at that photograph, and make sure it’s in focus to make sure your hand isn’t in it or that it’s just that Object, that it’s not  sitting on a table so the whole table isn’t on FLFE Everywhere. So, you know, we have look at it, we have to make sure it’s right and that takes some extra time and that’s why there’s an extra fee, the cell phone does not require that. And that’s why we can do the Free Trial with it, it’s really easy you put in your country put in the phone number, and it’s done. And we haven’t been able to do a Free Trial with the Object, the Personal Object because of the photo, and the approval of the photo and the extra time that it takes.

Clayten – Yeah, part of the reason why we were working on the cell phone so vigorously was that we wanted to give people an experience of having a Mobile Object or a Portable Object they could use without having to pay a $25 fee. I mean, our prices are highly value-driven, we’re inexpensive and we want people to trust themselves, to experience it, to see if it works for them and if you can do that without having to pay $25, that’s better for everybody. So, that’s one of the drivers of saying we would like to have people have a Portable Object that they can have all the time and they can put it down and then they can go away from it or they can turn it off. And then they’ve had this experience of is this working? or is this not? And so that was one of the drivers of organizing ourselves to have the cell phone Service go on as fast as possible. But you can try it and then once we did the power upgrade, and you actually put the Object on that was a synchronistic bonus that we were able to do it two for one or a double up or whatever you want to call it.

Erin – So, just to clarify, if anybody already has an Object that’s been on, it has been upgraded to all the new FLFE  Everywhere Programs and the Object is now at 580 and so everything that’s put into motion is now applied to every object that’s out there.

Clayten – Yes, that is true. Good point, Erin, thank you. And you can have a Mobile Object and a cell phone, of course, you may not want to carry one with you all the time. And if you are wanting to experiment with the Service and see if you would like it, you can put the cellular phone on at no charge for the Free Trial and then you can say yes, it’s working or no it isn’t. And if it’s yes, then you can put your ring on your necklace or a Mobile Object, so that it’s not on yourself or on your cell phone. And you can do it that way and then you’ll know for sure that it’s going to work for you.

Erin – And does the mobile phone need to be on?

Jeffrey – No, it does not, so we have the FLFE wave and we’re associating or entangling that wave with either a property in the Home and Business Nonprofit or an Object. In the case of the phone, it’s the country of origin and the phone number is unique. And there’s only one object, one cellular phone, it’s the associated with that, or could be an iPad, as well. But there’s only one object with the cellular connection that’s connected to that phone number in that country. So that creates the association. and once you set it up once you’ve signed up, it doesn’t matter whether the phone is on or off it’s still creating the field, it’s still at 580. (1:15:00)

Erin – Thank you, Matthew asked another question and we kind of went there earlier but it’s going to be one of those questions that we know we’re going to get. He says – “There’s a lot of talk about the dangers of overexposure to the negative electromagnetic magnetic field of cell phones. How does the FLFE Cell Phone Service interact or displace that negative energy?”

Clayten – The assumption that we’ve made and it’s a reasonable assumption that because it’s supportive of biological life, there are no negative consequences to having a cell phone close to you. That tested as true with kinesiology and that’s not a claim were making yet that there are no negative influences. We’re really comfortable with the claim that it’s supportive of biological life, I think it’s reasonable to assume the rest. So, I’m careful about claims because we want to make sure that we’re integrous at all times. And I believe that’s true; that there are no negative electromagnetic frequencies that affect you in a destructive way now, and how does it displace the negative energy? Well, I was just doing some thinking about that when the question came up and the first way, I’ll explain it is that it is overwhelming positive energy. Now, what’s interesting if the FLFE Service is on an object and the object is at 565, well I’m thinking now of how you would ask the inquiry. So I would state “the object is supportive of biological life.” The answer is no. “If it’s at 570 is it supportive of all biological life?” No, “575?” No, and then at 580 it then becomes positive to all biological life. So that’s the overwhelmingly positive energy scenario is a scaled level of consciousness, it’s a level of positivity, that, at some point just compensates for those other influences.

The reason we haven’t put it higher, is that it takes a lot more energy and there’s kind of a sweet spot, there is a place in the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, if you study Dr. Hawkins work, where around 570 is a place where you can be very powerful in the world. You can run an international organization, be very highly functional and have enough loving influence to stay active and interested in the world. And beyond that, there’s typically a transition where people lose interest in the affairs of the world.

Now, our technology will not only support you, in what’s in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation. But just from our research perspective, letting you in behind the curtain a little, when you start to have an object or an environment that’s much higher than 575 or 580 it will tend to also raise our level of consciousness so quickly, most of us that it becomes uncomfortable. And so that’s just kind of some of the things that we consider when we’re doing this, we do have a responsibility to you to create the optimal conditions. And for those who are on a path of enlightenment, I know that’s your choice, and that’s your journey. And if you’re in a 560 field or more, you’re in the top one 10th of one 100th, of 1% of all consciousness fields in existence on the planet as far as we know. So, it’s a very rare condition that we’re able to experience. And I don’t know if those numbers are exactly right, but it is very rare. And so, it’s a great opportunity for all of us because it’s an unusual environment to be in. And even though we’ve created the technology and are stewarding it these types of things only are possible through the efforts of all the people that have ever lived. So, we’re all standing on the shoulders of all those who came before us. (1:20:00) And yes, we happen to have invented it, but we couldn’t have done it without everybody who’s come before us and in some ways all the people who subscribe, you know, we can’t continue to do this research without the support of all of you at least to some degree. So, yes, we’ve invented it, but all of us and all our forefathers and foremothers and ancestors have contributed to this possibility.

Jeffrey – And it’s part of at this time in history in human history these types of technologies are starting to appear. Or be available to us to raise our consciousness to move us through this time in history and into a positive future. So, that’s beautifully said, Clayten and that’s a great ending to our webinar. I don’t know if I can top that Clayten that was really beautiful; really well said.

Well, we are grateful to you, our listeners, and our Subscribers for being on this journey with us. It really is a journey of discovery of supporting human evolution in individual ways on our individual properties and individual cell phones. And also, in the larger picture, because every one of us makes a huge difference in what we do, and it radiates throughout and it’s helpful for all of creation. So, we’re on a beautiful journey together and we’re grateful to have you with us. And we have many more interesting webinars and newsletters from now so just stay with us. And we look forward to interacting with you as always. Our favorite part is the chat on the side because your comments are really beautiful and uplifting for us so thank you very much for that.

Clayten – We have many more exciting things in the future.

Erin – It just keeps getting better. Well, thank you all for joining us tonight it’s been such a pleasure. And if you do want to send us any feedback, we would love to hear your stories and get more in touch with what’s happening with you and your experiences. You can always email us at and we do have a community group that’s available on Facebook right now if you’d like to connect with other people who are on our Service because it is unique and viral. It’s wonderful to be able to share your experiences. So, it sounds like that’s all for tonight. and until next time. we’ll see you next time onward and upward!

Jeffrey and Clayten – Bye bye, and Goodnight.