2020 – Consciousness and FLFE Service Review

January 5, 2021

Jeffrey – Live from Nelson, B.C, Canada. Welcome, everyone, to this FLFE webinar. Tonight, we’ll be reviewing 2020 in terms of consciousness for the world, for various countries, and for FLFE subscribers. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann. 2020 has been an extraordinary year. And extraordinary is not always positive. Let’s try to understand the year as it relates to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. We use that as a reference point a lot at FLFE. For those of you who are not familiar with it, the Hawkins Map of Consciousness is a scale from one to infinity. When searching it on the web, you’ll typically find the part that’s from one to 1000; it’s very popular. Each level of consciousness is associated with a number of micro watts of electricity in the body. And so the highest level of consciousness beings that have ever lived on the planet, have been at 1000 on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness.

On that Map, 200 is integrity, 500 is love, 600 is peace, 700 the beginning of enlightenment. The Map is measured using muscle testing. And that’s an art and a science in itself. And that is a little review on the Hawkins Map. If we look at the emotions below 200. We’ll talk a little bit about those as we share this information tonight. If we go south of 200, 200 is courage, 150 is anger, 100 is fear, despair is at 50, 20 is shame.

So in January 2018, we had a webinar, where we shared our research on the average level of consciousness of the earth over the past 3000 years. And the average level of consciousness of our planet first went over 200 or into integrity or over the line of courage on the Hawkins Map in 1986. That’s an extraordinary historical moment for the evolution of consciousness. As I’ve mentioned earlier, 200 is the beginning of integrity and courage on the map. And it designates for the world, an evolutionary position where there are definitely greater possibilities for all of us to thrive on the planet.

We can say more about 200 as we move through it, but it supports cooperation, collaboration, greater inclusion, and increased goodwill towards each other. So it’s significant. We will probably go back and forth on that again a couple more times.

So since 1986, the world has been over 200 every month until this year. Now this year, in 2020, seven of the months were below 200. So we compare that to a significant negative event in history of the world. In August of 2001, the world was at 207. It was 204, in October, and then it dropped, but not below 200 for the world. The United States actually went to 150, for 30 days after 911, which was anger, and started to go up again. So that just gives us an example of where a significant event for one country, and because the United States is still the most powerful country on the planet and has the largest immediate influence, that event triggered the US to go to 150. The world still stayed around 204 through August, September, and October. But the drop in the US affected the world. Still it didn’t go below 200.

The pandemic is worldwide. So let’s take a look at the slide Maria for 2020. And we can show the months for this year. And then I’ll hand it over to you, Jeff.

Okay, so here is a picture of each month of 2020. And you can see in January, the world was 243, February 243. And in a March, it started to drop, and April was obviously the bottom. I remember, because my birthday is in April, being at a place that we reserved much earlier. And we were listening to a worldwide meditation and the meditation was focused on, by the individual at that time, I think it was April 4, on killing the Coronavirus.  And a worldwide focus on killing something is not a consciousness raising event. So there’s an example of spiritual error in wanting to support humanity to thrive and in fact dropping the level of consciousness further.

So it’s pretty self-evident that things start to go up as we adapt as a race. And now we’re back over 200 again as of November. We thought we’d put another interesting little blip in here. Christmas Day this year was 505. Typically, Christmas Day is the highest consciousness day of the year. The average was about 545 for the last 10 years, on that day. So we still had the Christmas spirit, it just wasn’t as potent as it usually is and didn’t last as long. So if we go back over a 10 year average and  measure the level of consciousness of every day in December, and compared it to this year, we will see that in the past, the level of consciousness would have gone higher and stayed longer. So we didn’t do that graph because we have a few more graphs for you. And even though we love graphs, we didn’t want to over graph anyone.

Jeffrey – Let’s go back a little bit to some of these months; what it was like during those months. We had April and May down in the fear zone. It was when things were sort of hitting the media. People were worried about what was happening and staying inside and all the stay at home orders were happening around the country and around the world in the U.S., Canada, and other places around the world.

But as we started moving into June and July and August we’re hitting more in the anger zones. So there’s more energy in here. And in the U.S. we had we had some protests happening for wrongful deaths including police violence with individuals. So that takes more energy. And people also were starting to chafe against some of the stay at home orders and businesses started failing especially in the food service industry. And then as we moved into the fall, we’re starting to get into the courage and pride level where people are toughing this out. Maybe in some states or places the numbers were going down, because we had peaks and valleys, things were going down.

And then we popped over 200 in November. So those are kind of the feelings that these levels of consciousness can evoke. And in the numbers were different in some of the countries. So we can go next to the next slide.

So this slide is looking at some of the main countries where we have a few subscribers, and we’re in quite a few countries now. But these are probably the most subscribers, U.S., Canada, Australia, U.K., and Ireland. And so this is a comparison between 2019 and 2020. And we can see the dramatic difference in the level of consciousness. Do you have anything else to say about this slide Clayten?

Clayten – You know, we all have our own experience of 2020 as individuals. And these graphs are in support of an increased understanding of how the Map of Consciousness relates to events in the world.  And it was a good idea to go through the months Jeff. We work so much with the Map of Consciousness; we forget that not everybody talks about it all day. So it’s good to be reminded.

So the four hundreds, for example, on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness are in the reason zone. The reason zone are the professionals, accountants, lawyers, doctors; it’s where professional standards are adhered to over a period of time creating a consistent result. Every time I get into a plane, one of the ways I manage my nervousness is I just start thanking all the engineers that have worked on the plane, because I know some engineers, and they’re very rigorous about their math and the calculations and beta testing. And so the four hundreds represent that kind of standard.

Jeffrey –  And doesn’t, Clayten, the rule of law and the court systems play into these levels?

Clayten – Yes, absolutely. These are typically democratic countries, where there’s a rule of law and an established judiciary system that has a consistent degree of integrity. Not perfect, but excellent.

Jeffrey – Yes, so we can go to the next slide which show the FLFE customer homes. Let’s just back up for one second if we could just stop the slides for just a minute. Maria. Thank you.

So one of the interesting things we’ve talked about in previous webinars are different countries in the world. And which ones are the highest? And which ones are the highest in different years? And the results are sometimes surprising. Do you want to talk about these countries, Clayten? Who was the highest in 2020? Which country?

Clayten – Yes, Bhutan, interestingly enough. Several years ago, Bhutan declared that their gross domestic happiness was more important than their gross domestic product. And I was curious as to how that was going to change the culture of the of the country. And what’s interesting about Bhutan is that it hasn’t necessarily gone up a lot. It’s just that it didn’t go down as much as other countries. I think partially because of the remoteness of the area and the sparseness of population. So obviously with COVID, the fewer people around, and the more remote the location, the less likely there are going to be large numbers of the population infected. And so if there are not many people getting infected there’s less concern. There’s a resiliency based upon the geography of the country as well. And that declaration by the leaders to value gross domestic happiness is a message to the entire country, along with a lot of policies. Bhutan has a policy of putting a lot of parkland aside, and nature preserves and other initiatives that they put into action.

Jeffrey – So in 2019, the highest LOC country, and this is the average for the for the entire year was Canada. And Clayten, you can guarantee there’s no bias in this?

Clayten – Well, there’s minimal bias, maybe a point or two of bias. It was interesting. I mean, we’re pretty apolitical here. We don’t get into politics. And I’m not going say it’s because of the current political administration. Sometimes it’s an influence from someone decades ago that finally bears fruit in the present. And before that, I think it was Singapore. And so many people have asked why was Singapore so high? And partially was because of the economics of Singapore, its location. It’s a very stable place to live. Economics is not the only thing in consciousness, of course, but when our survival needs are met, it’s easier to be at a higher level of consciousness.

Jeffrey – Their court system and their legal system, as far as the laws go are pretty complete. I mean, it’s a very regulated place, which could go the other way, maybe it would limit the consciousness from going super high. I don’t know. But it’s been in the top fairly often in the past in the past decade.

Clayten – Yes, we measure the level of consciousness of the judiciary system and different aspects of the government, we could probably delineate some of these factors more. And you’re correct, there are certain countries or parts of the world that have what we call a high bottom, and a low top. So a high bottom means there’s a general high standard of living in the area. But there’s a low ceiling because of the nature of the restrictive controls. And so I think that Singapore might have been moving in that direction. Like putting people in jail for throwing gum on the streets. You know, I talked to people that have lived in Singapore. And when Singapore was consistently coming out at the top of the highest countries in the world, I started to look into it. And I didn’t really get to measure to try to figure out what it was about Singapore, other than the stable economics and the nature of how they’ve managed their trading system over the years. And, of course, it’s very clean, it’s a beautiful country. Their airports internationally recognized. I just don’t know where that oppressiveness in terms of the legal restrictions around going to jail for throwing a cigarette butt in the street. I don’t know where that would play in. I’d imagine that would start to start to be a problem at some level of consciousness. I don’t know for sure.

Jeffrey – Now, we’d like to look back over subscriber properties. So since we can measure the properties now and the properties are more consistent than the FLFE Everywhere Service, the energy, the high consciousness field is activated, and the energy is coming into the space around the phone or the object. But a property’s quite a bit more stable. Geopathic stress is mitigated by the service, and EMF mitigation, which is in both of of the services.

So why don’t we take at this next slide, which takes us back to the beginning of FLFE, and looks at the average level of consciousness of subscriber properties. And looking at the final number on the right at 574, that’s where we currently have been in 2020. And that’s quite a contrast to what we just saw with the level of consciousness of various countries. So that difference in between the FLFE bubble, and the surrounding environment has made it for many people more noticeable and has helped to be a sanctuary during this time in 2020.

So when we first started back then, we didn’t have the Removal Template. So the properties were taking about three days to rise to that level. And when we initially started we were printing off programs with the address on it; we were putting them into the FLFE system manually on and off. And at some point we were able to connect the FLFE system to a database and have that much easier to manage. Once we start getting into the hundreds, never mind the many thousands where we are now. But as we can see, each year, the level of consciousness has risen or been the same throughout the history of FLFE.

And there are some jumps with adding the Removal Template, which is a way of clearing any negativity on land or on the buildings, and wiping the slate clean, before the activation of the FLFE environment. And things just happen so much faster, so much more consistently. And took us a long time to write and we’re continuing to add to the Removal Template; adding new things as they come up on properties.

Clayten – And that would include geopathic stress zone influences, we have done a tremendous amount of work on that over the years. And we’re still learning things; I’m sure there will always be one or two things to learn about it.

Jeffrey – And again, for those new people, geopathic stress would be something on the land or in the immediate area that affects the consciousness of the location. So it could be water, it could be the movement of water, underground water, or traffic patterns. We saw in properties that were at the end of a road where people were flying down the road and then turning in front of the property and the Chi of the vehicles was continuing into the property and lowering the level of consciousness. We also had some wild ones with traffic circles and spiral energies and tidal influences. Or rebar in concrete that was causing a giant battery effect that was lowering consciousness only during high tide. That one took us a little while to figure out. So Clayten, we had a jump from 565 to 570 to 574. We had EMF Mitigation in there.

Clayten – One of the things I forgot to mention, Jeff, about the Hawkins Map of Consciousness is that it’s logarithmic. So one point up in power is 10 times as much energy as the point before it. So 541 is 10 times more powerful than 540 and 545 is 540 to the power of five times more powerful. So even two or three points is a significant difference in energy. So we should remind people of that. Again, we’re talking about it so much we assume everybody knows that.

Jeffrey – And why does that matter? What we’ve seen with the FLFE environment and in Dr. Hawkins work and in measuring consciousness around the world, that increased lifeforce energy that’s present 10 times more with each point, is there for our bodies to use. And our body’s Innate Intelligence, picks that up and starts to use it for repairs in the body for personal evolution in many ways. And that soup of energy is really helpful. Many traditions, Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, and many Eastern mystics, were all focused on Prana. And the FLFE, environment is full of Prana. And each point out is 10 times more Prana or Chi. And that is  helpful to our bodies, as we live and do our thing and enjoy our families and our lives. So I think we’re finished with this, anymore Clayten on this slide?

Clayten – Well, part of my mind tends to go to more is better. And that may not necessarily be the case, there is the qualitative influence of the environment and the quantitative. So the quantitative is the amount of Prana or Chi in general. And the qualitative is the quality of the influence in the environment. And so when we talk about all the upgrades this year, a lot of those are more the quality of the environment, rather than just adding more positive energy. I think that’s good to remember. It’s like the goal isn’t to get it as high as possible. And of course, we have the Boost besides this overall influence. The goal is to create the optimal conditions for the evolution of consciousness in an economized society, that’s our mission. And so I’m just reminding ourselves, Jeff, that higher isn’t always better.

Jeffrey – Yes, I’m looking forward to next week, we’ll talk a little bit about it at the end; we’re going to be talking about hydration and level of consciousness, and some of the changes occurring with the service. So that’s a good point, Clayten. And in spite of that, we’ve got something else to share; the highest 10% of properties.

So the other part about a high consciousness field and the FLFE environment is that it’s very much dependent on the people there. What FLFE does is to help create a floor like we were talking about with countries, a higher floor, so that things don’t dip down. And if they do dip down, it’s kind of a brief journey through a stubbed toe or a finger hit by a hammer or something, you know, that happens. But the personal work that people that are doing and we see that within the FLFE community. We have a lot of very advanced practitioners, spiritual practitioners and people on the path and healers. And the work that everyone does makes a huge difference in our environment. For us personally, and for the world. So the highest 10% of properties due to the influence of the people there were 605 on the Hawkins Map or higher. In the highest 1% of properties due to what everyone is doing are 625 and higher. So in those cases the work of the people there in conjunction or in Co- creation with the FLFE subscription produce those kind of numbers. Do you want to tell us about the personal level of consciousness changes that we have measured Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, so one of the ways we try to measure the increase in value that we are providing for all of us; we’re part of this too, is to measure the number of points the average subscriber will go up in consciousness over a fixed period of time. And so we’ve been using the control of 90 days. And typically we’re looking at people that come on the service and have their first 90 days on the service. So last year, from October 1 to December 31, the average subscriber went up 22 points on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, and that’s the average new subscriber. So this year, the increase in level of consciousness over the first 90 days, for a new subscriber between October 1 and December 31, 2020, in spite of the dropping of the level of consciousness of the planet, is actually 25 points. So the average person who comes on the service is going up 25 points in the first 90 days.

Jeffrey – Yes, and to me, that seems extraordinary. I mean, I interact with a lot of different people in different walks of life. And I wouldn’t say in general, people that I’ve met, were rising in consciousness 25 points in 90 days. Many people are going about work and doing what they need to do. Some of us are spending time watching the news and worrying about loved ones, so there is worry and fear. I really am touched by this; that the FLFE environment can be that supportive. And we’ve felt it, I felt it personally just being in the bubble, as we sometimes say, that the world’s going on and things are happening. And we can check in with the news once in a while. But being in the FLFE bubble has helped me tremendously this year. And we see that with these numbers.

Clayten – For those of you who are Hawkins students, you may recall that Dr. Hawkins talks about the average person going up five points in a lifetime on the planet. And that also considers that many people go down which drops the average. And in the five countries that we mentioned, where they’re the top five subscriber countries, they’re not necessarily the five highest in the world. Actually, they’re not. The average person in those countries goes up 15 points in a lifetime. So the numbers are extraordinary. And many people go up several hundred points in a lifetime. It’s not impossible. It’s a matter of what our focus is. I should probably say it’s very possible, not impossible, I will frame that in a better way.

Jeffrey – Yes, we’ve known people, we’ve seen it happen. So we would like to talk a little bit about upgrades for 2020 as a review; what’s changed in the service. So right at the end of 2019, we added Energized Nutrients. We had worked with energized foods where we’re adding additional lifeforce to food that we eat and that’s like eating fresher food, it’s like getting freshly picked food, in that there’s more life in the food. And we also saw that, according to the way we measure using kinesiology, there is increased uptake.

But when we discovered we could pick individual nutrients and energize those nutrients, then we saw a greater change in uptake of those nutrients. And again, we’re using kinesiology at this point. We have lot of new research in the works which we will talk about in a future webinar. But in December, right before 2020 we added calcium, iron, magnesium, lithium, and trace elements. That will be part of what we talk about next week in the webinar; the effects that these have, and they have a very positive effect on our cellular regeneration, in that the body has what it needs.

When the Innate Intelligence has a project, say it’s a tear of a tendon or a broken bone the body goes work and it needs the building blocks. The building products are the individual elements needed to repair as well as the energy. And the energy comes from the lifeforce energy in the environment.

So in March, due to what was going on with the pandemic we released Enhanced Immune Support 2.0. And much in the way that other FLFE programs work, the lifeforce energy or what is known as Chi in Chinese medicine, we’re asking it to go to the areas of the immune system that need the most support.  The Brain Program works much like that. And these are areas that need more support, more energy to be higher in functioning. So then as those lower functioning parts rise, then the energetic support goes to the next lowest area of the immune system. So, these are, you could say, requests of Divinity, prayers, they’re energetic. If someone were asking for their liver to be highly functional 24/7 we believe that their liver would be higher functioning. And that’s what the FLFE programs do.

So in March, we added additional energized nutrients for the immune system, including zinc and vitamin D. So when we take those, and we have this in our diet, they’re more easily absorbed into the body. We added in September EMF Mitigation 2.0, which harmonized a wider spectrum of EMFs, to help those sensitive people that are EMF sensitive from having as few non-harmonized EMFs as possible in their environment so that they can thrive in day to day life.

And at the same time, we had the Blood Brain Barrier support in a similar way, energetic support for various parts of the blood brain barrier to function. And then in December, we enhanced the Everywhere Service where the phone and object are now at 590 up from 580. And the cell phone might or object might just feel better when we touch it. And it can be a boost to hold that.

And then the Environmental Consciousness Boost in the Everywhere service has gone to 650 on the Hawkins Map, and it’s still five minutes long. Anything about that you’d like to, say Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, so these boosts provide an opportunity to become more free in a timeframe that we have influence over. A lot of people find that when they’re meditating, they like to use the boosts or if they have a difficult conversation coming up, they bring that extra positive energy in to help them. The Boost on the property service for home or businesses is at 30 minutes and it’s at 600. So we have a lot of people saying that they use that for a certain focus they have. Usually it’s for meditation, but we can use it for anything we want. It’s an opportunity to experiment with different levels of consciousness. We encourage people to be their own consciousness researchers. And we have an on/off button in the in the Control Panel for the EMF Harmonization service. You can try turning that on and off and see what your body’s saying. And we have many more good things in the works for this year.

Jeffrey – I like the way you said that Clayten, to become more free, a chance to become more free. And one of the ways we like to think about rising in consciousness is becoming freer. We’re free of patterns that no longer serve us. And we’re free of buttons that mayused to get pushed in the past by others. And we can be free to be our fullest self without restrictions. That’s another way to look at rising in  consciousness.

Clayten – Yes, I was just thinking of our Magnetizing Process, Jeff, we have a lot of you who are fairly new so I’ll say we have a process that we’ve created. It’s a manifestation process we call Magnetizing. And we do have some people giving us feedback that when they do their visualizations for what they’re intending, with the Boost on that there seems to be an accelerated ability to manifest. So that would be something else to consider if you haven’t tried that yet.

Jeffrey – So we have questions in the in the Q&A. And that’s the place to put them. And we do have one hand up. Maybe we can hit a few questions on the on the list here. So the first question is, “Why is the service is in U.S. dollars versus Canadian dollars?” And part of that is related to the payment services we use. The majority of our subscribers are in the United States.

Clayten – And the U.S. dollar is the international currency of the world. So at the time it made most sense for us to have the service in that in that currency.

Jeffrey – Sandra is noticing that she’s got an ankle bracelet FLFE Object, that she was still affected by 5G towers near the house, and she said took about three days to not be affected or for that to change. And that makes some sense, Sandra, our bodies, we’re finding out, can be sensitive to these energies. And it takes some time for it to settle down or the biological effects to reduce. It’s sort of a reduction in sensitivity. And that even though things may be harmonized, people may take a little time before they start to really feel better.

And we will get the charts up on this system. And Maria’s is posting in the chat about how to get on the Control Panel.

I think we may want to pass on the LOC of the current political system. Do you want to go there?

Clayten – Well, it seems that a lot of people want to talk about religion and politics, and they are usually kind of contentious issues. For us to do an analysis on that we would have to take a lot of time and look at it from many angles. It’s just like the Singapore issue, Jeff, we looked at it for a little while, because it was the highest for several years in a row. But to really give an intelligent analysis of it, we have to do a lot of research. It could take 15 to 20 hours to create the kind of analysis that we want to share. I mean, just to make offhand comments about who’s in office and what they’re doing. It’s just not our style. It’s not what we do.

Jeffrey – But, you know, the question of will we recover from the low two hundreds to the four hundreds again in 2021? That’s hard to predict. Certainly, things are happening. In the area where I live, the numbers are going down. So with the vaccine coming and things like that is changing the way people are looking at this. I’m not saying that that’s going to contribute to a positive number, but there are many factors involved. Part of it is what’s on the news, what grabs the news cycle, and what else occurs in the countries of the world.

Clayten – Because we’re in the two hundreds now and it’s likely that, if anything, we’re going to go up. We recognized that back in April, we didn’t know how bad it was going to be, what percentage of the population will get sick, what percentage the population will pass over, what age groups are vulnerable, and how many degenerative diseases does the average person have when they pass, a lot of that was unknown. So it’s really the fear of the unknown that I think contributed to that first drop. And now we’re finding ways to manage our lives, allowing us to keep going, and so there isn’t fear. My assumption about this Kristen, is that this year will be higher overall than last year. And we’ll just have to see how high that is. There could be a new strain that comes out and people become more contagious and create more fear. So there’s no way that I know of to predict it.

Jeffrey – So Clayten have you ever done any research on the Solstice, the winter Solstice, whether there’s rising consciousness during that time?

Clayten – Yes, actually one thing I’d like to do, maybe not for every day of the year, but maybe would take us a couple hours. I was surprised by November 11th, at 11am, that one hour really spiked. And everybody was being grateful for the people who fought for the freedoms that we do have. And the Solstice is another. When I checked through December it’s kind of going up and then at the Solstice, it takes a jump; it took about a 10 point jump that day. So there is something about the changing of the seasons, and there are different nature-based religions, traditions, and philosophies so they do something on the Solstice. And  there are so many religions that celebrate that time of year. Sometimes it’s hard to delineate it all out. But there’s definitely a bump on the Solstice.

Jeffrey – And we have Hanukkah around that time as well.

Clayten – Yes, there are so many religions.

Jeffrey – So we have a comment, “Could Bhutan be the highest in 2021, because it has a great deal of monasteries where they are meditating in addition to its location?”

Clayten – That could be. Again, they have that very dispersed small population, so they’re just less likely to be influenced.

Jeffrey – Thank you, Patty. Patty Powell sending us some love from Finley, Ohio.

Clayten – Oh, Finley, Ohio. I see a few common names on here. I’m looking at Greg over in the chat, and he’s talking about increasing hydration. And that’s been an ongoing subject for us. And definitely there was a big thread in the Facebook page about noticing that people need more water when they first come on the service, and how long will it take our body to adapt to not need as much water. And there are many things involved in that formula. But hydration is definitely important. I mean, there’s such an increase in positive cellular regeneration with the service that it gets slowed down if it doesn’t have the fluid to do all the metabolic work that it needs to in order to flush out the toxins.

Jeffrey – We will have a full webinar next week on that, and we have some new insights for you about that; it’s a big subject. And you know, as Clayten said the increased healing projects that are happening, the Innate Intelligence is doing its work. Kidneys, the liver, and gallbladder start working better with more fluids to move those toxins out of the body as well as the lymph in the body. So it’s all important. We have some tips for you and some new thoughts about that.

William is asking, “If the LOC value for the property is high is it still possible for an individual on the property to have a much lower LOC? And how can the individual change this?” Yes, clearly, free will reigns. And there are just so many factors. You want to talk about that a little bit, Clatyen?

Clayten – Yes, our intention is not to control anyone’s evolution,  we all have our lives to live, and our own way of doing that. And we all have to face the consequences of the choices we make. What we want to do is create the optimal environment for the evolution of consciousness in an economized society. And we can’t make anyone’s level of conscious go up, and we can’t make it go down either. So you’re right, William, it’s really up to us as individuals, we are the only ones who can change it.

Jeffrey – I think as we’ve put it; increased freedom, and the opportunity of the FLFE environment. For me, it is a much quieter mind and when I sit down to meditate, I am able to go deeper and more easily when the Service is on. And to help work on those parts of me that I’d like to change, those habits that I have or patterns, I feel that there’s more energy to do that. And we’ve seen that across the board with more energy in the environment, there’s more willpower; increased willpower. And I’d say just my from my personal practice, giving things up to a higher power is one way to rise and work on things that I’d like to change. It’s a powerful way.

Clayten – How can individuals change this? Well, that’s a lifetime’s worth of answers there. There are many very skilled practitioners and senior devotees in the community. We have a private Facebook group and if anyone goes there and asks the same question there will be 20 or 30 excellent answers. Yes, it’s a good question and a big answer.

Donna is asking, “Do you have a sense of why the LOC went down?” It was the fear, I think, Donna, it went right to fear; it was not knowing what was going to happen. And being afraid for ourselves and other people with the state of the world. There probably was, I think most people, if not all of us experienced at least some fear, grief, anger, or hopelessness. You know, last year at some point, just with what was happening, and so yes, I think that’s pretty straightforward on how to get enough people on that same wavelength that drops the whole environment.

Jeffrey – Particularly with the media and the news and it seemed the general message was bleak.  And depending on how much time we spend watching those channels. And anger is higher than fear. And hopelessness is down further. We had other things happening, particularly in the United States with the unrest and anger which showed up in the numbers when we were looking at the countries in those months.

Clayten – Sandra’s asking an interesting question about China, “What is their LOC?” And of course we could spend weeks talking about LOCs. What we did find out about China is there’s quite a difference in the level of conscious of the government versus the people of China. So that’s something that’s always interesting to explore when we’re looking at the level of consciousness influences in an environment, like a country. What’s the level of consciousness of the people? What’s the level of conscious of the government? Then we can look at the level of consciousness of certain policies, what’s their economic policy? What’s the foreign policy? And we can really start to see where a certain law or regulation or perspective that reflects on a policy can change the trajectory of a country. And yes, China is very regulated. So that will show up if we separate all those of those factors out.

Jeffrey – There are other LOC questions. Russia, Washington, DC. I mean, they’re there. We could spend many webinars talking about different parts of the world, and we tend to stay focused on the higher areas.  We are on a lot of interviews in many places, and there are some questions about the pandemic and about what’s behind it, and we tend to avoid talking about and going down those rabbit holes. I mean, there is some truth and some interesting information. And it’s good to know that and our mission is shining the light with FLFE. And creating an environment that’s optimal for our evolution. So we tend not to go there. Anything you’d like to say about that, Clayten?

Clayten – Yes it’s interesting, some of the questions here are, have we checked the level of conscious of the virus? And what the purpose of it is, and we do a lot of consciousness research; I do 30,000 calibrations a month. And early on, Jeff and I agreed that there are a lot of places in the world, there are different theories about the intent of the behavior of different governments, different businesses, different regulatory bodies, different individuals. And we can usually hold our own in those conversations with people when it comes to that particular conversation. And we don’t want to spend a lot of time talking about those influences. We want to spend most of our energy, trying to help all of us, including ourselves, families, our friends, and all of the subscribers. Because you’re part of our community, I suppose we’d say it that way. We want to spend our energy focusing on what we can do that is positive. There are many places can go and get all those theories. And it’s just not the kind of community we want to create. We want to focus on the positive. We’re not naive, I don’t believe it’s just a conscious decision to create the kind of community we’re creating. And that’s all of us, not just us. You are all a part of that.

Jeffrey – Patricia asks, “Hi, there are a number of meditators on this call probably. This is a theoretical question. If someone with a subscription were to reach a very high LOC in meditation, like a spiritual master from the east, would this person affect the field, the level in the home? Would it be possible to reset the 550 ceiling?” And Patricia, it’s important to know that the FLFE environment has a floor rather than a ceiling. So someone meditating at a high level would likely increase the level of consciousness of that environment. And as we saw earlier, we had some percent of properties over 600. So those are people who meditate in high states doing healing work, on a personal path so there’s really no ceiling, only a floor to help us maintain a higher average level all the time.

Clayten – It’s an interesting point, Jeff, some people think we set it at that level, and it’s going to somehow limit them. All it does is provide us a high bottom to start from, and what we do with it from there is up to us. And just for some perspective, Patricia, as we were preparing for the webinar, I was calibrating the level of consciousness of some high consciousness people on the planet.  Or actually the level of consciousness of their homes because some of them are not on the FLFE Service. And these people are all in the range 840 to 860. And none of their homes are at 560. So even somebody at that  extraordinarily high level of consciousness, that is resonating out that vibration of enlightenment, if you want to call it that, their homes are typically in the 530, maybe 540 range, just depending on the size of the home. So the opportunity that FLFE provides is quite unusual in the history of humanity. And that’s why we’re going to talk about it more in the next few weeks about the quality of the environment and how to work with it better.

But just to give some perspective, and according to my research so far, there are only around 100 homes on the planet over 500 without the FLFE influence. And there are other companies providing a service that is similar, but they just don’t have the capacity to create that higher level of consciousness. They may support the environment and help qualitatively quite a bit, and it could be a very integrous service. I think what we have, at least to this point, is kind of unique. And there will  be more and more of these types of businesses emerging as society progresses. And, and it’s an unusual opportunity we have to be supported like this.

Jeffrey – That’s really interesting. Clayten, I hadn’t heard that before.

Clayten –  I  forget to tell you all this stuff because we’re preparing for the webinar. It’s like, well, how many homes on the planet are over 500 without the FLFE influence? It’s around 100 or so. You know, I checked the inquiry, I checked how accurate it was, how relevant it was, and did it five or six times.  I’ve been in some nice places, you know, they feel good. Especially if they’re Feng Shuied they have this calmness about them. When we talk about 560 LOC in the FLFE environment, it’s 560 98% of time, over a 24 hour period. So I’ve been at homes where there’s a party, and it’s like, gosh the place is 700. This is pre FLFE, Jeff, at a birthday party, and the home was vibrating; it was beautiful. But then people left and it went down. And it’s not like we don’t experience those highs. And we’re not including the cathedrals in Europe and some of the monasteries. It was just homes, right? So there are different ways to look at it. If we included all the churches and synagogues and other places of worship, it could be in the 1000s. We’re just talking homes.

Jeffrey – So Stephanie’s saying, “We’re new to FLFE and she says I’ve seen the chaos and violence between my children increase. I’m wondering how common it is for issues to surface to be cleared?” We certainly do see issues surfacing for clearing. The other thing you might try, Stephanie, there have been some interesting conversations on the Facebook page around using the  Consciousness Slider to move it up and down and try different levels. Hydration is important as we’ve been saying. And so perhaps try 555 which is one of the levels people have been trying. And as we said last year, the average subscriber home was at 574. And if you put your slider at 555, it’s likely to end up in the 560 level. As we said, plus or minus, depending on what you’re doing in the in the environment, but you could try that with your kids and see, I mean, we always tell people to hydrate, and track it, if you can, write down how much you’re drinking at different times of the day, see what you’ve done by the end of the day. Because  people are generally dehydrated. Some of the recent studies I’ve seen, say 75% of people are dehydrated in normal life. So we’re just not used to drinking water in the levels that we need, it’s really helpful for us all the time. And then in this environment, it becomes even more helpful. And so people are experimenting with these lower levels and kids are tough to get to hydrate properly. Some people drink all day and love it and others, maybe not as much so try that, and see how that works for you. And we always encourage people to test; use the Control Panel, and experiment. As Clayten said, higher is not always better. Even though that’s the way I tend to go.

Clayten – That’s what I tend to do as well. We actually turned it down here in the house over Christmas, things got a bit intense and I hadn’t experimented for a while, I put it at the top and let it let it run. So we tried it at 500 for a little while, and we’re going to put it at 540. And next at 555. So the house is at 507 I think . And I’m noticing it doesn’t feel like as much fun to be around the house; it’s been a couple of days. It’s a nice home, but it’s not as much fun to be in. And so I’m just appreciating the difference between what it was before and what it is now. And I haven’t done that for years. So it’s interesting.

Jeffrey – Ours has been running around 615 or so. And we turned it down and got to about 590. And we didn’t sleep as well. But we’re kind of used to that level. So it’s good to experiment. And this is property subscriptions, as Maria is saying, at this current time, the full property subscription. The smarter EMF does not have a Slider at this time, and it’s at 500 level.

So Heather’s asking, “I currently use my mobile phone for FLFE. But now that I’m almost always at home, would it be better for me to switch to the home version, would the LOC higher?” Well, hard to know Heather, the advantage of the home over the phone is the mitigation of the geopathic stress, as we’ve talked about. So, depending on where you live, that could be a factor. And the EMF Mitigation depending on where you live, is really best closer to the phone. So if you’re like most of us, we might leave the phone in the kitchen and go in the other room and it’s not with us all the time. So in that case, the home version might be better. Some people always have it in their pockets. It’s always on them so the phone may be better. And people find when they go outside, particularly sensitive people we’ve heard from, healers and people that are intuitives that they really feel better when they have the FLFE Everywhere with them as they go out into the world because it seems to create that bubble to help them to cope with all the influences and all the energies and everything that’s happening.

Clayten – Yes, typically, because of the clearing of the land, a home will be higher with the Property subscription on it than with a FLFE Everywhere subscription. The phone subscription or the FLFE Everywhere typically is put on a cell phone, but it can also be put on an object. It used to use 2000 times amount of power. And now it uses 2500 times the amount of power because we just increased the LOC within the four foot bubble and made the Boost higher. So it uses 2500 times more power than a Home subscription. And the reason we don’t have the land clearing program on the Everywhere service is that if we’re moving with our objects, our phones, whatever it is, it would be trying to clear the land all the time. And it would use tens of thousands of times the amount of power. Because imagine if we’re in a car or a train, or an airplane, if we’re on the ground up in the air wouldn’t be clearing the land, but it would be constantly at peak power usage. And so we don’t have enough power to do that.

Jeffrey – So maybe we’ll answer one more. Julie is asking, “What does an economized society mean?” In that case, what we’re talking about is the world we live in, where we need to earn a living. And that the current economy is such that we have expenses, and we have a job that pays us and that we need to be able to function well. It’s certainly possible to set up the service in such a way to accelerate growth much faster, but we couldn’t get out of bed, or we might not want to get out of bed. And being in such state of bliss, that when we consider working, why bother? So it’s balancing that; all of us being highly functional, going out and doing good things in the world and working and taking care of our kids and elder ones. The service is designed to support us to be optimally evolving and still taking care of the business of our lives.

Clayten – It doesn’t limit us from becoming enlightened or living in a state of bliss, it’s just that we’re trying to do the greatest amount of good for the largest amount of people. And if we ever do develop a service for people who are at that stage in life, where they have the time, energy, and money to focus on enlightenment,  then we might look at that at the time. I think many of us, myself included, would like to have a better place in their life where we can devote ourselves to that. But given the historical precedent of the level of consciousness in most environments, we actually have a pretty good place to start with the current service the way it is.

Jeffrey – I just saw a comment that the Control Panel is available for the Home free trial. So Sue has her hand up. We’ve got many patient people with their hands up here.

Sue – Hello, gentlemen, I’m thrilled to listen to you again, there’s so much beautiful information that you’re giving today that I can’t write it all down. It would be lovely if at some point in time, if someone could do a transcription of some of the vital information so that it could be easily referred to on the website. I know you have so much to do that it may not be a priority, but it’s something I would love. My personal question has to do with a number of what seemed like conflicting health issues, and hydration. And the conflict of for example, a kidney doctor telling me to limit my water to six glasses of water a day, which I find impossible to do without feeling like a dry riverbed. Should I be saving this question for the hydration seminar? And also, I’d like to get back on the mailing list because I had to search you down on Facebook, because I didn’t have a link emailed to me. I don’t know if you do email links to your to your group or not?

Jeffrey – We do. Yes, absolutely, Sue. Yes, we’ve got your name there. And Max will make sure you get the links. And maybe I’ll just address the first point about the webinar transcript. We do that right away. So we feel it’s important and Evie, on our inner team, is on that and does a great job of translating. So if you go into Learn and then Webinars, you’ll see all the webinars all the way back to the beginning and all the transcripts.

Sue – Now I access my portal, and it gives me two choices of either home or logging out and I click on home and it doesn’t do anything. Am I missing something? Am I missing some access to the website?

Jeffrey – Well go to the direct website flfe.net. And then you will see in the navigation, under the Learn tab there are all of the webinars.

Clayten – These are recorded as well as the transcripts. So you have the video, audio, and transcription.

Sue  – Fantastic. Thank you, gentlemen, you’re doing a very thorough job. It does my heart so good to hear this information.

Clayten – Thank you, I’ll talk about your doctor’s recommendations. We’re not doctors. So we recommend that you follow your doctor’s advice. And it is a paradox. For some people, what I found recently, Sue, as I’m doing this experiment with turning the Slider down on our home, is that I seem to be better hydrated with the environment in the low five hundreds. And my property was in the six hundreds as well, when we had it up at 570. So you might want to experiment with turning down your Consciousness Slider that is in your Control Panel and see if that helps you stay a little bit better hydrated.

Sue- Okay, thank you. I have upped my intake to eight or nine glasses a day after trying a week or two at the doctor’s recommendation. It was torturous. So I appreciate that you respect physicians, and certainly I do as well. I feel like there’s a missing piece here. And perhaps, if I applied my intentions to healing my kidneys, that that would really be the solution to what I’m looking for.

Jeffrey – Yes, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. That is something that that subscribers are doing; using the FLFE energy and directing it for personal healing. And our Innate Intelligence does that naturally. But focusing our conscious intention on what it is we’d like to heal is very powerful.

Sue – Thank you very much. I appreciate this so much. It’s answered a prayer. Thank you.

Clayten – Thanks for calling in.

Jeffrey – And it’s always good to get additional opinions too from other doctors.

Sue – Of course, and my naturopath also respects the kidney specialists opinion. Nevertheless she comes from a different understanding herself. So it’s trying to juggle everyone else’s advice with what is truly mine to do. Thank you.

Clayten – I’ll see if we can get Maria in.

Maria – Hello. My question is does this product clear arthritis and regenerate new cartilage?

Jeffrey – Well, we are very careful not to make medical claims. But we believe our Innate Intelligence of our bodies are able to heal us. So that’s something for you wait and see what happens. We haven’t heard about arthritis or cartilage rebuilding. But we certainly have heard from people who recover from an injury more quickly. Or they believe that it’s quicker than it was before. You know, so that in those cases, broken bones or sprained ankles and things like that. So it’s a little hard to know, Maria, we haven’t done the kind of medical research that would give us the ability to give a definite answer on that.

Maria – Thank you.

Clayten – Yes, I will tell you a little story, Maria. When I was experimenting with the service in the beginning with one of the original inventors. What happened was we were charging up crystals and putting them around the house and raising the level of conscious of house. He was putting them in the output stack where Jeff talked earlier about putting the request to Divinity or the programs in. And what he would do is charge up anything that would hold a charge and see what happened. And so one day, he put in a piece of marble into the output stack. It got charged up, he took the marble out of the output stack, and he was holding in his hand and the phone rang. And he was talking to a friend for 15 minutes. And he noticed that when the conversation was over the arthritic pain in his right hand was holding the marble was gone. So, again, we don’t make medical claims. And we do have anecdotal stories or anecdotal evidence. I just thought I’d let you let you know what has happened with other people.

Jeffrey – And we highly recommend using the power of our own intention to ask for specific outcomes.

Maria – Absolutely. Thank you.

Jeffrey – Thank you for being with us. We have Anaya now.

Anaya – Hi, Jeff. Hi, Clayten. I just have a nice little story to tell you. I had just recently moved. And I was on the road for a while. And I had it on the phone for a while and now I’m in a place with a housemate that I don’t know very well. It’s a temporary. And I asked her if I could put FLFE back on the property. And she said, “Well, I don’t know what it is.” And I explained it the best I could. And then of course, your associates are always so willing to talk to anybody. And I finally said, you know, I’m going to have to do this soon. So she said “just do it. I’m fine.” Well, the next day, I was so energized. I mean, I was cleaning everything. And then I realized, Oh, I just put it back on the property. And then I asked her when she got home from work the next day. I said, so have you noticed anything about it? She reported that she was sleeping so well. So I just thought it was just so wonderfully quick, it was almost instantaneous. We both had had such a wonderful experience feeling that. That was my story.

Clayten – That’s a great story. Most of the time, those are the stories we get. There is the odd person that has a bit of an adverse reaction, or people don’t get along as well in the beginning, but mostly, 95% of the time. I mean, our Customer Service Reps, are laughing and giggling and being on the phone all day. Sometimes I want their job, you know?

Anaya – It is the water though. I know water is the thing. What about tea? If we drink tea during the day, is it still considered liquid enough? Or is it just plain water that we need to drink, like half our body weight?

Jeffrey – Well, it’s combination of hydrating liquids. Now, caffeine will tend to dehydrate us slightly. So, you know if it were Morning Thunder tea, that’s super high caffeine. But if we’re drinking herbal teas, unless the purpose of the herb is to be a diuretic, then we’re good with that.

Anaya – And I also felt that this property I’m on now has such a different feel to me. I don’t even know how to explain it, it feels more indigenous. And I’m feeling that Presence which is an interesting component to where I was before.

Clayten – Yes, the land has an energy on it. Many people speak to the land; they speak to the quality of the land. And you know, there are different ways to express what you’re saying, I don’t know if I have the right way to say it. But I do hear you.

Jeffrey – And the property subscription you just put on has what we call the Removal Template. And it’s really a healing program for the land. And it works with the land to clear things that have happened on the land. And sometimes there are energies that are unsettled on the land that finally get a chance to have peace. And there are elementals on the land. And they have their own experience of the FLFE environment, particularly in property where it goes all the way to the boundaries of property.

Anaya – In my former place, I had many Elementals and trees and I knew them pretty consciously. And so being here and being in the desert is a whole different way of learning to hear what’s being spoken. And I think appreciating it. Now that I’ve got the property on I’m also realizing it’s up to me to make the gesture to connect. Instead of thinking that the land should be connecting to me. I’m connected to the land as well, just as I did in my old place. It feels very sacred. So thank you both. I don’t think there’s anything else I have to say now.

Clayten – What you may want to do Anaya is create an area on your property for the Elementals. They tend to like bushy areas where people can’t get into so they have their own space. If you don’t have a corner of the yard yet like that you can create something for them.

Anaya – Right. And because it’s a temporary thing, I wasn’t thinking long term. And so I wasn’t feeling that it’s mine to do, but it really is mine to do. Because I’m here, you know, I’ll be glad to do that. I did that on my walk today with some of the bushes and talking with the Elementals.

Jeffrey – I’ve been told that when I moved property some Elementals followed. Like they want to be in the FLFE environment.

Anaya – The roots of the trees seem to follow me everywhere, because they’re all through the earth. And I had that because I was sad to leave some of the nature behind. And I had messages in my own heart that said, No, we’re coming with you. We can go everywhere, too. So that’s great. Excellent.

Jeffrey – Thank you so much for joining with us tonight.

I just thought I’d respond to a comment that popped up. Someone asked about the Smarter EMF property service, and it does have the things we’re talking about it has the same clearing the same removal template. It’s at a lower level of consciousness; at 500. So otherwise, it’s the same.

I’d like to wind this down Clayten, with maybe a few comments to finish up.

Clayten – I was just having the same thought as you Jeff. I am noticing the time and it’s three hours later where you are, than Nelson. So I’ll see if I can say something intelligent and give you some time to think. Well, our first webinar of 2021. There seems to be a lot of levity in the air. With the people that I kind of hang out with. And also seeing some of your comments in the in the chat. It’s almost like a rebirth; the New Year is a fresh start. And most of the time I forget there’s a pandemic going on, because I don’t listen to the news. And I’ve had to discipline myself to do that because it really brings me down. I don’t want to be naive.

And I do wear a mask in the places that it’s required. And my closing words are that I wish all of you the best this year. And I wish humanity the best. I’m reminded of the resilience of people as I see us all adapting to the conditions that are out there. And some people are thriving, some people are struggling like always, maybe more struggling than usual. I am always inspired by the resiliency of the human spirit. And how much we can adapt and change and still be reasonable and hopefully kind to each other. So Happy New Year to everyone and blessings to all of you.

Jeffrey – Thank you Clayten. Yes, I woke up New Year’s Day thinking this going to be the best year ever.

I don’t know where that thought came from. And I do feel that sense of excitement and infinite possibilities. And I feel that the FLFE community is a big part of that. Together we’re making a difference in the world and we’re evolving, and we have chance for more freedom, more possibility. And it’s really unlimited. And, you know, as Clayten said about being resilient, that it’s a springboard to all that we can be. And I really feel strongly that we’re on a path to be all that we can be and that is way more than we can imagine. We are very powerful beings. And in the right environment, we thrive. I am so grateful to be on this journey with all of you. Happy New Year to All.