A Historical Perspective on Consciousness  

February 27, 2018

(0:00) Jeffrey – Welcome everyone to the FLFE webinar on a historical perspective on consciousness. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – Today we’re going to take a walk down 3000 years of history, looking at the level of consciousness of the planet using consciousness research tools. And once we go through that and have a brief discussion, then we’ll give you a chance to ask any questions that you would like. And you will put those questions into the Q&A box that you’ll see either at the bottom or the top of your screen. We’re glad to be back with you. It’s been a little while since we’ve had a webinar. We’re happy to be here with you and have you with us.

Clayten – Yes, so, about our subject, we’ve gone back 3000 years, and we calibrated the level of consciousness of every 50 year period. And we’ve compared that to two different 28,000-year cycles. There’s a lot of talk about the influence of the 28,000 year cycle and where we are in the galaxy so we’re going to talk a little bit about that. And that will give us some indications as to the extraordinary times that we’re in right now on the planet. And we’ll have some fun discussing what that means to us as individuals. We often refer to the FLFE environment as a freedom zone. So, we might use that language interchangeably so if you hear that it basically means the FLFE environment. We’ve just gotten into the habit of talking about it as a freedom zone.

Jeffrey – And it’s very interesting the FLFE environment now and in all of our personal lives and all of our daily life activities on a planet that’s at a different level of consciousness, than it has been historically. But the reason we call FLFE the freedom zone is because we’ve come to think of it that way; as freedom from our past, from our old patterns and beliefs that don’t serve us anymore, in this new way of living.  Forgiveness and maybe a new perspective on different people in our lives. And it’s really from all the restraints that we keep on ourselves and restraints from our environment. Clayten you’re the expert on consciousness research and maybe some of our listeners are not familiar with that and how you do your research.

Clayten – So our main tool of consciousness research is advanced kinesiology or muscle testing. We try to respect truth wherever it comes from. It’s just a matter of discerning the degree of that truth or untruth. And so, we refer a lot to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, which is a logarithmic scale from 1 to 1000 in the human domain, 1 to infinity in its theoretical construct. Because it’s logarithmic, one point up the scale is 10 times the power of the point below it. So, for example, 401 is 10 times more powerful than 400. When we talk about some of these changes in consciousness from a historical perspective, the significance of a few points is really, for example, 3 points on the Hawkins Map would be 10 to the power of three, which would be 10 times 10 times 10. So that’s 1000 times more energy. So, a 3 point jump in consciousness is an extraordinary amount more energy. And even though it is measured in micro-watts, it’s still significant. And each level of consciousness has a certain number of micro-watts associated with it. That’s outlined in the book Power vs Force by Dr. David Hawkins just after the Consciousness Compensation Chart towards the end of the book. So, if you want to look at that, you can find that there.

Jeffrey – Clayten I did testing over a couple of days and as Clayten said every 50 years we measured the level of consciousness on average for a full year and so we have those years listed. (5:00) We’re going to pull up a chart and show you the results and as Clayten said, going back even further. And the really amazing part of the chart are the years that we’re living in right now. And I think you’ll be glad to see what’s there. It’s very interesting. So, it will take just a minute for me to get this up here. Alright, so I’m going to go back to the beginning, and I’ll share the current situation at the end. So, you can see the minuses are the years before the birth of Christ. So, we started at 983 AD, and the level of consciousness of the Earth at that time was 90. So, can you talk a little bit about the significance of 90 and about where that is on the Hawkins Map Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, so for you for those of you who are familiar with the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, I have a copy of his book here. Basically, it starts at about 20 which is Shame. There are levels below that but he doesn’t go into details on them. And then we go up the scale and actually since you can’t see it, I’ll just read it off.

So, on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, 200 is Integrity or Courage, 500 is Love, 600 is Peace, and 700 is Enlightenment, 700 to 1000. Now 100 on the Hawkins Map is the area of Fear. So, Grief is 75, Fear is 100, 125 is Desire, 150 is Anger – 175 is Pride and 200 Courage.  So, when we talk about 90, we’re talking about living in a place of fear. And there are societies or places on the planet right now whose society lives in fear. So that could be a condition where there is feudal tribal warfare, where people may be worried that they’re going to get attacked at any time where there have been cases in the news where large groups of children have been stolen and held for ransom or abused in various ways. So that’s indicative of the levels around 90 to maybe 50, and that is because it’s a very difficult environment to live in. It’s very stressful and it’s a very disturbing place.

Jeffrey – And of course, these are averages for the entire planet for an entire year. So, there could be, and we’ll talk about it later, there could be areas that are much higher in consciousness, you know, the advanced civilizations. And there could be areas that are lower. So, as you can see, taking a look at it we’re at 90 for quite some time. And you know about 483 AD we get one point. So, there’s kind of a run here where it’s, it’s going up one point a year for some period of time and we don’t really have any historical data on this chart. You know, we will talk more about the kind of research that we spend our time on but as you can see, it’s climbing up over time towards the birth of Christ, which is interesting. And, of course, there are other prophets or avatars, you know, that are on the earth at different times through here. But we’ll come back to a little bit closer to modern times, but I wanted to, while we’re in this part of the chart, talk briefly about this 28,000 and 56,000 years ago. What about 18? And 4 Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, so this was interesting. When we look at some of the Neolithic sites or the ancient building sites, there are different ways of establishing their age, there’s carbon dating. There’s looking at weather patterns and how long it would take for wind or water to erode a place. And again, some of these particular sites with their own cultures may have had quite a high level of consciousness (10:00), we’ve heard the stories about Atlantis and Lemuria. Plato talked about Atlantis. So, it’s not to say that there weren’t high consciousness areas, perhaps as high or even higher than now. But as an average over the earth was 18 and 18 is down in the realm of Shame on the Hawkins Map. And 56,000 years before that it was 4 so part of the significance of this is that we wanted to relate that these 28,000-year cycles do have an integral way of measuring developmental stages. I think they called it Kali Yuga, where we’re doing the research. And there are different systems that test the history of consciousness in different ways. And there are different calendars that measured those times. We just happen to use the Gregorian calendar in our time from Pope Gregory. And it’s related to the birth of Christ, but the Chinese have their calendars and the Mayans had their calendars. And so, we wanted to give a sense of that there is a significance to the 28,000-year cycle, to talk about how much things have changed from 56,000 years ago to 28,000 years ago. And then we’ll talk about how that’s affecting our current society.

Jeffrey – So we’ll continue to move up the chart from here. And as you can see we’re getting above 100. So, what’s it like? 100 is in that Fear area. By 117, we’re at 110 on the earth. So, when you’re getting above 110, what is that like on the Hawkins Map Clayten?

Clayten – Well it hasn’t changed a lot. I mean, when we have a 5 point jump over 50 years, there may be a significant change in the energy but it’s not going to reflect a lot in the culture to the point where we could look at history and say, there’s a big distinction here, at least not one that I know of.  Its 5 points, but it’s over such a large period of time that it is not going to be really discernible as to how we would explain it. The purpose is just to give you a sense of how things have changed.

Jeffrey – And it’s really been a long, slow change. So, there’s a significance in 200 on the Hawkins Map, so, below 200 you could say things are negative and above 200, they’re starting to become positive. Is there another way of saying that Clayten?

Clayten – It’s where integrity starts to become the rule.  Instead of non-integrity or duplicity, if you find people that calibrate below 200, they’ll tend to be or have at least a part of their life that’s quite troubled, and they’ll be suffering. It’s not that people over 200 don’t suffer, but they handle it differently than people below 200. Below 200 we’ll typically project our issues, more and more out into society. So, if we have a part of our life that’s below 200, we’ll tend to blame the world for our personal situations. Whereas in 200, we start to take responsibility for the results in our lives would be one way of explaining it. Below 200 you can be very Prideful in the 190s where your Pride will rule your reason, Reason being in the 400s. That’s another way of saying it. This is all in Dr. Hawkins work; you can pick up his book Power vs Force and you’ll get a much more detailed explanation of this or if you want to go even more detailed you can go into his book Transcending Levels of Consciousness where he explains each 50 point integer quite clearly in terms of how to transcend that from two perspectives. One would be a traditional psychotherapeutic point of view because Dr. Hawkins was a psychologist, and the other would be a traditional spiritual point of view. So, there’s a lot of detail there.

Jeffrey – In in terms of freedom as we were talking about before in below 200 environments and our level of consciousness in certain areas below 200 where it’s appearing that the external world is ruling our lives or is driving our lives and there’s not a very big sense of freedom there. (15:00) And then above 200, we start to take responsibility, and we can do something about it, we can move and change our life. So that’s where the increasing freedom comes with increased levels of consciousness that we increase the agency or autonomy.

So here it gets really interesting. In 1987 the world went over 200. Is there anything about that particular time in history Clayten as there was the Harmonic Convergence?

Clayten –  Yes, the Harmonic Convergence was a time when a lot of people came together and prayed. And, that’s happening. I think, more and more in society. I’m seeing more group prayer circles come across my email feeds, and this was a particularly significant one, you can see the world was at 190 from back in 1417. Anyway, maybe a lot before that we didn’t try to get it down to the year. But that’s over 550 years well, maybe more that the world was that that one level and to go from 190 to 207, I think it went to 207 in 1987. And then it came back down a little bit. And that often happens when you have a large jump in consciousness, it’s something that Jeff and I call the Integrated Level of Consciousness. And that’s the level of consciousness that you don’t go below 98% of the time. So, you may make a big jump in consciousness, but you don’t keep all the gains and so then you come back down a little bit and gather your resources, then you’d make the next step up, which is what society is doing right now.

Jeffrey – So there was a long stagnant period there at 190 so as Clayten said there was a jump up to 207 and 2014 was it at 203 then in 2015 – 204 and 2016 – 209 which is a pretty big jump in one year. But in 2017 the average level of consciousness was to 225. That’s a really big jump. So that’s really interesting. I mean, we have moved into a much higher vibrational level on the planet. Much more support, you could say, for our personal evolution and our personal freedoms. And meanwhile, the world may look like things are emerging that are negative but maybe they’re coming up to be healed. There are a lot of ways of looking at it, but there’s definitely a lot of change happening.

Clayten – Yes, and I don’t know what it looks like on your screen, Jeff, but you can scroll up more to my left. Yes, 225 is an extraordinary leap in consciousness. And all those years, as Jeff said, from probably the late 1300s to 1987. They’re stagnant in consciousness, but the conditions for integrity were being created in amazing ways that we may not understand. And even between that time and now when it went over 225  the conditions were being created; well I guess they’ve been created throughout all time for the jump in consciousness. So, all the work that everybody does has a cumulative effect. One of the greatest contributions we can make to the world is to become a loving person or even a reasonable person. So that our ego doesn’t run the show.

Jeffrey – It’s the cumulative work, the personal work that we’re all doing that that does make a  difference and that along with our cosmic place in the galaxy at this time as predicted by the Mayans and many other groups seeing this as a Golden Age or a high consciousness period that we’re moving into right now.

The other interesting thing that’s happening right now is a tremendous number of earthquakes. There is unprecedented earthquake activity happening, which may be another sign of changes, with the level of the consciousness of the earth rising so much in one year, that there’s some shifting and changing and some stagnant pressures that are being released. (20:00) So that’s another sign we can look at if we take a look at some of the sites that are counting those dozens and dozens that have been happening in the last few months.

Clayten – So this chart we’ve shown you is really just scratching the surface of an enormous consciousness research project and you could look at what are the variables involved in the earth going from 190 to 207, in 1987. And we don’t do a lot of that type of research. Most of our focus is on creating a high consciousness field to help individuals raise their consciousness or have a better environment for the possibility of that. This indicates the type of detail we can go into. It’s not what we really specialize in. If you’d like to look at more data like this Dr. David Hawkins book Truth vs Falsehood, has a lot of charts and graphs, he has different books, he has calibrated different spiritual teachers. There is lots of information in there. We’ve had some people ask questions about measuring the different levels of consciousness of areas of the planet. And even though that book is a few years old, and the numbers are changing, they’re still probably relevant to today, they’re just maybe a little higher. So, I would suggest that if you’re interested in knowing what the level of consciousness of your country is, or an area on the planet that you go into the book, Truth vs Falsehood, and you’ll find a map of the world there with all the countries calibrated on it in terms of their level of consciousness.

Jeffrey – Yes, we welcome your questions now and you can use the Q&A box to ask a question we’ll get to as many as we can and will go to one hour from our start. And you know, we welcome anything that you’d like to talk about.

Clayten – So I addressed the question from Alina about different parts of the world you can go to the book Truth vs. Falsehood, and all the countries there are calibrated on a map.

Jeffrey – And the dictatorial governments are measuring quite a bit lower than democracy at this point time.

Clayten – And occasionally we will get a benevolent sovereign. I did some research on the Middle East at one point and the country of Oman had the highest consciousness sovereign in the area. And so that country had the most promise from the point of view of going up in consciousness because their leader was the highest, he was in the high 400’s. I’m not even sure if he’s alive anymore. But that’s an example of someone who was quite high and would lift his country up. You can measure the level of consciousness of the intention of a leader towards their people, or from any person towards either another person or a group of people. That’s a little interesting tidbit about measuring consciousness.

Jeffrey – Anonymous asks – “How does one increase consciousness on a public school site?” Well, we do have our Pay it Forward service that is a 500 level of consciousness field and it’s very clean and simple and it doesn’t require extra hydration, like the higher fields. In a 560 field or 540 field hydration is important, because our bodies are using that available energy, it’s pulling that available energy in to do healing and to increase the metabolism. So, hydration is important. But our Pay it Forward (PIF) is the service that we created so that everyone who subscribes has a chance to pick an address somewhere else in the world that they think would benefit from a 500 field. And they can choose that location and then it goes on, and it stays on the service for as long as we continue to run the service. And even if you were to cancel in the next month, it continues on. (25:00)  

Clayten – Another way to raise consciousness at any place is to this to pray for that place and pray for the people on it. A real practical way is to volunteer at the school. And even if you’re a loving person, your energy will permeate the environment and support that to happen as well.

Jeffrey – Yes, that’s a really great point. Each of us are very powerful and carry our own fields with us. So just showing up and being part of a positive contribution anywhere makes a big difference. So, Alicia is asking – “I know one of the things you recommend when turning FLFE is drink more water, with the jump of consciousness should we collectively be doing more to acclimate to the leap?”  Well, that’s a great question. It’s certainly a different environment a higher vibrating higher consciousness environment. People are chronically dehydrated, you know, throughout the world, whether they’re on FLFE or not. It certainly is an important thing to do. Our bodies just function so much better if we have enough hydration to carry away waste that our bodies create and to carry nutrients to our cells. So that’s important. So how can we collectively do more to acclimate? That’s really interesting. Do you have anything on that Clayten?

Clayten – We were doing some research in the office and writing out different statements and testing them and putting them on the walls. And so, one of the statements that I was doing some research on was on the topic of gratitude. In the statement – Gratitude is the great multiplier of our good that calibrates 1000 out 1000. And so, I think collectively, if we were in a gratitude circle, I think, Alicia, if we participate in those large prayer groups that are common and we’ve had somebody in our Facebook group, start one within our community and Jeff and I have talked about doing that ourselves or supporting that. So, I think as our business is growing and getting more staff in place, we’ll have a little more time to do those things. So, we’ll explore that, but I don’t want to make a commitment at this moment. But I would say participate in a prayer group and to be grateful for what we have. It’s a good time to be alive.

Kimberly is asking about where to find Dr. Hawkins books and I’ll just pick this one up, Jeff, we just suggest you go on Amazon, or perhaps go to veritaspub.org that’s Dr. Hawkins organization it is good to support them, and all his books are for sale on his website.

Jeffrey –  And thank you for your intentions Kimberly to manifest which you need to join us as a subscriber. We can always come in one month at a time.  And the next question posed – “Is the US on a downswing?” Well, I believe the US is a few points down. It’s been 410 or 420.  We haven’t calculated recently, or at least I haven’t. Have you done any calibrating on the U.S. lately Clayten?

Clayten – People ask us to calibrate celebrities and presidents and prime ministers and we are not focused on that; we’re focused on helping create the optimal for human evolution in a high consciousness field and not getting into individual calibrations. So, with the U.S. every person in every country fluctuates. And so right now the US is on an upswing. This is February 27, 2018. We typically test things once a month if something’s happening in the world that we’re interested in. We mentioned in the past about the shootings in Las Vegas and the country went down as a result of that for a while. And then it came up and we talked about when there’s a physical, such as a weather crisis in a country, that area will go down. But then as the support goes in, that area goes up. So, things fluctuate, and right now the US is on an upswing. We’ll see what happens with the stock market and whatever else, but it generally fluctuates. (30:00) 

Jeffrey – Glenn is asking – “Are we working on any improvements for the FLFE Service?” Yes that’s one of the things that Clayten and I do, I would say on an ongoing basis. Right now, we’re focusing a bit more on the infrastructure of the business, the customer service support, and people on the phone available when you call. And getting back to emails quickly, so, we had a period of growth with the second Regina Meredith interview that was released on her website. And so, I’d say right now we’re in a bit of infrastructure improvement, hiring people. We have an amazing staff, if you’ve call in or if you’ve emailed, I think you’ll enjoy talking to them. So we are working on some things we’ve mentioned on the Facebook page such as EMF and Brain Optimization, but it’s off a bit in the future, we want to do some research and some beta testing first, so you may hear from us about that in the months to come.

Clayten – Yes, we’re always working on improvements to the Service. Constantly. I don’t think it’ll ever end and it’s becoming a larger business now, so the business infrastructure needs some attention. And we want to pay attention to the needs of the business as an entity, as well as you to all of you customers. But we’re at the point now, where there are so many positive programs on right now that it might take the body years to acclimatize them all and so we’re doing some big ones, as Jeff mentioned, and we’re trying to beta test them in a more public format. And we’re starting to go back through all the programs we have. And then as we have webinars in the future, we will likely talk more about all the things that are on the service in more detail that we just haven’t gone into minutiae about, but there’s so much that we’ve done and there’s a lot of material there.

Jeffrey – So Gerald asks, “How does meditation affect this increase in  consciousness?” So, it’s interesting. We’ve got the global changes. And I don’t know how that’s affecting our personal meditations, the FLFE field, the high consciousness field, affects meditation. Personally, I feel more connected, I’m able to drop into silence much more easily when I’m in an FLFE field. And we get that report from many people that they feel like they can connect into that quiet place. And that the mind chatter starts to drop away. And we could say we’re dropping into our own connection, our own Divinity in some in some way, however we think about that. So, having that time to spend without the ego engaged without the mind solving some problem there’s a chance to drop into a higher level of consciousness so I think meditation seems to be one of those practices that does help us. And we are able to connect to those quieter parts of ourselves that are perhaps, you know, wiser and more connected.

Clayten – Billy is asks,  “Do you have a LOC for A Course in Miracles as compared to the Bible? Billy, you can find all that information in Truth vs. Falsehood. And I know The Course in Miracles is around 600. There’s the workbook which is slightly different than the book itself. And the Bible has different versions. I think Hawkins talks about the King James version and the Lamsa Edition and the Lamsa version is the highest. So, I would just encourage you to look in Truth vs. Falsehood for that.

Gerald’s asking – “How we can individually increase our own consciousness?” I mean, that’s a lifelong study, and we could spend weeks answering that. (35:00) I think Dr. Hawkins talks about the way we can most help the world is to increase our own consciousness, by becoming a loving person. So, anything you can do Gerald to become a loving person. And that doesn’t mean you don’t have boundaries, it just means that you can become conscious of your intent towards humanity. When we do assessments on consciousness, we test people’s intent towards humanity towards people of the same gender and the opposite gender, the system. I was doing some work with a young lady who had a different diet choice than her parents. And that came out of some research she did on the food production system of the world. And her intent towards the food production system of the planet was 150 which is anger. She was angry at how the food was being produced which is understandable, there are some real problems in our food production system on the planet. And being angry at it is not the highest approach to even change it. It may be better than being in despair. But if we have a loving intent towards something, there’s more energy and love, when there is in anger there is more sustained energy. So, there are a couple of tips.

Jeffrey – Gerald, one of the other things I’ve heard of recently is a forgiveness practice. Spending time, at the end of the day, maybe going to sleep someone suggested this to me. Just looking back over the day and looking at where to forgive yourself as well as others. And just repeat, I forgive you and that forgiveness and that not holding on to some lower vibrating emotion of anger, or whatever it is, is one way to improve ourselves as well.

Clayten – Darlene is asking about, geosounds. I don’t know enough about them to comment on all of them. But if they’re positive, then they’ll positively affect the FLFE field. There was a question on our Facebook forum today about if your level of consciousness is higher than the FLFE field, but we still benefit from the field. And if your level of consciousness say is at 590 the field in the environment of FLFE will typically altar to support that higher level. So we have customers that are the 580’s or 590’s and oftentimes their environment, their FLFE environment will be over their level of consciousness. But even if it isn’t a person at 590 will be radiating energy that will compensate for the environment around it. And instead of your environment being say you are at 590 and your environment, maybe 500 the average American property is that 420 ish. So, if you were 590, if your environment was 500, having the FLFE field around that at 560 or higher, you won’t have to expend as much personal energy to compensate for the environment that you’re in. So that will allow you to go even higher.

Jeffrey – So Connie’s question is about magnesium and fish oil in particular. And again, there’s some good information on the Facebook page and also in previous webinars. But it does appear to be the omega 3s in the fish oil because we can get the same benefit from flaxseed oil or other sources of oil of omega 3s. And again, it’s a combination of the magnesium and the omega 3s that supports our nerves, particularly our myelin sheath to grow and to help us carry more energy more light or more energy that’s moving through us by increasing the actually a diameter of the nerves. So that’s according to our research, we haven’t done any dissections but from what we can tell that energy needs to move through the body, and it goes through much more easily when we have a bigger pipe. (40:00)

Clayten – There’s a qualitative and quantitative aspect to the increasing the carrying capacity. So, Jeff mentioned the quantitative aspect. We believe it’s getting larger. And there’s a qualitative aspect as well, where the quality of the nerve is increased so we carry more energy.

Anonymous is asking – “Given the intense political divide in the population of the US and the media, the fear-mongering, how does the US do in terms of its consciousness?”  Well, I don’t know that that has changed. Look back at the history of the media, things are always going badly. Different political figures bring different debates. And there are people that have a certain leadership style, there are also people that love that leadership style so they’re encouraging, or they’re having encouraging thoughts about the future of the country. And there’s the compensation of the people that are hopeful. And there’s the compensations for people that are negative and hopeful thoughts are much more powerful than negative thoughts. So that’s also to be considered.

Jeffrey – There’s much more that we could talk about there. So, we could move on to Monica, “I’m assuming that meditation can help one raise their personal level, what are the other things we can do as individuals to raise our consciousness? Big Hugs to you both.” Thank you. Well, as we mentioned, a gratitude practice, we know joining a prayer circle or something like the Oneness Blessing. The Oneness Movement has been personally great for me and the forgiveness practice is another thing to do. Just time meditating  part of being in a high consciousness field with the intention that you have to raise your consciousness is to give yourself some downtime, some time to sit and be quiet, maybe do some reading or meditate but not have yourself scheduled so busily, that there isn’t time to integrate and sink into some of these different levels.

Clayten – Yes, we could talk about how to raise consciousness or well like many of you could. I’m inspired by the Facebook group that we have. There are a lot of resources there. I was reading a post today about somebody, when they went on FLFE, started experiencing some symptoms in their legs, some sciatica nerve, and somebody did some research and found out what sciatica represented and with the left leg, you know, imagine if you had it in your left leg and what happened, or what it represented when you had in your right leg, and it was really interesting. So that’s another resource in general, you can use.

Desmond was asking – “Even when there’s low consciousness in the world or in a country does receiving visions and beginning to discover the hidden side of life, something that happens no matter what their consciousness level is?”  Well, the biggest factor in our consciousness is us. It’s not the country. There are many influences on the outside, and it’s the inner game that’s most important. “Does the person’s vibration attract them to the higher level during a time when it is low?” Well, the person’s vibration is always the main factor in attracting circumstances to them, including people, I want to emphasize that it’s us more than the country that influences us.

Jeffrey – And there have been times in history, I think throughout history, but very evident, like in the time of the Renaissance when it was a relatively small group that were discovering a different side of life and discovering medicine and philosophy in different ways and in art. And so, there was a renaissance or a change happening in a really small group compared to the rest but because of the compensation effects of consciousness,  we’re extremely powerful, and as we raise in our own level of consciousness, we can make a big difference in a little country. So, it’s a good point as well thank you. (45:00) 

Clayten – In the back of Dr. Hawkins book Power vs Force he has a Consciousness Compensation Chart. He talks about one person at 500 counterbalances for so many hundred thousand people below 200 and so on. So, you can look at that, it’s really interesting.

Jeffrey – Luke asked about whether this long plateau was correlated with Dark Ages. We didn’t get time to put in some historical signposts there. It may take us a while, but we’d like to get it up on the website and we welcome your participation in that if you would like to take it and flesh out some of those things that were happening in history during that timeline it would be interesting to see that we just don’t have time to do that.

Clayten – Yes, Luke, that was one of the things when we talked about, we’re just scratching the surface. I mean, Dr. Hawkins goes into more detail, particularly in Truth vs. Falsehood about different ages. And yes, very interesting topic.

Anonymous is asking – “Around 1998 was an interesting time. Have you seen anything in the measurements that might reflect that? And likewise, for 2001?” Again, we haven’t gone into that level of detail, Anonymous. And we’d have to measure or try to quantify which influence had the most significance in terms of a rise or decline in consciousness. It’s a very interesting subject. It’s just that type of information is outside of the focus of creating a high consciousness environment for people like all of us. So, it is a very interesting topic.

I’ll pick up this next one from Sherry because Sherolyn and I were talking about this the other night. ” What country has the highest consciousness at this time?” Singapore has had the highest consciousness over the last couple of years since I’ve been testing. It’s around 426.

Jeffrey – Yes, and that surprises people. Why is that Clayten? What makes that higher than say, for instance, the United States or Canada?

Clayten – Well, it’s part geography, Singapore’s in an area that has a good trade route. And so, when you have a geographic advantage like that, it tends to lead to economic stability. When a country is economically stable, it tends to be higher consciousness be. People aren’t struggling to survive. I’m on holidays right now we’re just coming off a holiday. That’s why I have a bit of a tan. And I’m staying in a third world country where we decided to go. And it’s a nice place, but the country overall is quite low, and people struggle to survive, and just struggling to get enough to eat is lowering our consciousness. And so, financial freedom isn’t the answer. But material abundance supports higher levels of consciousness to a degree, that’s understandable from a normal, everyday perspective. So geography matters in the case of Singapore and typically democracies are higher than the non- democracies. There are many forms of other government systems. I mean, you have to look at the economic policies or foreign policy. I know some countries have had laws where people had to be a certain age to vote, the fact that people can vote that men and women can vote. There are many things that would contribute to that, but I haven’t really pealed it apart. But those are a couple of things to think about.

Jeffrey – So Joanne asks, “What is the most effective way to pray and how does one pray for events in Syria? And what’s the LOC in Syria now?” Well, I wouldn’t want to say that we’re prayer experts, just from personal observation, and just to give you a little context around the way we run the business and the way Clayten and I work together is that we create a field and we open up our sessions with a prayer. (50:00) And over time, and taking care of each other first before business, and just being in this field over and over again, rises in consciousness. And so, I would say that from my personal experience of being in a group, with one or more people and praying together and putting our intentions together seems to be really powerful as it builds a high consciousness field. And then that high consciousness field is a conduit for truth and for us to broadcast our intentions. So, if we can get in a prayer group of people close to us and get to trust each other and know each other and pray together, that that creates a high consciousness field that can really make a difference with its intentions.

Clayten – Joanne one of the most powerful things to do is to call upon Divine Will. And that’s the Will of God or Divinity. And so when you do your prayer call upon God or Divinity, Universal Consciousness to bless that area, and in this case, Syria. I don’t think we’ll get into the level of consciousness of Syria, but that is something that we always do. We always ask for help from a Higher Power. So, I would suggest that you include that in your prayers.

Jeffrey – Thank you. It’s a nice question. So, Gerald asks, “Are there any obvious signs of an increase in consciousness in an area or society, etc.?”

Clayten – Well I’ll start with this one. Signs of increasing consciousness an area are that people want to live there and people want to visit there. Typically, capitalistic societies are the ones that are the highest. Capitalism isn’t perfect. But I would say conscious capitalism where there are social programs that support those people that are struggling. And so, you can look at the highest countries in the world on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. And as I said, even though capitalism isn’t perfect a society that has enough abundance to be able to take care of people that are not as resourced to take care of themselves is a sign of higher consciousness. We call it institutional kindness and I don’t think that’s the best way to say it but it’s one way of saying it.

Jeffrey – So Anonymous is asking – “What’s your opinion on the rise of cryptocurrency do you feel this holds a  higher consciousness level and constitutes a move towards a more resident economic system for a new paradigm?”  It’s interesting. We haven’t delved into that so far, but I know bartering and there are some bartering sites now. There are some interesting possibilities there and for exchange and for an economic system that has more integrity. You know, once we lost the gold standard,  there began to be problems with the integrity of the system. So, with cryptocurrency, we haven’t done any testing on that one.

Clayten – It seems that as the world evolves in consciousness, there’s the move towards higher consciousness forms of everything. And as a general trend, I would say the movement towards cryptocurrency is an exploration of finding a way to have a more integrous economic system as a general trend, whether or not it is will be a different story and whether or not the different cryptocurrencies are integrous is a whole other story. But the rise of cryptocurrency I would say is a result of the rise in the consciousness of the planet. (55:00) 

Chris was asking – “What’s the nature of the FLFE machine? Why is it kept mostly hidden or secret?” Well, Chris, it’s a good question. We’ve covered this before. And it’ll probably keep coming up as long as we are in business. We use kinesiology to test what’s in the highest and best interest of all creation for all the big decisions in the company. And when we test if it’s in the highest and best interest of all creation to show pictures of the machine to the public, we don’t get a yes.  All the staff that work for us have seen a picture of the machine and have held a piece of it in their hand. And the reason we keep it secret or we don’t share it with people other than the staff, except for some people is that technology is powerful. And if people don’t know how to use it, they can do a lot of harm. So, it always comes out when we test if it’s in the highest and best interest of all creation to not share it publicly in terms of what it is and how it works and what it looks like and how it’s made. It’s not that we’re trying to keep anything from anybody. We’re just trying to find out and follow what we consider to be and discern to be Divine Will.

Jeffrey – So, Christopher Hinton is asking – “Does each downswing create a larger upswing that follows, in other words, is the trend an increase in consciousness and is a downswing part of growth?” And it’s interesting, I mean, there was certainly a long stagnant period, where not much was happening. But we have seen in 1987, that there was an upswing, and then the level of consciousness came back down as an average and as Clayten said, there’s the average level of consciousness, which includes all the ups and downs that happen every day. And then there’s the integrated level of consciousness, which is the level that it doesn’t go below 98% of the time. So that’s much more stable, much more integrated. It’s not going to fluctuate as much. So, what happens with the large swing is as we said earlier, that until it becomes integrated, there may be some instability and it may go up and down until sort of the bodies or the systems integrate and all these earthquakes that we’re seeing, maybe a way of the earth integrating this high level of consciousness.

Clayten – In regard to each up and down creating an upswing know you can drop in consciousness and keep going down. It’s not a pendulum principle. You can lower your consciousness and it can stay low indefinitely.

Gerald asks, “Is there a way to test our own level of consciousness?” Yes, Gerald, you can learn kinesiology. The protocols are in the back of Dr. David Hawkins books and you can explore that there.

Kim asks, “If one gains access to both FLFE support on the phone and home does it go way up or cover more ground?” No, it doesn’t really cover more ground or go way up. It doesn’t combine and multiply. It might be a little bit higher. You can use both, but it isn’t programmed that way. Like if the home is at 560 and you’re 30 feet from the phone which is at 555 it doesn’t add up 1115 but they are programmed to harmonize with each other.

Jeffrey – The difference is though if you have just a home subscription or if you’re on the free trial, there’s an EMF mitigation that we test that around 15% but if you have the phone subscription, then your phone itself is that a higher level of consciousness it’s at 580. So, you can feel it when you hold your phone in your hand, you can feel that energy if you’re sensitive. And then because those antennas and everything in the phone is now at a higher vibration, the EMF emissions are positive to life instead of negative to life like they are on a normal cell phone. (1:00:00) So that’s a benefit of having both and you could say you’re covering more ground in that you can take the phone with you when going out into the world. And right around the phone, it’s 575. Now the phone, when you’re out and about in the world, the phone is not clearing the negative history in the property, that would just take way too much energy to do that at this time. While the home subscription clears the negative history that’s there on the land and in the building and building materials and objects. So, when you go on a free trial you get that clearing and it’s going to stay clear unless of course, something else comes along or there are conditions locally that cause geopathic stress or something like that.

Clayten – Alan is asking, “Is laughing a higher consciousness than love?” Well, love starts at 500 and goes up to 1000 which is the highest level of consciousness that a human body can contain up to this point anyway. So, I would say no,  but anytime you can have a good laugh, it’s a good idea.

Jeffrey – You know, and it’s interesting if you follow different channelers and people that have integrity in that area, there seems to be a lot of laughter and humor on the Other Side. So that seems to be a common denominator – laughter and humor so that’s an interesting thing for me.

Clayten – Jennifer asks, “Where can I find the LOC of my property?” We don’t publish the LOC of individual properties Jennifer and we don’t test individual properties as it’s a time consuming laborious process to test each one, so we oriented the technology to have the properties at 560 out of 1000 or higher we don’t test individual properties.

Jeffrey – And then we do test batches to make sure that things are working properly so we’ll do many properties at the same time. But things are set to be at 560 on a property and of course if you don’t feel it please contact the office and let them know. Occasionally there will be a geopathic stress situation due to moving water or there have been many interesting things such as iron metal waste in a well that’s causing a flow of ions in the water which creates a geopathic stress. And every time we find one of those, we compensate for it. And so, they become fewer and fewer, but it certainly is possible that something new could show up so if you feel like you don’t feel it, please contact the office.

Clayten – Yes, we’re at about 99 plus percent on that now because we’ve corrected so many over the years that there are not many left.

Monica is asking, “Have you tried Hemi Sync with FLFE?” And we do have customers that have used Hemi Sync. It’s an integrous concept but I don’t have any personal experience with it.

Anne is asking,  “How can one teach and hold space for as many as 30 students at a time?” One teacher can actually hold the space for millions at one time Anne. Based on the principle of conscious compensation. So, the highest level of consciousness person on the planet the last time I tested was Bhagavan who was the head of the Oneness movement who is about 850. And students of that movement typically go up in consciousness, a certain number of points just by being initiated at a certain level and an initiate can go higher. It’s an integrous movement. There are many integrous ones out there. One teacher can hold space for millions. In fact, one avatar, like a Jesus or Buddha, or Krishna or Zoroaster at 1000 can compensate for the consciousness of the entire planet and keep it in integrity. (1:05:00) 

Jeffrey – Judy asks, “How does this affect one’s ability to heal? And how does FLFE help one heal things like cancer?” Well, we don’t make any health claims. But we know from our experience and the experience of our customers, and from the knowledge of consciousness, that each point upwards on the Hawkins Map is 10 times more energy available 10 times the vibration. So, the high consciousness field creates this reservoir, this deep well of energy that our body pulls from and the body starts to heal itself, the Innate Intelligence of the body knows how to heal everything we have, anything that’s going on. And there are resources needed; good food, good nutrition and energy and the environment, so a higher consciousness environment means there’s more energy available for the body to use. And if there’s enough water to carry things away, then the healing is accelerated. Things like cancer, you know, we just don’t have the experience there. All we can tell you is that people feel good in the environment and part of the programs we have do act like acupressure in that that helps the flow of energy in the body and that’s always healthy and affects our health in many different ways.

Clayten – Yes, we’re really not a health improvement company even though our service does help improve health, we’re really a higher consciousness field service. And as a result of that, our health will typically improve. Again, we don’t make any claims.

Anonymous was asking about , “The book you mentioned described in the 50 point increments section.” That’s called Truth vs. Falsehood by Dr. David Hawkins.

Another Anonymous is asking – “According to life extension, Magnesium Threonate is the form that most readily passes through the brain’s barrier.” My research says the same thing. It’s just finding a good source of Magnesium Threonate. I’m taking a Magnesium BY-Glycinate right now because I haven’t found a source of Magnesium Threonate that’s easy for me to access that I can use but it is the one that does pass most readily through the brain’s barrier. Primarily, we’re looking for the magnesium and the essential fatty acid to work synergistically to support the nervous system. Of course, part of it is in the brain but it’s not only in the brain. So, if you’re taking a good source of magnesium it doesn’t have to be Threonate to get the benefits.

Jeffrey – Anonymous asked about the beta testing.  We had asked in the past for people that are EMF sensitive that would like to be part of that beta test. Right now, we’re in the friends, family, and staff, part of the beta testing. And we’re keeping track of people that are interested in the EMF beta test, and we particularly like people that are sensitive, they really feel EMF and its effects them. So if that’s the case, please send an email to contact@flfe.net  or whoever you normally talk with at the office or email and let them know that you’d like to be put on the list for the EMF beta test, and then we’ll put a tag on your record. And then when the time comes, we’ll do that.

Clayten – Nellie was talking about a situation she’s having with her legs; she finds that she’s wanting to scratch her legs during the night. They don’t seem to be able to relax. It could be related to hydration, it could be related to some type of healing crisis that the body is experiencing, as it’s Innate Intelligence uses the energy in the high consciousness field. And so, our first default is always to add more water. Other than that, I don’t think I have enough information to say much more and we don’t provide a health diagnosis, but I would say look to look to hydration first.

Jeffrey – Yes, I can speak to that as well. I have experienced that at times and magnesium and essential fatty acids right before bed seems to help me. But it’s also to take a look at all the vitamins that you’re taking. I mean, we want a good healthy balance of food, good healthy green vegetables and fresh and organic foods and whatever supplements that we think we might need and that’s a great thing to talk to your doctor about if you get blood work done. They can tell you if you are deficient in anything.  The common ones  vitamin D;  many people are deficient in vitamin D and zinc; other micro vitamins are important as well. And so as you drink your water during the day, it’s also a great thing to use sea salt and trace minerals, so that you can get lots of different bits of those micro vitamins that you need. So, you could try the Magnesium and the Omega’s at night and see if that helps.

Clayten – Oftentimes these things are eliminated through a process of experimentation. We encourage people to talk to their doctors or their nutritionists and start to eliminate the foods that are disturbing.

Another Anonymous is asking – “Are you aware of the Emotion Code?” and no neither Jeff nor I have experience with it.

Connie asks, “You mentioned the Kali Yuga; would you say we’re in the middle of it?” Well, there’s the calculation, the cyclic influence, and then there’s the energetic influence. I don’t know that we could measure where we are energetically because that would be influenced by our individual states and the state of the society we’re living in. You can do the math yourself on the research on the mathematics of it. I just don’t know how else to answer that one.

Jeffrey – Yes Lee Carroll is an interesting one, he talks about the cycles, he channels Kryon and he has a lot of integrity. Lee talks about where we are in the cycles. And, of course, there’s the Mayan calendar and on the Mayan calendar which was, according to them moving into the highest consciousness part of the cycle that we ever have been. And you know, the Hindus talk about the Golden Age, Bhagavan and the Oneness Movement talk about the Golden Age. So, they are all saying we’re in this transition phase and we’re part way in and so there are many sources out there.  You can find out more details.

Clayten – Yes, I mean, we hear about that through subscribers and our own research and the people that are the highest consciousness teachers and his teachings are integrous, they’re all saying we’re  coming into the center of it now in terms of the consciousness part, but I haven’t done my own research on that. And I haven’t really looked into what the research that they’ve done behind their statements, but generally when it’s high like that which genuinely expresses and the statements are testing high, then there’s truth to it.

Jeffrey – So, Joanne, that’s an interesting question. “If you’re in a high consciousness field, say if you’re in a 580 field which is pretty high field, does your level of consciousness rise before you’re ready to handle it?” Clayten you’ve got a lot of experience with people’s consciousness rising. That’s part of what you do. How would you answer that? (1:15:00)  

Clayten – That’s a good question. You know, there’s a thought out there that God doesn’t give us challenges that we can’t handle. And that’s not true. You know, life gives challenges we can’t handle all the time. If you need evidence, just look around you.  Does your consciousness rise before you’re ready to handle it? I would say no; the field influences you to take on the opportunities that that level of consciousness presents and transcends them. And if we don’t include and transcend that level of consciousness, it can’t make us go up. It will provide the opportunity and make it I would say, easier and more likely to raise our consciousness I think that can be said truthfully. But it almost infers here that our level of consciousness rises without personal contribution and awareness. And even though the average subscriber goes up, I think 12 points now if you are in the field for 90 days, just eight hours a day, even more, if you are in the field more, there’s no guarantee that it is going to raise your consciousness. It’s just that most of us who subscribe to the service if you’re like Jeff and I and our staff, we know that’s one of the main focuses if not the main focus of our life is to raise our consciousness and so the techniques that we generally do make it more effective because the field is higher. That doesn’t raise your consciousness for you. So, hope that helps you, Joanne.

Jeffrey – Luke’s asking,  “What is the best way to test our property for geopathic stress?” You know, Luke, our bodies are pretty much the most sensitive instrument. Particularly if you do a phone trial or if you have the phone subscription and you see how you feel on your property and then you see how you feel somewhere else. If you feel different on your property then that’s an indication there’s something there that’s not being compensated for, which is pretty rare right now. But things like running water like a river stream or underground streams, power transformers, power lines, those are all can cause geopathic stress. But we’ve compensated for most of the configurations or the configurations we’ve seen so far. But your body and all of our bodies are very sensitive instruments. And paying attention to how you feel in your heart center, you know, as you walk different into different places, is a really good indicator of what’s going on there.

Clayten – You can hire professional dowser or intuitive if they’ve got a track record and lots of good testimonials and explore that as well. We had someone come into the office and test our place for EMF’s recently. Just before we moved into the building, there was a lot of  construction in our area and we had a dowser come by Tommy, and he tested the property with me. And that was really helpful. The land sort of got disturbed with the all the construction and he tested and put different crystals in different places to even it out and then we tested the corrections that had happened, and it felt different in our case.

Anita is asking if we recommend a  portable H2O  purifier.  I can’t think of a portable one we did talk about in a hydration webinar about some reasonably priced portable filters. One was Pro Pure, and the other one was a Berkey. Those are two companies that have  a jug with a filter in it and of course, Berkey’s have larger ones and they were $50 and up. You can get something decent for $50 CDN or US to start you off. (1:20:00)

Jeffrey – So Joanna asked a good question. Thank you for asking it. If FLFE assists our health, why would it  matter if we ate poor quality food? Won’t FLFE lift our health through its programs?” So, the Innate Intelligence of our body is what’s doing the healing. And it needs resources to do that. So, the energy in the environment is just one of the resources. Our bodies need all the nutrition as well.

You know, when you think about the body and there are repairs happening, those repairs take resources, they take proteins, they take fats, they take different minerals, different vitamins and different hormones that are produced in our body. And we need those fats or those vitamins.  Our body is an incredibly complex system, and it needs resources, including really good quality food and energy. Good energy in order to do its innate healing that’s there in us all the time. So, FLFE will not just lift our health through the programs, all we’re doing is creating an environment and our initial purpose is to raise consciousness, that’s what our mission is. And it turns out that the healthier we are helps our consciousness to rise because if we’re feeling bad, it’s hard to rise in consciousness, but it’s really the environment that we’re creating is optimal and then we have to feed ourselves with the nutrition that we need.

Clayten – And typically it’s easier to be more loving in a  high consciousness field so we’ll tend to take care of ourselves and others better when we’re in that environment. But even though the field helps us we still have choices to make. FLFE doesn’t take away your free will.

And as for nutrition we have to find a way to test which supplement works for us. Even though Magnesium Threonate does get through the brain barrier the most of any type of magnesium, it really comes down to testing that individual manufacturer’s product on our body. So, that can be accomplished through muscle testing or other forms.

Jeffrey – Yes what can be very effective in a store and you’ll get the hang of it after a while as you take a bottle and hold it in front of your heart. If your body wants that or if it’s good for you, you’ll move towards it. And if it’s not, then your body will move away from it. That’s somewhat crude, but it really does work to eliminate the things that we really don’t want to take.

So, we’re getting we’re past the hour by about 20 minutes. We have such a hard time leaving you, we love answering your questions and being with you here. We wish we could just all be talking together.

We are going to the Conscious Media Festival this weekend in Austin, Texas if you happen to live there or live close by come and see us. So, I think we should wrap it up.

Clayten – Well, I’ll give you the last word, Jeff. We will be doing more webinars more consistently in the future, we have had a period of rapid growth in the company, so we had to focus on the mechanics of the business. (1:25:00) And as that is getting under control, we are going to spend more time reaching out to you and connecting. We enjoy these webinars, and we appreciate your questions. The comments that you make and the encouragement you give us is one of the things that makes this all worthwhile. So personally, I thank you for your help in making this a viable enterprise. We thank you for your subscriptions, those of you that are subscribers. We appreciate the questions tonight, and the many thoughts of goodwill and kind intentions that you share with us tonight or on the Facebook forum. So, with that, I will say good night.

Jeffrey – Yes, that’s really well said Clayten and I feel the same way. Your comments and your experiences as you share them is really very touching. And the reason why we continue with this, I mean we love it, it’s our work. It’s our mission in life and having you with us on this journey and to see the benefits that that happen for people is extra icing on the cake. So , thank you very much. We look forward to seeing you at the next webinars and this one will be available on the website for you to watch again if you like. And there are many other resources in the Learning Center and all through the website so please enjoy it and thank you so much. Goodnight.